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July, 2015, Bonus Post, By The Numbers: Illegal Immigrant Numbers and How Large They Actually Are

On a semi-regular basis we revisit the theme "by the numbers" just to check in on the state of the country and political class using actual realities and their underlying numbers, not the spin or lies from our politicians. You see, politicians usually have nothing to gain by looking at reality and the numbers since they are more than likely to have screwed up reality and our lives in the first place.

That is why they would rather lie and deceive than tell the truth. But that approach can be destroyed by looking at the hard numbers behind the mess they have created. I once worked for a boss whose favorite saying was: "There is nothing more devastating to an opinion than the right number.” And that is what we try to do with this theme, devastate politicians’ opinions by looking at the right numbers.

So let’s take a look at the numbers that have recently cropped up and again prove that the political class in America continues to be one of the worst set of people to ever hold office, given the state of the country, the many ways they screw up our wealth and government functions, and their inability or non-desire to step up and tell the truth.

Today's bonus post has ended up focusing mostly on illegal immigrant numbers, not on purpose but because those numbers have recently cropped up in the news.

1) Wind power has been around for hundreds of years so calling it a “new technology” is really quite a stretch. But many in the political class have done just that in order to justify giving the wind industry billions and billions of taxpayer dollars. What does that generosity look like in the real world:

  • Over the past thirty years, the wind industry has received $30 billion in in taxpayer subsidies.
  • Unfortunately, despite getting $30 billion, the wind industry now accounts for a meager 5% of U.S. electricity demand.
  • Congress passed an extension on wind subsidies in 2014 that will cost taxpayers another $6.4 billion over the next decade.
  • In 2003, U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley, a primary sponsor of Federal wind subsidies, stated that the wind industry would need “maybe 10 years” more of subsidies.
  • Thirteen years later, the Washington politicians are willing to give the wind industry another ten years, making it twelve years beyond what Grassley promised in 2003.
  • After hundreds of years and tens of billions of dollars, maybe we should finally face the reality that wind power will never be the energy savior that many wanted it to be. The numbers, both financial and chronological, all point to that reality.
2) The IRS recently reported, as told in a recent edition of BusinessWeek, that it hung up on 8.8 million calls into its 800# help centers during 2014. This comes out to an average daily hang up rate of over 24,000 calls a DAY. Since I would assume that the majority of these calls came in the months leading up to tax filing day on April 15, I think we can safely assume that the hang up rate during those months was much, much higher than 24,000 a day.

Horrendous customer service even for this dysfunctional Federal entity. But possibly even worse than these pathetic metrics, the IRS calls these hang ups “courtesy disconnects.” Not even close. Nothing courteous about calling a Federal government hotline for help, probably waiting on hold for a long time, and then being hung up on. Certainly disrespectful to the taxpayer callers who pay the salaries of all IRS employees.

3) Paul Bedard, writing for the Washington Examiner on July 20, 2015, reported on estimates from from the Center for Immigration Studies and Pew Research that showed 2.5 million illegal immigrants entered the U.S. during the Obama Presidency, about 400,000 a year, more than a thousand a DAY.

The only good news out of the study is that the annual flow into this country during the Bush administration years was probably in the 500,000 to 600,000 range, making the Obama administration king of the pigs when it comes to leaky borders. The only difference is that during the Bush administration, ISIS did not exist. During the Obama administration, ISIS does exist, is financially very well off, and would probably have little trouble sneaking its terrorists into this country via the leaky Mexican/U.S. border.

It is pretty clear, based on these numbers that both administrations have been absolute failures in securing our borders and protecting U.S.citizens from physical and financial harm.

4) The organization, Judicial Watch, does a wonderful job in prying documents out of the Federal government despite the Obama administration’s tendency to want to work in secrecy and non-transparency, often illegally or immorally. They recently obtained Federal immigration records that showed:

  • The Department of Homeland security released over 250 illegal immigrants Arizona area detention centers during just the last week of February, 2015 and the first two weeks of March.
  • The details in these documents show that the Obama administration lied again when it denied that mass releases of illegals had occurred.
  • 40 of those released have a history of violent criminal behavior but yet were still released onto the streets of Arizona and around the country.
  • Their criminal offenses included assault, domestic violence, weapons offenses, battery, and drunk driving: Drug Trafficking: 9 cases, Weapons Offense: 6 cases, Domestic Violence: 4 cases, Prostitution: 4 cases, Battery: 2 cases, Contributing to Delinquency of Minor: 2 cases, Robbery-Street Gun: 2 cases, Firing Weapon: 1 cases, Hit and Run: 1 case, Possession of a Weapon: 1 case, and dozens and dozens of lesser offenses.
  • And these are just the crimes we know these people committed, the real number is probaly much higher.
  • Despite the dozens of criminals who were freed, the Federal government has refused to tell local law enforcement authorities the names and locations of these criminals, making local law enforcement departments less capable of doing their jobs and protecting the public. 
  • These findings go along with a 2014 Judicial Watch finding that showed the Obama administration had released a whopping 165,900 known criminal illegal immigrants onto the streets of America. including many convicted of such violent crimes as homicide, sexual assault, kidnapping, and aggravated assault. 
As these numbers show, the Obama administration has done a pathetic job of following existing laws and protecting the American public from immigrant criminals, the numbers are too large to claim other wise.

5) What happens once these criminal illegal immigrants are released onto our streets? According to Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio, out of the 5,000 illegal immigrants turned over to the Federal government out of his jails, “2,000 have been coming back:”  “I have ICE agents in our jail. We check everybody that comes in, then detainers are placed for those here illegally on state charges, turn them over to ICE, and guess what? Out of 5,000, 2,000 have been coming back to my jails, all serious types of crime. One guy came back 20 times. So, evidently they keep crossing the border, or the ICE is letting them out on the streets.”

That will definitely do it for this month’s “by the numbers” review with today’s bonus post focusing on illegal immigrants. As the number of crimes committed by illegals on our streets increases, many of whom were put there by the Obama administration, the question of why Donald Trump has seen his rating climb becomes clear: the number of crimes committed by these known criminals is on the rise and it is the fault of this current administration, the numbers do not lie.

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