Friday, December 31, 2010

Nancy Pelosi: Comedy Central or SyFy Channel?

Two ideas come together for the last post of 2010. The first is the Twilight Zone television marathon that is going on today and tomorrow on the SyFy channel. This channel does this marathon every year and it never ceases to entertain as it looks into the possibility of alien life, different dimensions and strange and eerie situations. The second factor of today's post is the fact that within hours, Nancy Pelosi will  no longer by the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Both of which raises the question: if Nancy Pelosi and her term as Speaker was a television show, would she more likely be on Comedy Central or the SyFy channel along with the other Twilight Zone episodes? Before giving my opinion, consider some of the following quotes, theories, and economic understandings of Nancy Pelosi, listed below along with their YouTube verification, if available:

1) The first quote puts the Twilight Zone in the early lead where the Speaker lays out how economics works in her world. According to the quote and her understanding of basic economic theory, the more people that are unemployed in this country and the more people that collect unemployment benefits, the more jobs there will be. You cannot make this stuff up. Thus, in her world, if everyone was unemployed, more and more jobs would be created. But everyone would be unemployed so who would fill the newly created jobs? Reasoning certainly not of this world.

2) Continuing along this same twilight zone economic logic, the Speaker also believes that food stamps are a better economic stimulus than tax cuts. Thus, why not give everyone food stamps, not just the unemployed, doesn't it seem to reason that the economy would be so much better off? We would all be fat and well stocked in food (unless you lived in California where food stamp budget dollars could be used for cigarettes, casino gambling and just about anything else until recently), and it would get rid of those pesky tax cuts. Americans might spend that tax cut money on actual stuff that THEY needed and wanted, not what the government wanted them to spend it on, and we cannot have that kind of rampant freedom going on under this administration.

3) Before the massive budget busting economic stimulus bill was passed, Ms. Pelosi was so funny when she said that she would not allow any extraneous or nonessential programs to be loaded onto the economic stimulus legislation. Either she was not able to attain that objective or she considers funding research of insects on an island off the coast of Africa as essential for job creation, she considers replacing windows in a closed and extinct visitor's center at Mt. Saint Helen's essential for job creation, she considers the replacing of windows in a Wyoming Catholic church as essential for job creation (I never knew window replacement could be such a great economic stimulus), she considers replacing a heating system in an Indiana Methodist church as essential for job creation, you get the message. It was a ludicrous statement to make, given the hundreds of billions of dollars of waste that unfolded. A vote for Comedy Central.

4) In Ms. Pelosi's world, the counting system is entirely different, if you believe her numbers. In the following YouTube clip, the frantic Speaker boldly states that every week, 500 million more Americans lose their jobs. In our world, there are only about 308 million total Americans in the country, including kids and infants, making it impossible for 500 million Americans to lose their jobs in one week, never mind many weeks. However, in her world, the counting process must be different in order to count 500 million job losses a week. Twilight Zone material.

5) At the height of the raging debate over the massive overhaul of the health care industry in this country, the Speaker  was quoted in a USA Today column where she stated that any citizen who disagrees with the proposed legislation is "un-American." Definitely Twlight Zone material. In my America, citizens are allowed to have a difference of opinion with their politicians and to debate and discuss the pros and cons of their positions without fear that the political class, who rule only because we allow them to rule, will brand them and threaten them for simply disagreeing. In Ms. Pelosi's totalitarian world, freedom to dissent and have an honest difference of opinion is forbidden and viewed as an unpatriotic act.

6) Ms. Pelosi declared, upon her coronation as Speaker in 2007, that no additional government spending would be approved in her Congress unless corresponding budget cuts could be made elsewhere in the Federal budget to offset the additional spending. However, in four short years, her Congressional reign managed to increase the Federal national debt four TRILLION dollars. In other words, she increased the Federal debt burden on every American family by about $35,000. This goes far beyond SyFy. It belongs on a horror only channel, given the recklessness and treasonous spending behavior of Congress over the past four years, spending that got the American public nothing in return.

7) "But we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of controversy." These were Ms. Pelosi's words and justification for passing the over 2,000 page legislation to reform America's health care industry.  Let's follow this logic: you (citizens) are too stupid to understand what is in the bill until after we pass it. Do they want us to just trust them? This from a Speaker of the House that claimed there would not be any wasteful spending projects in the economic stimulus bill and look what happened. This from a Speaker who said we are losing over 500 million jobs a week. This from a Speaker that claimed the national debt would not go up. We are to trust our politicians, politicians that have not track record of trust and honesty and an approval rating of only about 20%?

8) Given all of the problems above, you do have to give Ms. Pelosi credit for one moment of sanity. In the following clip she agrees with most of America, namely that Congress has done nothing worthwhile.

So let's review. As Nancy Pelosi leaves her position as Speaker of the House, what is her legacy? The major problems facing American families, including drug addiction, failing public schools, terrorism, a rationale and cost effective health care reform effort, an effective national energy policy, and the illegal immigration that streams over our southern border have not even been seriously discussed, never mind solved. The national debt burden has increased dramatically under her watch. 

Her understanding of economics, or lack of understanding, has resulted in legislation such as Cash For Clunkers, Cash For Caulkers, Cash For Appliances, Home Mortgage Relief, First Time Home Buyers Credit and other economic incentive programs that resulted in high and stubborn unemployment, a disastrous housing and mortgage industry, and more national debt. It has been a Keystone Kop approach to serious economic policy.

If the above disasters were not so serious they would be as funny as the quotes above and would fit right into Comedy Central. However, the issues facing the country are serious and it puts Ms. Pelosi's tenure over on the SyFy channel along side the Twilight Zone. How much stranger and scarier could our political class get? Hopefully, this is not un-American to think this way.

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