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March, 2018, Part 2, Political Class Insanity: Sex Scandals In Nashville, Sex Scandals In The FBI, An Absentee Judge And More

It is the beginning of another month which means it is again time to review the latest political class insanity from Washington and around the world. Political class insanity takes many forms including the wasting of taxpayer wealth, criminal fraud within government programs, inane and stupid political quotes and actions, the inability to create and implement effective and efficient government programs, stupid and ill performing economic policies and strategies, and other forms of insanity that continue to evolve and surprise and shock us.

Let's get started:

1) Although we almost exclusively focus on politicians screwing up or government bureaucrats not doing anything right, here is a case, from the Joe For America website, that shows even members of the judiciary are not immune to wasting taxpayer wealth and resources:

  • Kahlilia Davis was elected to being a District Court Judge in Michigan’s 36th District in January 2017. 
  • She was to be one of 30 judges in that judicial circuit.
  • Apparently, the other 29 actually show up for work but Ms. Davis was the exception to that simple rule: Until early March, 2018, she had not showed up for work once.
  • And in a move of brash chutzpah, she then sued her boss, Nancy Blount, the chief judge of the circuit, for having the audacity of removing Davis from her position “based on your demonstrated inability to perform her duties … you, Judge Kahlilia Y. Davis, are hereby prohibited from presiding over any 36th District Court cases.”
  • Talk about insanity: as an elected offical you do not show up for work for over a year, drawing a salary of over $170,000 during that time period, and you sue your boss when you do decide to return. Nice vacation if you can get it.
  • But it gets worse since you wonder how bad our election processes have become that someone like this actually got elected since she had a Federal, $35,00 lien once placed on her property for non-payment of property tax, she lost a lawsuit for $16,000 that Ally Financial hit her with, she was sued and lost in 2015 on another case, and she has filed for bankruptcy at least twice.

2) Lelan Yee, a California state politician, was once the darling of the gun control crowd. However, he paid the price for not actually being an actual gun control advocate:

  • Yee was arrested by the FBI on March 26, 2014 on charges related to public corruption and, wait for it, gun trafficking.
  • Yes, gun trafficking despite being a vocal gun control advocate.
  • He was trying to buy automatic firearms and shoulder launched missiles from an Islamic terrorist organization in the Philippines.
  • Yee then tried to re-sell them but ended up selling them to an undercover FBI agent.
  • Fortunately, he was recently sentenced to prison for these hypocritical actions, running guns while being an active gun control advocate of American citizens.
  • Yee hypocritically once claimed that: “It is extremely important that individuals in the state of California do not own assault weapons. I mean that is just so crystal clear, there is no debate, no discussion.”
He could face up to eight years in prison once sentenced for his crimes, certainly a just reward for such insanity and garbage from a selfish greedy politician.

3) The politicians in Washington have had a lot of sex scandals lately, from President Trump to Senator Franken to numerous Congressmen. But apparently Washington politicians do not have the market cornered when it comes to improper sexual conduct, it apparently was also rampant in the FBI:

  • The FBI inspector general has issued a report that details widespread instances of sexual misconduct within the FBI.
  • The report and analysis specifically identified a sample of 14 incidents of sexual harassment and improper sexual relationships within the FBI.
  • These 14 incidents go back to at least 2014 when James Comey was the FBI director and Obama was President.
  • Two of those FBI people, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, were operating an extra marital affair while in the midst of investigating Trump and possible collusion with the Russians, betraying both of their spouses.
Maybe if FBI personnel were not so busy doing each other they would not have missed the obvious dangerous signs that the recent school shooter/murderer blatantly displayed in Florida, signs that were missed or ignored by FBI officials.

4) Speaking of sex, let’s review what trouble a Tennessee politician has got herself into:

  • Megan Barry is the mayor of Nashville, Tennessee.
  • She recently admitted that she had a sexual affair with the former head of her security detail.
  • While this is bad, what is worse is that they may have used taxpayer money to carry out her extramarital affair.
  • The Nashville Police Department has been investigating both of their cell phones and they may have identified nude photos that proves they intimately traveled together on government business.
  • The date and time of when the photos were taken correspond to times that the head of security was on the clock and was being paid out of his department’s taxpayer funded budget.
Another day, another political sex scandal. Makes you wonder when these people find the time to do the people’s work and not do each other.

So, sex scandals from Nashville to Washington, a gun control politician who was running guns, and a judge that does not think that she needs to actually judge to get paid. As always, you cannot make up this type of insanity. More insanity to follow.

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