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If You Are Voting For Hillary, Please Consider Reading This Before Voting

As the Presidential election is coming up and the campaigning FINALLY coming to an end, I thought it would be a good idea to do a little side by side comparison of Hillary Clinton, Democrat, to Gary Johnson, Libertarian, before election day. Since I have never voted for a Republican for President in my life and I have been voting since the 1970s, I am leaving Trump out of this comparison, he is not worth my attention. 

To be honest, I am fed up with Hillary supporters coming at me because I am not a big fan of her (frankly, I believe she should be in jail given the number of laws she has broken), implying or outright accusing me of being either an idiot or I am intimidated because she is a strong woman. At no point do they talk about the issues and character of the woman, the fact that I do not support her means there must be something fundamentally wrong with me.

So today, let’s try to get past the emotions and name calling and do a little comparison between Gary Johnson and Hillary Clinton that is based on facts and realities, not blind obedience to a party or personality or the sex of a candidate. If you are a Hillary supporter, I challenge you to read the entire comparison and open your mind to the possibility that who you support as a liberal is really not what is right for the country, your kids or your grandkids. I dare you.

Gay Rights:
  • Gary Johnson - fully supported gay rights from the beginning, in fact, the Libertarian Party has supported full gay rights for decades.
  • Hillary Clinton - fully supports gay rights but supported gay marriage only when it became politically advantageous for her to recently do so.
Women’s Rights:
  • Gary Johnson - fully supports women’s rights including the right to choose.
  • Hillary Clinton - fully supports women’s rights including the right to choose...unless a woman went public after she was groped, fondled, or sexually harassed by Hillary’s husband, in which case those women must be publicly humiliated and destroyed.
Military Intervention:
  • Gary Johnson - vehemently anti-war unless the sovereignty of our country or the safety of American citizens are immediately at risk.
  • Hillary Clinton - vehemently pro-war given her support of the Iraq invasion, the U.S. military intervention in Syria and Libya and the new news that she supported bombing Iranian facilities on Iranian soil.
Federal Budget:
  • Gary Johnson - strong supporter of the Federal government expenses being in line with Federal government tax revenue and will propose a balanced budget for Congressional approval within 100 days of being elected.
  • Hillary Clinton - strong supporter of the Federal government running large budget deficits which will continue to put additional tax and debt burdens on our kids and grandkids for decades to come.
War on Drugs:
  • Gary Johnson - would stop the lost war on drugs.
  • Hillary Clinton - would stop the lost war on drugs.
Classified Information/Material Security:
  • Gary Johnson - has not mishandled classified government materials and documents.
  • Hillary Clinton - should be in jail for mishandling classified government materials and documents, obvious felonious acts.
Set-up Illegal Computer Systems For Use By Government Employees:
  • Gary Johnson - has not set-up illegal computer systems for use by government employees.
  • Hillary Clinton - has set up illegal computer systems for use by government employees which should have gotten her thrown in jail.
Protected Government Email Records:
  • Gary Johnson: No record of him ever destroying government email records.
  • Hillary Clinton: Destroyed over 30,000 emails via high tech computer scrubbing software,and using lawyers without security clearances, to cover up her felonious behavior and then lied about what was in those 30,000 destroyed emails.
Integrity and Lying:
  • Gary Johnson: No evidence he is a pathological liar.
  • Hillary Clinton: Has been proven to be a pathological liar from falsely claiming that she landed under sniper fire in Bosnia to falsely claiming her daughter had a Phd in Public Health to falsely claiming that the Benghazi terror attack was caused by an obscure YouTube video to falsely claiming she was always against NAFTA, to falsely claiming that the 30,000 emails contained only personal and family information, etc., etc., etc.
Name Calling:
  • Gary Johnson: no evidence that he has made bigoted remarks about broad swaths of Americans from a racial, religious, and ethnic perspective:
  • Hillary Clinton: documented proof that Clinton and members of her staff have insulted broad segments of American civilians, calling tens of millions of them “deplorables” (Trump supporters), “basement dwellers” (Bernie Sanders supporters), “never do wells” (Muslims and African Americans), “rednecks”, “old white men”, medieval thinkers (Catholics), and “taco bowl” outreach targets (Hispanics).
Chance of Bipartisanship:
  • Gary Johnson: successful two term Republican governor in a traditionally Democratic state.
  • Hillary Clinton: Has insulted tens of millions of Americans by calling them deplorables, basement dwellers, never do wells, etc. making bipartisanship very difficult and unlikely.
Accepted Billions Of Dollars From Nations With Horrific Women’s Rights and Gay Rights Records
  • Gary Johnson: Not known to have taken money from nations with horrific women’s rights and gay rights records.
  • Hillary Clinton: Has taken billions of dollars in various ways from such nations as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Morocco, UAE, and others, all of whom have catastrophic records on women and gay rights.
Million Dollar Payoffs To Their Spouses:
  • Gary Johnson: No record of his wife ever receiving a million dollar payoff from a foreign country.
  • Hillary Clinton: Husband Bill was rewarded with a million dollar payoff from Qatar, one of those Muslim nations who are not kind to women and gay rights.
