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July, 2017, Part 1, Political Class Insanity: Obama Phone Fraud, Voting Fraud, and Other Fraud

As we do every month, we review the latest idiocy, lunacy, ineptness, and general insanity from the American political class. The members of the political never cease to amaze us with their greed, idiocy, gumption, and criminal activities. And just when we think there is no new way to disappoint us and tick us off, they manage to find a way to do it, wasting our tax dollars and destroying our freedoms in the process.

The political class has been very busy this month so let’s get right to it:

1) Nowhere has the political class been such a failure than in Chicago where the local, county, state, and Federal politicians have failed repeatedly to provide a basic government service to the citizens of Chicago, namely bodily protection. Every day people are gunned down on the streets of Chicago resulting in the maiming and death of hundreds of people every year. V. Saxena, writing for the Conservative Tribune website on July 3, 2017, updated us on the latest violence in the city:

  • 46 people were shot and at least four died died in Chicago on this July 4th weekend.
  • The wounded included a 13 year old teeanger who was simply walking down the street.
  • There have been over 1714 shootings this year in the city, almost 300 a month, about 10 shootings a day.
  • And while the Trump administration is at least taking some action to fight the crime and violence wave, something that Obama never did for his home town, I doubt that sending an additional 20 ATF agents into the city is going to make any big difference.
  • “I think Barack Obama has ignored the black community for eight years, and now he’s coming to take a bow in Chicago while our neighborhoods are suffering from disinvestment and soaring unemployment. We are seeing young black men getting gunned down at a horrific rate, and he has shown no willingness to seriously address these issues,” remarked Ja’Mal Green earlier this year, referencing the then-president’s farewell speech, as quoted by the Chicago Tribune.
What a mess, a fatal mess that the political class apparently has no plan to fix.

2) We have previously discussed the corrupt and wasteful Obama cell phone program (“Obama Phones”) that was supposed to place inexpensive cellular technology in the hands of poor people in our society and help them find jobs. But according to a recent study from the Government Accountability Office:

  • One out of three people taking advantage of the program are not eligible for the program.
  • A whopping 10.6 million people are in the program meaning over 3 million people are getting taxpayer wealth for nothing.
  • The study also found that the program has resulted in $9 billion stuck in private bank accounts.
  • Over 5,500 program participants have two phones, which is not kosher, and 6,400 people who are already dead also have phones in their names.
  • And despite how big and expensive the program is, there is no plan in place to see if the program is actually meeting its intended objectives.
Wasteful spending on likely a useless program, sounds about right.

3) Will Brown, recently writing for the U.S. Chronicle website, explained how a corrupt state politician was recently sentenced to hard time in jail for her crimes in the state of Pennsylvania:

  • Former Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane has been sentenced to 10-23 months in Federal prison for illegally disclosing details of a grand jury investigation in order to embarrass her political rival.
  • She was also sentenced to 8 years probation after the term is served.
  • The judge accused Kane of adopting an “off with your heads” mentality despite being the state’s top law enforcement officer in the state and also called Kane a political “neophyte” who never transitioned from politician to public servant after she got elected.
  • And now the tattle tales have come out of the darkness about what a bad person Kane was, with Erik Olsen, former Chief Deputy Attorney General under Kane, claiming she created a “terror zone” in the office using “a pattern of systemic firings and Nixonian espionage.” Nice person.
It’s a shame that this type of corruption goes on everyday at every level of government but at least this corrupt official got her just rewards.

4) Let’s stay with political corruption. Scott Osborn, writing for the Joe For America website on July 3, 2017, told the sad story of a Hillary Clinton operative going to jail for breaking the law in the name of Clinton:

  • Lead Hillary Clinton political community organizer Andrew J. Spieles, aged 21, pleaded guilty to registering multiple dead people to vote in the last Presidential election while working for Hillary.
  • He could have been put in jail for up to a year as a result of an investigation of local police and the FBI but by pleading guilty he faces 100 to 120 days behind bars.
  • The local TV station WTVR channel 6 reported: “A man paid to register Virginia voters prior to the 2016 Presidential Election will spend at least 100 days in prison for submitting the names of deceased individuals to the Registrar’s Office.”
  • He got caught submitting voter registrations for dead people and one of those dead people was the father of a current Rockingham County judge.
  • According to the government investigation: “Spieles later admitted that he prepared the false voter registration forms. He obtained the name, age, and address of individuals from ‘walk sheets’ provided to him by the Virginia Democratic Party, fabricating a birth date based on the ages listed in the walk sheet, and fabricating the social security numbers.” 
Again, this is another assault on our freedom and integrity of our democracy. Fortunately, he got caught. However, it makes you wonder if this type of behavior is going on and undetected around the country.

This is a good start to this month’s political class insanity: attorney general fraud, voting fraud, Obama Phone fraud, and still no political solution to the Chicago violence. More insanity to follow for days and days to come.

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