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April, 20178, Part 1, Political Class Insanity: A Judge Who Gets Paid For Nothing, A Congresswoman Who Did Nothing and Gun Control Doing Nothing In London

It is another month which means it is again time to review the latest political class insanity from Washington and around the world. Political class insanity takes many forms including the wasting of taxpayer wealth, criminal fraud within government programs, inane and stupid political quotes and actions, the inability to create and implement effective and efficient government programs, stupid and ill performing economic policies and strategies, and other forms of insanity that continue to evolve and surprise and shock us.

Let's get started:

1) It is not just politicians that do no good for the world or society but continue to draw huge salaries and huge benefits. Consider the situation up in Rochester county, New York:
  • Rochester City Court Judge Leticia Astacio apparently has shown up for work exactly one day in the past 214 days.
  • But on April 1 she somehow received a taxpayer funded raise of $11,000, raising her annual salary to $187,200 despite showing up for only one day in the past seven months or so.
  • Apparently, she has been dubbed the “drunk judge” by local media outlets.
  • As reported by local TV station, Wham News 13: "Astacio did report for work on Tuesday, February 27 for one day – and has not been back since." 
  • Prior to that February 27, 2018 workday, she had not shown up for work since August 31, 2017.
  • Although her boss, Chief Administrative Judge Craig Doran has formally ordered Astacio back to work, she has ignored the decree.
  • Of course, it did not take long for African-American Astacio to claim racism is involved with efforts for her to show up to work, claiming that she had a doctor’s note to not report to work.
  • Back in August, 2016, she was convicted of DWI and later found guilty of violating her probation on at least two occasions relative to her DWI conviction.While in jail for violating her probation, she continued to receive what was then an annual $175,500 salary.
Nice work if you can get it.

2) One great thing about tracking political class insanity is that you are never short of unique material to write about. Consider the case of a Connecticut Congresswoman who has decided not to run for reelection based on a major screw up she did relative to members of her staff:
  • Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty announced she will not run for reelection.
  • The reason given is that she failed to fire her chief of staff, Tony Baker, after he threatened to kill a female staffer of the Congresswoman after the staffer complained that Baker had mistreated her.
  • Baker left the Congresswoman’s staff three months later and he left with a letter of recommendation and a severance payment.
  • A little late but the Congresswoman finally admitted that she screwed up: “Too many women have been harmed by harassment in the workplace. In the terrible situation in my office, I could have and should have done better. To the survivor, I want to express my strongest apology for letting you down. … In my final months in Congress, I will use my power to fight for action and meaningful change.”
You decide : where are sexual predators and sexual abuse more prevalent, in Washington DC or Hollywood, California? In either case, it is way too much.

3) U.S. Democrat politicians and liberals never miss an opportunity to try and stop ordinary Americans from exercising their Second Amendment rights in defense of their families, their lives, and their assets. 

They live in a fantasy world where they falsely and foolishly believe that if they can strip law abiding Americans of their guns and gun rights, then miraculously there will be no more violence or brutal attacks. Of course, we have shown how stupid this fantasy is when we often report on the rampant gun violence in Chicago, a place in the U.S. that has some of the most stringent gun control laws in the world.

Rather than talk about the failure of gun control in Chicago today, let’s talk about the failure of gun control in London, as reported by the Daily Mail newspaper. Before getting into the details, keep in mind that it is basically illegal to own a gun in London:
  • The murder rate in London is now higher than New York City.
  • London attained this distinction and higher murder rate due to 12 murders in the just the past 19 days.
  • But interestingly, none of these murders were via gun fire, the victims were all stabbed to death.
  • This is the first time ever that London has had a higher murder rate than New York City despite strict gun controls.
  • New York’s murder rate has dropped about 87% since the 1990s while London’s murder rate has gone up 40% in just the past three years.
  • The vast majority of the London stabbing murders have been young adults.
So I guess gun control does not control violence in London any more than it controlled violence and murders in Chicago. Think maybe it is time to relook why gun control is a failure wherever it is deployed and that there are other, deeper causes of violence, something that U.S. Democratic politicians refuse or unable to comprehend?

That will do it for today’s insanity: a judge who cries racism to cover up the reality that she is paid three times the average household income for showing up for one days worth of work, a Congresswoman who supported violence on a female staff member, and another failure of gun control. More insanity to follow.

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