Government Size:
  • Gary Johnson - will submit a balanced budget within 100 days after being elected and will aggressively cut government's size and influence in our lives including the complete termination of whole Federal government Cabinet-level departments.
  • Hillary Clinton - will aggressively expand the size of government, resulting in an ever increasing national debt, higher taxes, lower economic growth, and less individual freedom.
Obama Care's Future:
  • Gary Johnson - will totally repeal and terminate the disastrous Obama Care process and put the choice and resources for each American's health care back into their own personal hands with a market driven, competition driven economic model that attacks the root causes of high healthcare costs.
  • Hillary Clinton - has called Obama Care one of the greatest achievements of the Democratic party even though Obama Care health insurance premium costs are skyrocketing upwards, deductible levels are surging, health care costs overall continue to climb much faster than inflation, Obama Care policy holders have much fewer choices in doctors, hospitals, and insurance options and carriers, the law has stifled economic growth especially among the small business segment, has exposed millions of Americans to increased threats of identity theft given the lousy data systems of the law, it has attained no more than 50% of its promised level of insured Americans, and it will add over a trillion dollars to the national debt over the next ten years, leaving one to try to imagine how bad a failed Democratic party initiative is if this is one of their greatest accomplishments.
Operator Of A Crime Syndicate:
  • Gary Johnson - no evidence that he has ever operated and profited from any type of crime syndicate.
  • Hillary Clinton - she and her husband have gotten rich, attaining a wealth level north of $100 million, by operating a crime syndicate known as the Clinton Foundation.
Harbored A Sexual Predator Family Member:
  • Gary Johnson: No reason to believe that Johnson or his spouse ever harbored a sexual predator family member.
  • Hillary Clinton - Every reason to believe that she protected, condoned, and abetted a sexual predator husband for decades who fondled, groped, sexually harassed, and possibly raped an untold number of women.
Two Faced When It Comes To Policy:
  • Gary Johnson - no reason to believe that Johnson changes his position on issues and policies depending on his current audience.
  • Hillary Clinton - has admitted in speeches to Wall Street firms that she sometimes has both a "public" policy position and a "private" policy position, which many would call hypocrisy.
Beholden To Wall Street:
  • Gary Johnson - no evidence that Johnson is beholden to or owes Wall Street any favors.
  • Hillary Clinton - has given numerous speeches to Wall Street firms, usually receiving speaking fees worth hundreds of thousands of dollars with the likely quid quo pro return favor implied.
Sabotaged His/Her Opponents During Primary Activities:
  • Gary Johnson - no evidence that Johnson sabotaged his opponents' primary activities or efforts.
  • Hillary Clinton - conspired with Debbie Wasserman- Schultz, chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, to ensure that Hillary was the party's nominee and undercutting Bernie Sanders at every opportunity.
Individual Health (could they withstand the rigors of the Presidency):
  • Gary Johnson: has climbed high mountains, has completed triathlons, and has excellent overall physical condition and health.
  • Hillary Clinton: coughing fits, fainting spells, heavily medicated, suffered seriously head injury from a fall several years ago.
Views on the Constitution:
  • Gary Johnson: staunch defender of the Constitution as are all Libertarians.
  • Hillary Clinton: already signals that she wants to limit Constitutional rights, particularly those guaranteed by the First and Second Amendments.
There you have it, an exhaustive list of the issues, behavior, and character of Gary Johnson vs. Hillary Clinton. If after reading this list and I have convinced you that Gary Johnson is a better choice on election day than Hillary Clinton, I applaud you for having an open to to facts and realities and your changing of your vote to Johnson.

If I have not changed your mind and you are still going to vote for Hillary, I still certainly respect your Constitutional right to do so. But I have a hard time understanding how you could vote for a women that is AT BEST going to maintain the status quo in this country, a status quo that has made most Americans poorer, less optimistic about our future, has heaped TRILLIONS of dollars of debt on the back of our kids and grandkids, likely continued to support military intervention across the Middle East, and a woman whose moral character and integrity is abysmal in my opinion. This is a woman who obviously despises broad segments of Americans but who loves the money that flows to her and her family from foreign countries that abhor women and gay rights.

And finally, if I have convinced you that Gary Johnson is a better candidate and person than Hillary Clinton but you are still going to vote for her anyway, than I do not understand that behavior at all. If it is to vote against Donald Trump, then I remind you of the old saying, “the lesser of two evils is still evil.” Supporting Hillary Clinton even when you know she is not the right candidate just perpetuates the existing political class in this country, people that care more about themselves and their enrichment than you and the rest of the country. 

Every vote for Trump and Clinton, either one, continues to support the trash that resides in Washington today. A vote for Gary Johnson, or Jill Stein or Bernie Sanders or anyone else, weakens the evil that is the political establishment. Continuing to reinforce that evil is inane, in my opinion.

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