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Politicians Really To Find Us Stupid and Contemptible - Part 1

Now that the midterm elections are over, the political winners and losers have come and gone, let’s get down to a basic fact of life. Most, if not all, politicians hold the American people in contempt. They may have been nice to us while they needed our vote but we are already seeing signs that they really disrespect us, they think we are stupid (their word, not mine), and we are just a means to their ends of personal enrichment and ego gratification.

Don’t believe me? Before we look at the latest smack downs and instances of contempt, let’s review just a handful of examples we have previously covered in this blog:
  • When ordinary citizens dared to have doubts and misgivings about Obama Care when it was first passed, rather than consider and respect our well founded views, Congressional people like Charles Rangel and Shelia Jackson Lee immediately declared that we must all be racists for having a valid yet different opinion, an opinion that has certainly been validated over the past year or so: Obama Care is a disaster of unheard of proportions.
  • When Congresswoman Maxine Waters disagreed with the opinions of a sub segment of Americans, namely Tea Party supporters, rather than engage in a meaningful dialog to understand each others' positions, she just publicly wished that this segment of Americans would go straight to hell.
  • New York Governor Andrew Cuomo showed his disdain for about half of the country when, according to an article by Marta Mossburg writing for, “…conservatives who are right-to-life, pro-assault weapon, anti-gay have no place in the state of New York.” That’s right, welcome back to the intolerant 1960s when it was “love it or leave it.” One would have thought that we had advanced more as a tolerant nation over the past fifty years but apparently that is not the case with a top politician in the state of New York.
Those are just some of the insults and condescending remarks from past posts, the following are the latest examples of disdain that our politicians have for us:

1) Congressman Charles Rangel is still at it, insulting those who have a difference of opinion with him as basically sub-human. He has gone on recent rants where he associated those that disagree with him on issues as racists, segregationists, terrorists, and Southerners who crave a return to slavery. Pathetic and disgusting remarks, capped off when he called these same Americans “crackers,” a derogatory racial term associated with Southerners.

But he compounded the contempt shortly after his cracker insult went public. Rangel later proclaimed Tea Party supporters should not be offended by his reference to them as “white crackers,” claiming the reference was meant to be “a term of endearment.” Does he think we are really that stupid to believe that he loves us with a term of endearment that is clearly insulting and degrading? 

I cannot imagine what would have happened if a white politician had addressed him by the forbidden “N” word and then said it was just a term of endearment. Mr. Rangel, we are smart enough to have our own valid views on issues, smart enough to see who the real racist is in this exchange, and smart enough to see that you are trying to do damage control when you put forth this “term of endearment” garbage.

2) But Rangel is not the only political operative that detests Americans who have a different view than them. Noam Schreiber, writing in the New Republic, discussed one of the responsibilities of Valerie Jarrett, the top advisor to president Obama. According to Scheiber, “Valerie Jarrett is not above keeping a s**t list - or as hers was title, a ‘least constructive’ list.” In other words, we are right back into the Nixon era with those in power maintaining an “enemies list” of all those who dare to have an opinion, an opinion that may differ from those in political power.

Scheiber describes how on American found out they were on this Obama “enemy list:” "One progressive activist recalls Jarrett holding the document during a meeting and noticing her own name on it, along with the names of others in the room. 'It was kind of an honor,' the activist told me." 

The message: dare to disagree with those in power and we will make a list and get you for daring to disagree.

3) The Washington Free Beacon recently reported on some public remarks made by Vice President Joe Biden. Biden talks about how politicians, including the President, often pontificate about helping the “middle class,” "easing the burden of the “middle class,” etc.

What Biden candidly then admits is that when Washington politicians talk about the middle class, they are not talking about the middle class but are talking down to the middle class: “In Washington, that’s not meant as a compliment - it means you are not sophisticated.” 

There you have it, the code broken. We (politicians) want you to think you are important and that we care about you, but you are below us, not as smart or sophisticated as us, we know best about how to run your lives. At least Biden had enough honesty to admit that condescension is rampant among the American political class.

His actual comments can be viewed at:

4) A series of videotaped remarks involving MIT economics professor Jonathan Gruber have recently shown how little those in charge of writing the Obama Care legislation thought of the American public, with Gruber going so far as calling Americans “stupid.” We will get into his condescending comments in detail tomorrow but first let’s look at a former Democratic politician who happened to find those remarks indicative of the contempt many in Washington have for ordinary American citizens.

Former governor and former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean was on MSNBC recently and commented on Gruber’s stupid remark. He said it shows how the Obama Care legislation was written by “elitists” who don’t understand America: “The problem is not that he said it [Gruber‘s comments that Americans are stupid]. The problem is that he thinks it. The core problem under the damn law is it was put together by a bunch of elitists two don’t fundamentally understand the American people. That’s what the problem is."

"Elitists," a nice and accurate word. A bunch of condescending people who most probably never did an honest day’s work in their life. Elitists who think for some reason that they are better than most of us, smarter than most of us and thus, have the right to make enemies of the state out of us or to denigrate us with insulting and contemptible words like racist, cracker, etc. Elitists who wish that we would just go to hell and make their lives simpler. This is the very essence of contempt.

Unfortunately, we are not done with the contempt that exists inside the Washington Beltway for the rest of America. We will do that tomorrow. We will dedicate the entire post to the contemptible quotes put forth by the aforementioned Jonathon Gruber and how those who developed and wrote the Obama Care legislation did so with the attitude that Americans were stupid and could be exploited to get what those in power wanted vs. what those in the country needed. It is a disgusting and contemptible view of those in power in America today.

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