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January, 2016, Part 5, I am A Global Warming Doubter and A Believer In Science: The Science Is Not Settled, Just Ask These Scientists

Every month we have enough material to return to a continuing theme in this blog, namely that “I am a global warming doubter AND a believer in science.” This became of interest because of people like Al Gore who fanatically and verbosely claimed that you had to be an idiot to not believe in man made global warming. It has been my life belief that anyone that is that loud and that obnoxious is hiding something, that rather than argue facts and reality it is better to beat down and insult anyone who disagrees.

As we have dove into the whole issue of manmade global warming, or its new rebranded title of climate change, we found that Al Gore and people like him were guilty of a number of things:

  • Ignoring science and realities that did not support their opinions and positions.
  • Rather than have an adult conversation about climate, these types of advocates like Gore sank to the level of insulting those who dared look at ALL science by calling them a variety of names including racists, homophobes, terrorists, flat earth believers, and other slanderous names.
  • Continuing to insist that politicians step up their intrusions into our lives with higher taxes, more regulations, and more control on our freedoms and standards of living based on a shaky theory at best.
To see the past posts and the multitude of evidence that we have compiled that showed it is perfectly okay to be a global warming doubter and a believer in science, enter the phrase "global warming doubter” in the search box above or go through the monthly historical posts listed on the right side of this page.

Thus, let’s see the latest facts and science that prove you can be a global warming doubter and a believer in science, regardless of what Al Gore proclaims:

Over the years we have identified the work and research of dozens of scientists and researchers who have proven it is sane and rational to be a global warming doubter and a believer in science. We found that the “science is not settled” and that observations, facts, realities, and other scientific research showed that there is doubt along many dimensions regarding global warming and its rebranded version, climate change.

A number of times we pointed out that some of the biggest advocates of global warming, e.g. Al Gore, Barack Obama, John Kerry, Bill Nye, and others, were not climate scientists or researchers. In many cases, they were not even scientists, they were often politicians with little or no science in their background.

In this context, we recently came across a Wikipedia page which researched and listed out dozens of scientists and researchers that were global warming doubters. For some of them, we have already discussed their work in this blog including Judith Curry of Georgia Tech. For most of them, I have no idea if their work and research is legitimate. But they include people from the following legitimate institutions:

  • New York University
  • MIT
  • Harvard
  • Greenpeace
  • Duke University
  • University of California, San Diego
Also included in the list are scientists from many other domestic and international universities. It includes scientists from many different fields including astrophysics, physics, chemistry, biology, botany, meteorology, climatology, geography, paleoclimatology, oceanography, and other fields. Thus, this list is balanced across many universities, scientific disciplines, and international borders.

Don’t their views merit a place at the table to discuss their global warming doubts? Would Al Gore call these professionals racists, homophobes, and other slurs like he has called global warming doubters in the past? Would Barack Obama dare call these scientists “flat earth believers” like he previously called global warming doubters? I doubt it. 

The entire Wikipedia article can be accessed at:

This article placed the following reasonable criteria down as on how someone ended up on this list:

  1. A scientist had to have at least peer-reviewed article published in any field.
  2. A scientist must have made a formal statement in any number of ways stating they had global warming doubts.
  3. Anyone on the list must have their own Wikipedia presence.
Thus, as you read the following list of global warming doubters, ask yourself if they have more credibility or less credibility than Al Gore when it comes to climate matters and science.

Scientists questioning the accuracy of IPCC climate projections: These scientists have said that it is not possible to project global climate accurately enough to justify the ranges predicted for temperature and sea-level rise over the next century. They may not conclude specifically that the current IPCC projections are either too high or too low, but that the projections are likely to be inaccurate due to inadequacies of current global climate modeling.

Scientists arguing that global warming is primarily caused by natural processes: These scientists have said that the observed warming is more likely to be attributable to natural causes than to human activities.

Scientists arguing that the cause of global warming is unknown:
These scientists have said that no principal cause can be ascribed to the observed rising temperatures, whether man made or natural.

Scientists arguing that global warming will have few negative consequences: These scientists have said that projected rising temperatures will be of little impact or a net positive for society or the environment.

Dead scientists: This section includes deceased scientists who would otherwise be listed in the prior sections.

So maybe the science is not settled, as global advocates like to say. Maybe it is not 97% of all scientists who agree that man made global warming is real and substantial, as global warming advocates like to say. Maybe these dozens of scientists are not racists, homophobes, etc., as global warming advocates like to say. Maybe, we finally need a comprehensive, adult conversation with ALL scientists, not just Al Gore scientists.

More tomorrow as to why it is okay to be a global warming doubter and a believer in science.

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