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February, 2014 The Unfolding Disaster That Is Obama Care, Part 6: Young Americans Are Knuckleheads, Democrats Laugh Off The LIes and Suffering and Moree

Okay, I knew I promised yesterday would be the last post this month on the unfolding disaster that is Obama Care but a few more disasters and acts of idiocy came up that cannot wait until next month. The first update on the Obama Care disaster can be viewed for this month at:

I absolutely promise this is the last Obama Care post until the middle of next month as the train wreck known as Obama Care rolls on.

1) First Lady Michelle Obama was recently interviewed by Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight show. Rather than talk about the virtues of Obama Care, she took the opportunity to insult young Americans with the following quote: “Well, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, young people can stay on their parents’ insurance until they are 26. But once they hit 26 — they’re on their own. And a lot young people think they’re invincible. But the truth is, young people are knuckleheads. They’re the ones who are cooking for the first time and slice their finger open, they’re dancing on the bar stool.”

A few problems with this:
  • You should not insult the future of America and those that pay for your husbands salary, you lavish life style and the taxes that fund the government by calling them knuckleheads. It is not very Presidential or lady like.
  • Insulting someone by calling them names and insults is not a very effective way to convince them to do something you want.
  • This is just another example of the “Hunger Games” condescending attitude of those in Washington, they convince themselves that they know what is best and you must be an idiotic if you do not blindly follow their dictates.
The best response I found to this type of insult was in the comments section of an article that ran this quote: “Young People aren't knuckle heads, they simply don't want to pay outrageous prices for Obama Care! They don't want to carry the burden for those that are sick or older but not old enough for SS or Medicare! I don't blame them, I wouldn't sign up either!?

This American obviously sees the situation and disaster that is Obama Care much clearer than any true knucklehead would.

2) Speaking of “Hunger Game” analogies and the current attitudes in Washington, consider a recent meet and greet that three Minnesota Democratic politicians, and supporters of Obama Care, held in their home state. When questioned why the President’s claim of saving every American family $2,500 a year on the health care costs did not come true, they laughed. They actually laughed at another broken promise of Obama Care and this President.

Given that between five and six million Americans lost their current health insurance because of Obama Care, I would bet that thousands of Minnesotans who lost their policies are not laughing.

I would bet that thousands of Minnesotans who lost access to their preferred doctors and hospitals bec ause of Obama Care are not laughing. 

I would bet that thousands of Minnesotans who are seeing their health insurance premiums and deductibles going through the roof because of Obama Care  are not laughing. 

I would bet that people in the middle of serious medical crises who have seen their health insurance cancelled or changed because of Obama Care are not laughing. 

But these “Hunger Games” Washington politicians are laughing, probably because they are not really affected by the increased costs and negative impacts of Obama Care. They and their Washington peers, in true “Hunger Games” fashion, made sure that they could continue laughing when such a serious topic is raised.

Their laughing can be seen at the following link:

3) Remember how this President promised that no one making less than $250,000 would pay more in taxes as a result of Obama Care? Well, it looks like that also is turning out to be a lie, one in a long string of lies, if you eat at a popular Los Angeles restaurant. The owner of the Republique restaurant is adding a 3% surcharge to all customers’ meals in order to fund his employees’ increase health care costs that is related directly to the Obama Care tenets: 

"Everyone [all of his employees] has the same [health insurance] policy that I do as the owners. And we offer it to everyone; (the) dishwasher, busboy, waiters, across the board,” according to the owner when quoted in news reports.

He is allowing his patrons to cross off the surcharge, for now, and not pay it but he does make a valid point: Obama Care will be putting an indirect tax on anyone who does business with any company or industry that is affected by the legislation, whether it is the restaurant industry, the medical device industry, tanning industry, etc. These companies and industries need to make a profit to survive and preserve jobs and any additional cost, in this case 3%, inhibits them from doing just this. This causes them to pass on those additional costs to their customers.

The owner of the restaurant seems a little disocuraged and lost because of what he has to do to his customers: “Even if this isn’t the perfect solution, it’s definitely a solution, and so far, there isn’t any other solution.” 

I give him credit and respect for being honest and upfront with his customers and with the reality of the situation, something that Washington politicians, including this President, have never been.

4) And finally, these parting words from former White House spokesman and Obama political ally, Robert Gibbs, speaking on the BBC during a recent interview: “I think it’s hard to overestimate the real damage that was inflicted for most of last year on health care. This was entirely in the control of the White House and yet still so badly bungled.”

Hard to OVER estimate the damage. Sounds about right. More next month as the unfolding disaster known as Obama Care marches on.

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