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The Disgrace and Dishonor of The FBI, The Justice Department, and the Washington Political Class

Readers of this blog know we are not big fans of big government, stifling bureaucracies and bureaucrats, and inept politicians. I can name very few government functions that are efficient, effective, and provide real value to American taxpayers in support of their needs and their freedoms.

One organization that seemed to buck that trend of incompetence was the FBI. Whether because of the complimentary TV show from long ago or the image of honest, hard working agents protecting us, the FBI seemed to have a decent, if not good reputation for providing justice to America. But recent news reports over the years, capped off by the recent FBI inspector general report, would indicate that the FBI is just as inept, corrupt, and a danger to freedom as just about every other Federal government agency.

Below I have highlighted some of the corruption and sad attack on our freedoms based on a recent National Review article by Victor Davis Hanson relative to both the FBI and the Obama Justice Department. 
  • The premise of the article and the major finding of the inspector general (IG) report was that FBI and Justice department professionals acted badly, illegally, and anti-freedom wise to protect and enhance their careers if and when Hillary Clinton became President, something that they all felt was a done deal.
  • Let’s start off with documented bias from some FBI people that was in the IG report: 
15:07:41, Agent 1: “ . . . I’m done interviewing the President — then type the 302. 18 hour day . . . ”
15:13:32, FBI Employee: “you interviewed the president?”
15:17:09, Agent 1: “you know — HRC” [Hillary Rodham Clinton]
15:17:18, Agent 1: “future pres”
15:17:22, Agent 1: “Trump cant win”
  • This exchange kind of sets the stage for the entire FBI view of Trump, he cannot win so let’s position ourselves and our careers for the Hillary coronation.
  • This was highlighted again by an exchange by two other FBI/Justice Department people, Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, who at the time were passionate adulterers:
Page: “[Trump’s] not ever going to become president, right? Right?!”
Strzok: “No. No he won’t. We’ll stop it.”
  • Here is a most egregious abuse of power, a high ranking FBI agent claiming that he, and probably others, would prevent an honest election from taking place, that they would commit to stopping Trump from being President even if he won. How this is not treason and severe abuse of our freedom is beyond me.
  • Other FBI and Justice department high ranking officials are on record calling American voters as smelly, retarded, ignorant and feces.
  • They viewed Trump as an idiot, loathsome, a menace, and a disaster.
  • The article nicely sums up why they are so blatant, disgusting, and condescending with their views: “They do so because they assume their candor to each other will earn rewards rather than punishments. More generally, they count on their illegal and unethical behavior becoming known and thus résumé points rather than grounds for later firing and jail.”
  • Other IG findings show that the FBI agents and officials wanted Hillary to win with the quote, “I’m with her,” namely Hillary.
  • This “I’m with Hillary” attitude was evident with high ranking FBI executive Andrew McCabe: “Why would a seasoned careerist like Andrew McCabe allow his spouse to receive nearly $700,000 in campaign donations from Clinton-affiliated organizations, only later to become a chief investigator of the Clinton email scandal, or why would he so clumsily leak to the press and lie about it afterwards? Easy answer: He wisely played the odds and knew that his future FBI ascendency was assured, given that he had helped exonerate the soon-to-be president, Hillary Clinton,” behavior trumped that of the others.”
  • Same with Loretta Lynch who met and cut a deal with Bill Clinton during that infamous airport meeting in Phoenix, she wanted to stay on as Attorney General under a Clinton administration, or possibly get a Supreme Court nomination, so what better way to curry favor with Hillary than to make sure Hillary did not go to jail for having an illegal and unsafe computer server in her home, an action against both Federal law and government regulations.
  • The article points out that “What are the odds that two friends accidentally bump into each other in charter jets at the same time at one of the nation’s roughly 5,000 airports?” 
  • Same thing with James Comey shutting down the Clinton email investigation and sitting on the Anthony Weiner laptop national security fiasco for so long, he wanted to stay on as head of the FBI under the Clinton administration.
  • And let’s not forget Rod Rosenstein and Sally Yates at Justice who forced through a seriously flawed and weak FISA court order to spy on Trump and help get Hillary elected based on baseless, manufactured “facts” in an attempt to keep their cushy, high paid government jobs under a Clinton administration.
  • This mentality that Hillary would save them all when she got elected led Comey, former CIA head John Brennan and former National Security head James Clapper to lie to Congress and the American people while under oath to Congress, Hillary would save them and justify their deceptions.
  • And let’s not forget Susan Rice and Samantha Power, high ranking people under Obama who also probably wanted to keep a high paying, powerful position under Clinton, that they illegally unmasked hundreds of American citizens who were Trump supporters and who, under current law, were entitled to keep their identities secret.
The article sums up this mess quite nicely: “For all the investigations and IG reports, for all the revelations of scandals and wrongdoing, there will probably in the end be little consequence, simply because to those who matter, such illegality is seen as nobility. Many at the highest echelons of the FBI and DOJ broke laws. But Trump broke a far higher and far more important unwritten law — one forbidding any presidential candidate and future president to be and act like Donald J. Trump.”

Laws were broken but as always happens in Washington and among the political class elite, “there will probably in the end be little consequence.” You and I break a law, we go to jail or pay a hefty fine. Washington insiders break a laws while at the same time breaking our democracy and destroying our rights as guaranteed under the Constitution and Bill of Rights, nothing happens. How did we get so screwed up as a country?

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