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Part 6, August, 2013 Obama Care Update: Main Stream Media Finally Recognizes the Disaster, Major Unfinished Operational Tasks, and More

Okay, apologies up front. Over the past six days we have been examining and reviewing the many disasters and fiascoes that were spawned as a result of Obama Care. One would have thought six days would have been enough.

We reviewed the long list of root causes underlying our high health care costs and how Obama Care addresses almost none of them.

We reviewed how Obama Care is causing American workers to lose salary hours, reducing their take home pay.

We reviewed how Obama Care is causing business owners to pull back on hiring and business expansion, stunting overall economic growth in the country.

We  reviewed how the  underlying systems to support the rollout of some major components of Obama Care are far behind schedule and are likely to not be ready when scheduled.

We reviewed how the inadequate training of Obama Care “navigators” and the inadequate data systems security protocols will turn Obama Care’s processes into an identity thief’s paradise.

We reviewed how seven million Americans, per the Congressional Budget Office,  are likely to lose access to their current health care insurance programs, the exact opposite of what Obama Care was supposed to do.

We reviewed how Americans are likely to experience severe sticker price shock when they see how substantially higher their health care premiums are going to be under Obama Care.

We reviewed how smaller hospitals are likely to see severe economic days as Obama Care raped the Medicaid and Medicare budgets to fund its own processes.

We reviewed how every reputable opinion poll over the past few weeks has shown that the majority or at least plurality of Americans see Obama Care as a bad thing, respondents think that they will end paying more for health insurance, and are scared about losing their current health insurance options.

We reviewed how Obama and other politicians are illegally changing aspects of the legislation without going back through the proper legislative Congressional approval of those changes.

And after all of this review, we still have not covered all of the problems, given the new problems that have arisen just in the past week or so. Rather than wait until next month when we do another set of reviews, we thought it was important to get the following insanity out there for your review and depression:

1) The family of NBC news outlets have always been the most biased in their reporting when it comes to Barack Obama. They often come off as just another arm of the President’s public relations department. Thus, when someone like NBC News airs a news segment that is critical of Obama Care you know that it must be a bad piece of legislation. Consider the following quotes taken directly from the broadcast of such a piece on August 13, 2013:

  • The NBC Nightly News segment concluded that there would be adverse impacts of Obama Care on the people it intends to help, leaving some “with no insurance and a pay cut.”
  • Lisa Myers, a reporter involved in the segment, stated that NBC News “spoke to almost 20 small businesses and other entities around the country. Almost all said because of the new law, they’d be cutting back hours for some employees.” 
  • Additionally, a top union head told NBC News:”Wait a year, and you’ll see a tremendous impact as workers have their hours reduced and their incomes reduced.”

So, NBC News has found that Americans, small businesses, and unions do not like and fear Obama Care. These are the entities that are most likely to be impacted by the legislation so someone in Washington should be heeding their opinions before this disaster hit’s the proverbial fan.

2) Unfortunately, it appears that many people in the Obama administration are NOT heeding these opinions. In the same NBC News segment, Jason Furman, who is a  top economic adviser to President Obama, said that he “sees no systematic evidence” that the health-care law is “having an adverse impact on the number of hours people are working.

No disrespect to Mr. Fruman, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and say that this administration made him deny the reality that has been in the news, and reported in this blog, for at least the past two years. We have discussed the many businesses and government entities that have issued press releases or held news conferences announcing how they were cutting workers hours and cutting the number of jobs they could be filling all because of Obama Care.

To not be aware of these realities is very scary. It shows an administration that is either very out of touch with reality, does not want to know about reality, thinks that they can lie about reality, or really does not care what is happening to American workers. In any case, their actions are irresponsible and despicable.

3) Previously, we had discussed the fact that legal cases against Obama Care were moving forward and that many of them, according to experts, had merit and a real chance of succeeding. One of the suits, filed by the Oklahoma attorney general, made it through a major milestone this week when that attorney general, Scott Pruitt announced: “The court rejected the federal government’s argument that Oklahoma lacked standing to challenge the law, allowing us to proceed with this pivotal case. We’re optimistic the court will recognize what states have known for months that the IRS disregarded the law by making the large employer mandate effective in Oklahoma or in any of the 33 other states without a state health care exchange.”

Apparently, the legislation, as written and enacted, does not allow the Federal government to force itself, its tenets, and the IRS onto the 34 states that have rejected setting up their own Obama Care health insurance exchanges. The Supreme Court decision that said Obama care was legal also gave the states the right to opt out of the exchange process. Obama knows that if 34 states are not included in the overall Obama Care effort, the financials and momentum of the legislation collapses, which would be good news for America, bad news for Obama. The first step towards the potentially good outcome is in the books.

