Friday, October 31, 2014

Vote Like You Have Never Voted Before

A little diversion today from the typical political class insanity that we usually review in this blog. No Obama Care disasters, no stupid spending by Washington, no insulting political comments and slurs. Today I want to make the case that everyone who legally can, should go out and vote this Tuesday and more importantly, vote like you have never voted before.

What do I mean by that, “vote like you have never voted before?” Consider what the current set of Washington politicians has done to us:
  • They have given us a national debt of almost $18 trillion, over $50,000 for every man, woman, and child in this country, and left us with nothing to show for it.
  • They have implemented economic policies that have stuck us with meager economic growth relative to historic standards, have caused the real unemployment rate to be over ten percent for years, and have forced over 45 million Americans to rely on government food assistance to survive.
  • They have failed to resolve a major issue in decades including the lost war on drugs, failing public schools, the lack of a national energy policy and strategy, and ever rising health care costs.
  • They have failed to seal our borders resulting in elevated levels of illegal immigrants and an ever rising threat of terrorism within our borders.
  • They have implemented a so-called health care reform law, Obama Care, that has caused millions and millions of Americans to lose access to their preferred insurance plans, doctors, and hospitals, has aggravated an existing doctor shortage, has caused most peoples’ health insurance premiums and deductibles to rise dramatically, has increased hospital emergency room caseloads, has raised the threat of identify theft substantially, and has no chance of actually reducing health care costs in this country since the root causes of those high costs were never addressed by the legislation.
  • They have lorded over a bloated Federal bureaucracy that wastes money like there is no tomorrow, a bureaucracy that allows major social programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid to head unimpeded into insolvency, and accepts mediocrity and criminal behavior from Federal employees without consequences.
  • They have allowed this same Federal government to trample ordinary citizens’ Constitutional rights, including the First Amendment when the IRS and the current administration denied freedom of speech rights to conservative causes and the Fourth Amendment when various agencies of the Federal government spied on millions and millions of Americans’ communications without due process, warrants or any defendable reason.
  • And worst of all, the current set of politicians have graced us with a gridlocked government where getting themselves reelected takes a huge priority over formulating solutions, where naming post offices is about the extent of their ability to enact any kind of positive legislation.
This is what the current set of politicians, both Democrat and Republicans have done to us. So next Tuesday, vote like you have never voted before: vote for a Libertarian, vote for a Socialist, vote for a Constitutional Party representative, vote for a Green Party candidate, vote for yourself if need be. 

Given what the Democrats and Republicans have done to this country, given how ineffective they have been, how much worst could it be if a few Libertarians or Socialists actually got elected? I would rather have a passionate Libertarian and a passionate Socialist debate the issues and arrive at a consensus that might actually benefit the citizens of this country than continue with the gridlock and selfishness of the current crop of Washington politicians. How much worse could it get?

If a Libertarian or Socialist option is to radical for your taste, than how about voting against all incumbents? The old saying that if you are not part of the solution than you are part of the problem certainly applies here. Many of our current politicians have been in office for 20, 30 and even 40 years. 

If they are not to blame for the problems listed above than who is? Without term limits, voting out incumbents is the only way to get fresh, new blood into the process, a process that has atrophied horribly. Because really, how much worst could it get with new people coming to Washington? At least we could still get Post Offices named and maybe even resolve an issue or two. Wouldn’t that be refreshing. But it only happens if you vote like you have never voted before.

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