Saturday, September 1, 2018

The Horrors And Destruction That Donald Trump Has IMposed On America...Just Kidding! Part 12

Before we start today’s discussion, let’s review my voting history: 
  • I have never voted for a Republican for President in my life. 
  • Thus, I did not vote for Trump. 
  • I have rarely voted for a Republican for national office in my life. 
About 18 months ago, many liberals, Democrats, and millennials were besides themselves with grief and fear because their pre-ordained queen, Hillary Clinton, was not elected President. Instead, Donald Trump was elected, an individual that these same people despised, hated, and feared, an individual they felt would endanger and possibly destroy the country and our democracy. For the past year and a half they fretted, worried and lashed out at anything or anyone that even remotely smelled of Donald Trump.

Given that Trump has been in office for over 18 months, I thought, that as someone who did not vote for him, it would be a good idea to review the horror, trauma, and terrible things that Trump has subjected the country to in just eighteen month’s time. This is obviously a very sarcastic comment when you take an unbiased look at what has happened during the Trump Presidency. The many previous posts we did on this topic identified over 160 good things that have happened to America and Americans since Trump became President can found listed in the previous post we did in this series:

To those over 160 good things that Trump has done, let’s us today add another ten positive contributions to the country:

- U.S. median household income has risen 4% since Trump took office, rising to an all time high of $62,450, compared to the measly .3% rise over the eight year Obama Presidency.

- In addition to the tariff reduction agreement that Trump got with the European Union earlier in August for non-auto industrial goods industries, a European Union top trade official said that the Union is willing to include autos in a duty free agreement.

- The 4.2% growth in the U.S. GDP in the second quarter has been revised upwards from 4.1%, the best GDP growth performance in almost four years.

- A recent Harris poll found that American blue collar workers believe their lives are heading “in the right direction,” a level probably deemed impossible during the Obama years.

- Also in the Harris poll 55% of those polled said they are better off than they were five years ago, they believe they have a bright future, and 88% believe that, “My children will have a better future than I will.”

- While Trump only attained 8% of the African-American vote in 2016, his current approval level according to a recent Rasmussen poll is 36%, almost double what it was a year ago.

- According to the Conference Board’s research, 51% of American workers are satisfied with their jobs, the highest level since 2005.

- According to the Wall Street Journal, there were 6.7 million job openings in early August, the highest level since 2001.

- Trump has frozen the pay levels of 2 million Federal non-military employees in a hopefully a first attempt to reduce out of control Federal government spending and get high Federal government employee job compensation in line with non-government compensation levels. 

- The Trump administration’s ICE entity recently identified and departed a former Nazi back to Germany.

Another ten reasons to add to the previous 160 or so reasons why the first year and a half of the Trump Presidency has not wrought disaster on the country.

For those of you that have hated on Trump since day one, and given your obvious gross error in judgment relative to Trump, let me ask that you to do us all a favor by implementing the following changes in your behavior and attitude:
  • Chill out, tamp down your TDS affliction. No matter how much you hate Trump on a sexist, personal basis, get over it. He is the legally and duly elected President, he will be around for a while so refocus your hatred on more constructive issues and matters. You will live a lot longer if you take your hatred out of your heart and soul and devote it to something positive.
  • I would really appreciate it if some of you would apologize to the Trump voters you have disrespected in some of the grossest terms possible over the past year. You have called millions of voters racists, ignorant, stupid, Nazis, KKK members, and other horrible names simply because you disagreed with their voting choice. No American should be called such disgusting names simply because they exercised their Constitutional rights to the best of their abilities. Plus, slandering over 60 million Americans is no way to unite the country and get it focused on the real issues facing us all.
  • More personally, I would like, no I am demanding, an apology from some of you for your slanderous and disgusting name calling because in doing so, you insulted and disrespected my sister, my family members, my friends, and my co-workers who simply voted their conscience. I will defend their right to vote anyway they wanted and will no put up with your childish and vicious venom and bile directed at them, very important people in my life.
  • And finally, I challenge you to read the following blog post, a post that shows quite clearly that it was hateful people like some of you and your silence during the Obama years that actually caused Trump to be elected. Thus, the people you hate for voting for Trump are actually looking back at you in the mirror:

If you were silent in the dozens of instances listed in this post then you were responsible for the very thing you hate: a Trump Presidency. Or put another way, a so far successful and productive Trump Presidency. Over 160 accomplishments in a little more than a year and a half is not too shabby despite many of you wanting both Trump and the country to fail.

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