Friday, July 24, 2015

I Am Sick and Tired of [fill in the blank]

Just about every blog post we put out is based on scientific research, government reports, or verifiable news sources. From the beginning, we did not want a blog that was just a spouting out of opinion and views without a basis in reality. We were and are guided by an old saying goes something like this: “A__h___s are like opinions, everyone has one.”

But today, we are going to deviate from that disciplined approach. Today is a day for ranting and having an opinion. And shouting those opinions out. Because, really, at some point the more you listen to and observe the idiocy, ineptness, and selfish greed of the American political class, the more you want to scream. We have pointed out these characteristics of these politicians thousands of times in this blog:

We discussed how the U.S. Navy spent $300 million to build two ships almost to completion only to spend another $10 million to take them apart for scrap metal before they were ever used.

We have discussed the story on how the IRS sent 600 bogus tax refunds to a single address…. in Ireland.

We have discussed the test of TSA security procedures for identifying and confiscating weapons and explosives, a detection test that TSA employees failed well over 90% of the time.

We discussed the California Congresswoman who declared she wished a certain segment of Americans would just simply die  because they had a different opinion than her.

We could go on and on but you get the idea: we are currently being served by the worst set of American politicians in the history of the country. They waste taxpayer money, they never resolve any issue, and they would rather divide America along racial, economic, or other lines just to serve their selfish and greedy political purposes.

So today, since I have had to put up with their jibber jabber for far too long, they get to put up with my ranting and raving today, in no particular order:

I am sick and tired of politicians receiving about $3 TRILLION a year in taxpayer wealth but never making a bit of positive difference in most Americans’ lives.

I am sick and tired of of politicians’ inability to resolve any major issue facing the country over the past four decades including failing public schools, a lost war on drugs, leaky borders, skyrocketing healthcare costs, the lack of a national energy policy, etc.

I am sick and tired of being deliberately lied to by politicians, whether it is being told you can keep your current doctors, hospitals, and health plans under Obama Care to we are pulling our troops out of Iraq because Iraq is now a safe, secure and stable democracy to we are finally going to get wasteful Federal spending under control, and dozens of other lies.

I am sick and tired of politicians who place their personal enrichment and constant reelection needs ahead of the needs of the country and the citizens they are supposed to be serving.

I am sick and tired of how the political class has hijacked and corrupted our political processes, reducing the power of ordinary citizens to ashes as a result of the big money unions, PACS, corporations, and wealthy in this country.

I am sick and tired of Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, food assistance and other Federal government programs wasting or losing to criminal fraud over $200 billion of taxpayer wealth every year.

I am sick and tired of being poorly served by a Federal government bureaucracy that looks and performs like the Jabba The Hutt Star Wars character, a large, bloated, ugly, formless creature that consumes resources in a tyrannical way without providing any redeemable societal benefit.

I am sick and tired of the Federal government and the politicians that operate it treating us as the enemy, spying on our electronics communications without warrants, groping our physical bodies at airport gates, randomly frisking us on the streets without warrants, confiscating our land and property without just cause, and basically viewing us as subservient to the Federal bureaucracy.

I am sick and tired of the IRS being used as a political Gestapo-like organization to harass those that have a different opinion of the current administration, crushing citizens’ First Amendment rights in the process.

I am sick and tired of the reality that IRS employees like Lois Lerner and those within the IRS that illegally destroyed documents, computer hard drives, and emails are not in jail for their law breaking.

I am sick and tired of being called a racist for simply having a different opinion on an issue than the opinion and policies of the  first African-American President.

I am sick and tired of a Presidential administration that simply declines to acknowledge that Islamic terrorism exists in this world, and apparently in this country, given the Fort Hood massacre, the Boston Marathon massacre, and the recent U.S. Marine massacre in Tennessee.

I am sick and tired of politicians that are just plain stupid, so stupid that one from Georgia thinks that a Pacific island is capable of tipping over and one in Congress from Texas who thinks that the Constitution is 400 years old and who also wondered out loud a number of years ago if an unmanned Mars probe would be going close to where Neil Armstrong walked on the moon.

I am sick and tired of a Presidential administration that sends government officials to the funerals of some people but ignores the funerals of other, just as worthy Americans such as soldiers and a general killed defending this country, a good Samaritan American who was beheaded by ISIS terrorists, an innocent California young lady murdered by an illegal alien, and the soldiers who died looking for an Army deserter in Afghanistan whose parents were subsequently hosted in the White House.

I am sick and tired of a President who has set the all time record for attending political fundraising events, well over 700 so far, and who has golfed more times than any other President in the past six decades, well over 200 rounds of golf.

I am sick and tired of a President who would rather blame other people and other conditions (Bush, the Japanese tsunami, ATM machines, Republicans, etc.) for his lack of success than own up to his mistakes, correct them, and actually be a leader.

I am sick and tired of a political class that wants to dictate what we eat, where we smoke, what we can carry on us when we travel, what flag we can fly, how much we pay employees, what kind of cars we drive, and the tens of thousands of government regulations that kill freedom and liberty in this country every day.

I am sick and tired of being deemed a beneficiary of “white privilege” since my grandparents were poor immigrants from overseas, arriving long after the Civil War ended, my parents had only high school educations but saved enough via their blue collar jobs to put my sister and myself through college, all the while never accepting a government check of any kind.

I am sick and tired of some people fixating on and freaking out on a flag, a piece of cloth, rather than focusing on what needs to be fixed in America’s cities and aid to America’s poor: failing public schools, lack of job opportunities, high crime rates, high drug addiction rates, corrupt urban political machines and politicians, etc.

I am sick and tired of small subsegments of the population yelling that it is not enough for me to respect their life choices but I have to respect their choices in the manner they dictate and possibly sacrifice my freedoms and ideals in order to not offend them.

I am sick and tired of a President who promised to operate the most transparent Presidency ever but has gone about stifling all legal and binding requests for government information and documents, often illegally destroying government records to prevent their disclosure and who has harassed and impeded the work of journalists.

I am sick and tired of politicians that regularly break Federal laws but who never suffer any repercussions from their lawbreaking.

I am sick and tired of politicians that leave office much wealthier than when they entered political office.

That feels better, a good rant. For two other good rants, let me refer you to the following video clips:

The first video clip is a recent rant by a news person who has also had enough of the lies and behavior of this President, in light of the recent terrorist killings of our armed forces personnel in Tennessee:

The second video clip is an old one but a classic rant from the movie, “Network:”

The sad thing about this rant is that the problems he talks about thirty some years ago, the Russians, the economy, crime, etc. are still problems today, unresolved by the political class. The good thing about the rant is that he has two pieces of good advice that are just as relevant today:

“You’ve got to get mad.”
“I’m mad as hell and I am not going to take this anymore.”

Could not have said it better myself. If you are also sick and tired of the performance of America's poltiical class, than isn’t about time you got mad as hell and stopped taking it? What are you going to do about it? If you do nothing, than thirty some years from today we will still be talking about the Russians, the bad economy, crime….

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