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Part 2, The Lamest Washington Politicians Ever: In Their Own Words

Yesterday we continued to make our case that we are currently being served by the worst politicians in the history of Washington. Rather than cite facts and statistics about how poorly they are performing, yesterday and today we are letting their own words and quotes prove our points.

Some of those currently serving in many different capacities of Washington do not know basic American history. Others want citizens that have a difference of opinions with them to go to hell and various other-not-so-friendly places. Some of them are surprised when citizens actually expect them to read the proposed pieces of legislation that they need to vote on BEFORE voting. Others issue inane and bewildering quotes which really shatter your ability to believe what they say and to believe they have any kind of rational clue of how to solve the major issues of our times.

We will try to finish up this conversation today but the quotes keep coming and we will revisit this theory of totally inferior present day politicians in the months to come.

1) "170 million jobs could be lost." Congresswoman Maxine Waters. This was asserted as fact by the Congresswoman relative to the infamous Federal budget sequester from late last year that trimmed a very small amount out of the Federal budget. If you do some simple math based on the latest Census data you find that if she is right than about 74% of all adults in this country could lose their jobs as a result of a 2-3% cut in Federal government spending.

But wait Congresswoman, not every adult in America is working or has a job. Many are retired and do not want to work. Millions cannot find work. If your 170,000,000 figure is right, than probably EVERY working adult would lose their job as a result of the sequester. Idiotic.

2) “The system worked.” DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano. These infamous words were uttered after a would be bomber, the bomber who had hidden high powered explosives in his underwear, came within a faulty fuse of blowing up a full airplane over Detroit, an explosion that likely would have killed hundreds of Americans. 

What system and how did it work? This would be bomber beat Napolitano’s airport security system at every stop and screwed up the end game thanks in no way to Napolitano’s “system.” He had the bomb, he had the fuse, he was in the plane, he was over Detroit, and the system worked? In what reality did it work?

3) “Every month that we do not have an economic recovery package 500 million Americans lose their jobs.” Nancy Pelosi. This is an oldie but a goodie from an insanity perspective. This was frantically uttered several years ago when Pelosi was Speaker of The House. Given that there are only about 314 million Americans in the country, of all ages, from infants through retired citizens, it is a little bit of a stretch to say 500 million Americans are losing their jobs EVERY MONTH. Again, must be in a different reality than me.

4) “We actually have not required in this law that you carry health insurance.” Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Huh? This is what happens when these dolts vote on legislation that they have not read. The whole underlying purpose of Obama Care was to force and coerce any American that does not pay for health care insurance to do so, whether they need to or want to. 

That is why the legislation set up health insurance exchanges. That is why the IRS hired thousands of agents to seek out and fine and criminalize Americans that do not carry and pay for health insurance. Read the legislation, Ms. Wasserman Schultz before you spout out this incorrect nonsense.

5) “Those who survived the San Francisco earthquake said, ’Thank God, I’m still alive.’ But, of course, those who died, their lives will never be the same again.” Senator Barbara Boxer. Of all the quotes we are reviewing, this is probably the only one that I cannot disagree with, I find it hilarious, but in the end, she really is correct.

6) “Everybody will have lower [health care] rates, better quality care, and better access.”  Nancy Pelosi. These words were uttered a few years ago before people found out that Obama Care will drive up their health care insurance costs (not lower rates), that doctors were retiring in droves because of Obama Care burdens and regulations (not better care), and a death panel-like process was in place to decide what treatments to what types of people were affordable and allowable (not better access). Looks like she struck out on all three assertions.

7) “I don’t remember saying Obama Care would lower everyone’s premiums.” Nancy Pelosi. Whoopsie, you, Nancy you should have checked the videotape of herself promising lower premiums. This is why this set of politicians have all time lows as far as approval ratings and trustworthiness. They say stuff and then deny they said stuff. How could they ever be trusted?

