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July, 2015, Part 2, By The Numbers: Subsidizing Billionaires, Alzheimer's Crushing Weight, and More

On a semi-regular basis we revisit the theme "by the numbers" just to check in on the state of the country and political class using actual realities and their underlying numbers, not the spin or lies from our politicians. You see, politicians usually have nothing to gain by looking at reality and the numbers since they are more than likely to have screwed up reality and our lives in the first place.

That is why they would rather lie and deceive than tell the truth. But that approach can be destroyed by looking at the hard numbers behind the mess they have created. I once worked for a boss whose favorite saying was: "There is nothing more devastating to an opinion than the right number.” And that is what we try to do with this theme, devastate politicians’ opinions by looking at the right numbers.

So let’s take a look at the numbers that have recently cropped up and again prove that the political class in America continues to be one of the worst set of people to ever hold office, given the state of the country, the many ways they screw up our wealth and government functions, and their inability or non-desire to step up and tell the truth.

1) Yesterday we discussed the reality that even though Obama and his supporters would like us to think that the economy is doing well, we showed with a series of real numbers how that is not the case. With first quarter GDP shrinking, 45 million Americans still needing food assistance every month, low or no wage growth, etc., the economic numbers and reality show a very weak, under performing economy.

And new numbers from the University of Michigan's famous index of consumer sentiment adds to that proof of a low performing economy. During the month of July the index value dropped from 96.1 in June to 93.3 in July. Experts had predicted that the index would be basically unchanged in July, surprising them also. The Greek financial crisis and the economic slide in China were most often cited by survey respondents as the reason for their growing pessimism. 

Just another nail in the theory that we have always subscribed to: Washington politicians have no idea how to manage a growing and vibrant economy.

2) We have often decried the reality that Washington politicians are very good at handing out taxpayer wealth to companies and individuals who do not deserve such wealth. Those individuals and companies should be using their own wealth or their stockholders' wealth to fiannce their operations and take the financial risk associated with their operations. 

Which makes the following story from the June 12, 2015 issue of The Week magazine, based on an article from the LA Times, most appropriate. Billionaire Elon Musk has three companies that he has put together: Tesla Motors, SolarCity, and SpaceX. 

Together, the American taxpayer, courtesy of the Washington political class, has funded and underwrote those operations to the tune of $4.9 billion via grants, tax breaks, and environmental credits. Additionally, SpaceX has received $5.5 billion in government contracts from NASA and the Air Force. 

The obvious question is if these are such good ideas and Musk is so rich, why isn't he funding these operations out of his own checkbook and the checkbooks of his backers, why are the American taxpayers funding these business risks for him? Government and politicians should not be in the business of picking winners and losers in a free market, that is the job of the market and those that compete in that market. 

Those billions of dollars benefited virtually no one who helped fund them, the American taxpayer, and benefited only the insiders and favored few who were involved with those businesses.

3) Frequent readers of this blog know that we have shown dozens and dozens of time how Obama Care is the worst piece of legislation ever passed. It tries, and fails, to solve a public health issue with a lame, unwieldy and expensive insurance solution. Past proof of our assertion on this legislation can be viewed by entering the phrase, "unfolding disaster that is Obama Care" in the search box above.

More proof that Obama Care totally missed the mark was presented in an article on Alzheimer's disease in the May 29, 2015 issue of The Week magazine. The numbers from that article are truly frightening:

  • 5.3 million Americans currently suffer from Alzheimer's disease.
  • Those 5.3 million sufferers consumer almost 18 billion hours a year in unpaid care from friends and family.
  • However, with 76 million Baby Boomers entering their golden years, that affliction number is likely to go as high as 13.8 million in the coming decades.
  • Treatment costs for those almost 14 million Alzheimer's patients could get as high as $1.1 TRILLION annually and consume over 30% of Medicare's annual budget.
  • Such a wave of will swamp nursing homes and the country's ability to pay for and care for the millions more of Alzheimer's patients in the coming years.
While this trend has been gong forward in unabated, the Obama administration has been worried about how much a Bronze Plan in the Obama Care legislation would cost. In reality, the numbers do not lie since a Bronze Plan cost, and Obama Care in general, will be overwhelmed by the Alzheimer's numbers and become meaningless unless the challenge of Alzheimer's and other aging diseases is resolved.

Unfortunately, the Obama administration has not addressed or set out a strategy for resolving this issue, costing the country five years in finding a remedy for the disease and the crushing financial numbers it will cause.

4) Let's get back to the economy for our final set of numbers. An article in the July 17, 2015 issue of The Week magazine reported on how Microsoft was laying off almost 8,000 workers which works out to about 6% of the entire workforce.  The company is also taking a $7.6 billion write down as a result of its acquisition of Nokia's smartphone business. Not a good economic indicator omen when a bell weather company like Microsoft is taking such dramatic actions.

So, today the numbers showed that Americans are having less and less confidence in the economy, the political class continues its crony capitalism ways related today to subsidizing billionaire Elon Musk, Alzheimer's disease makes Obama Care even more irrelevant in the long term, and Microsoft is feeling the pains of a weak economy. The numbers do not lie even if politicians do.

More numbers tomorrow and they are likley NOT to be good numbers since they involve the Amerian political class.

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