4) The American Action Forum website recently published a pictorial representation of what has to be done in the next 50 days to make Obama Care operational. Remember, these people have had three years to get ready for this major October 1, 2013 rollout. 

According to the website, fifty major tasks have to miraculously come together in just 50 days for this monstrosity to have any chance of working. Take a look for yourself of what still has to be done and ask honestly yourself if this is not truly a “train wreck” (Senator Max Baucus’s words) ready to implode (double click picture for a larger view):

5) Consider the following articles that major news outlets have written over the past year or so and then decide if this fiasco has any chance of reducing costs, expanding coverage, or actually working, three years after they started working on its rollout:

  • U.S. schools face tough decisions on Obamacare benefits - Reuters, August 14 
  • A Limit on Consumer Costs Is Delayed in Health Care Law - New York Times, August 12
  • Congress wins relief on Obamacare health plan subsidies - Reuters, August 7 
  • In the Affordable Care Act, Some Children Left Behind - New York Times, August 7 
  • Obamacare months behind in testing IT data security: government - Reuters, August 6 
  • Obamacare's Challenge: a Skeptical Public - Wall Street Journal, August 5 
  • Concord: Half of Affordable Care Act call center jobs will be part-time - Contra Costa Times, July 25 
  • Marketing ‘Obamacare’ Shaping Up As Big Challenge - Associated Press, July 24 
  • Shutdown looms over ObamaCare - The Hill, July 23 
  • Obama asks Hollywood celebrities to help pitch ObamaCare enrollment - The Hill, July 23 
  • Doctors are skeptical and confused about ObamaCare, survey Finds - CNBC, July 22 
  • Obama extols health care law amid public doubts - July 18, Associated Press 
  • More Restaurants Replace Full-Timers, Concerned About Insurance - The Wall Street Journal, July 14 
  • Union Letter: Obamacare Will ‘Destroy The Very Health and Wellbeing’ of Workers - The Wall Street Journal, July 12 
  • White House Has Known For Months ObamaCare Implementation Wouldn't Work - National Journal, July 9 
  • Health insurance marketplaces will not be required to verify consumer claims - Washington Post, July 5 
  • Delay Stirs Broader Worries About Obama Health Law  Associated Press, July 3 
  • U.S. to delay key health-reform provision to 2015 - Reuters, July 2 
  • A big Medicaid gap looms in Obama health care law - Associated Press, July 1 
  • NFL says no to promoting ObamaCare - Washington Post, June 28 
  • White House recruiting Hollywood stars for ObamaCare rollout - The Hill, June 25 
  • Newly insured to deepen primary care doctor gap - Associated Press, June 22 
  • Coverage may be unaffordable for low-wage workers - Associated Press, June 13 
  • Like your health care? You May Be Losing It - Associated Press, May 29 
  • Some unions now angry about health care overhaul - Associated Press, May 24 
  • UnitedHealth, Aetna and Cigna opt out of California insurance exchange - Los Angeles Times, May 22 
  • Employers Eye Bare-Bones Health Plans Under New Law - The Wall Street Journal, May 19 
  • Half of U.S. Small Businesses Think Health Law Bad for Them - Gallup, May 10 
  • Part-timers to lose pay amid health act's new math - Los Angeles Times, May 2 
  • Obama's Legacy: A Health Care Law That Hurts His Party - National Journal, May 2 
  • Reid: More funding needed to prevent ObamaCare from becoming 'train wreck' - The Hill, May 1
  • Botched ObamaCare rollout tops Democratic fears for 2014 election - The Hill, May 1
  • Democrats fret over ObamaCare as 2014 looms - Politico, April 30 
  • Lawmakers, aides may get ObamaCare exemption - Politico, April 24 
  • Baucus warns of 'huge train wreck' enacting ObamaCare provisions - The Hill, April 17 
  • ObamaCare Incompetence - Time Magazine, April 2 
  • Small Firms’ Offer of Plan Choices Under Health Law Delayed - The New York Times, April 1 
  • Kathleen Sebelius: ObamaCare Implementation May Cause Some Health Care Costs To Rise -Reuters, March 26 
  • Study: Health overhaul to raise claims cost 32 pct - Associated Press, March 26 
  • Senate backs symbolic repeal of medical device tax - Reuters, March 22 
  • Beige Book Says ObamaCare Is Costing Jobs and Sales - CNBC, March 6 

Consider some of the words that the mainstream press are using to describe what is happening: train wreck, costing jobs, delays, costs to rise, fret, fears, angry, unaffordable, destroy, skeptical, confused, etc. Even if you do not believe me, check out some of these articles to find others’ pessimistic outlooks on how bad this legislation is going to be. Apparently everyone sees the train wreck coming but those that work in the White House and this administration.

That’s enough for today. But tomorrow is another day where I promise it will be the end of the bad news from Obama Care… for this month.

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