8) “It [Obama Care] has been an amazing success story so far.” Senator Mark Pryor. Maybe in his world it has been an amazing success story but in America businesses are cutting back on hiring and expansion because of Obama Care, workers are getting their hours cut as a result of Obama Care, doctors are retiring in large numbers as a result of Obama Care, major facets of the Obama Care legislation have already been shut down as a result of failure (e.g. CLASS), major components of Obama Care have been delayed a year because of problems, 34 states have said “no thanks” to Obama Care exchanges, the cost of Obama Care has more than doubled since the original financial projections, Obama Care will add trillions of dollars to the already outsized national debt, over 90% of Federal workers surveyed do not want to be covered by Obama Care, Congress and the President broke the law by violating parts of the Obama Care law relative to how Obama Care applies to members of Congress and their staffs, Obama Care reduced Medicare and Medicaid future budgets by $700 billion in order to fund the legislation, the training for Obama Care “navigators” is woefully inadequate and behind schedule, and the data systems to run Obama Care are so far behind schedule that they have been termed an identify thief’s paradise.

Do these people never read a paper, read a magazine, or watch a news show to see what is going on in this country outside of the Washington Beltway? This is the most horrendous piece of legislation ever written and he thinks it is a success story. Given the above list of what is going wrong, I would hate to live through the Senator’s definition of a failure.

9) “That is not true, sir! We do not have an increasing national debt! For the past six to seven years we have been continuously driving that debt down and reducing it and it is NOT increasing.” Senator Mary Landrieu. Again, what planet do these people live on? According to the official White House budget history of the United States, available at the White House website, we see that the Obama administration has added over one TRILLION dollars a year to the nation’s national debt since he has been in office. 

This is not a debated fact, one trillion dollars in new debt every year. This year this Congress and President will add between $600 and $700 billion to the national debt. In what reality is this not increasing the national debt? The really scary thing about Senators like this is that if they really do not think we are increasing the national debt, they will do nothing to fix the problem, despite the numbers that would smack sense into a rational human being.

For those liberal friends and family members of mine that refuse to accept the following quotes as real and true, I refer you to the following website where you can see those quotes actually being said by President Obama:

10) “We have traveled to every corner of the United States, I have now been in 57 states, with one left to go.” Barack Obama. Makes you wonder if he really was born Kenya if he does not know how many states there are.

11) “The time has changed for come.” Barack Obama. See what happens when he does not have a teleprompter.

12) “The [Supreme Court Justices] are charged with the vital task of applying principles put to paper more than twenty centuries ago." Barack Obama. So by this political math the Constitution was written around Jesus’ time, prior to America being discovered.

13) “The FBI can and will continue to adapt to new dangers. That you will be critical in leading the way in keeping this country safe. We are counting on you. There is much to celebrate from the FBI’s first 100 days.” Barack Obama. I would think that J. Edgar Hoover might have a problem with this since he was around almost a hundred YEARS ago when the FBI actually got underway.

14) “The reforms we seek [via the Obama care legislation] would bring greater competition, choice, savings and inefficiencies to our health care system.” Barack Obama. Well, at least he got one out of four correct.

15) “We want to halt the rise of privacy in that region.” Barack Obama. Between the NSA spying and IRS harassment, it looks like he is doing a pretty good job of stopping the rise in privacy in this country also.

16) “One of the huge advantages for America compared to countries like Europe, is we are constantly replenishing ourselves with hungry, driven people…” Barack Obama.  Europe is not a country.

18) “Let me be absolutely clear. Israel is a strong friend of Israel.” Barack Obama. I would hope so.

My gosh, these people are in charge of the Federal government and large parts of our lives. People that cannot speak coherently without a teleprompter. People that think increasing the national debt a trillion dollars every year for four years it NOT increasing the national debt. People with absolutely no math skills and who are not even close to knowing how many people live in the country. Washington, a place where the worst piece of legislation ever written is perceived as a smashing success. People who blatantly and publicly say things that prove again they did not read the legislation they voted on to approve.

I do not know if these antics belong on Comedy Central because they are so silly and inane of the SyFy channel because these politicians are truly dealing with a different world and different reality than the rest of us.

What I do know is that they need to be removed from office before they do more damage. The only way to do this, since they have already rigged the election processes to overwhelmingly favor incumbents, is via term limits. You can help make them history by joining our term limits drive at:

Once out of office, maybe Comedy Central could use their talents. More lameness tomorrow since we could not get through it all today.

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