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April, 2016, Part 6, The Unfolding Disaster That Is Obama Care: Personal Horror Stories Of Obama Care

Every month for years now we have had to discuss how bad Obama Care is turning out to be under the continuing theme, “the unfolding disaster that is Obama Care.” This month is no different. As the legislation continues to march through America, driving up health care and health insurance prices as it serves as dead weight on economic growth, it cements its rightful place as the worst piece of legislation Washington has ever produced.

It never had a chance to be successful since it really never addressed the underlying root causes of our ever increasing health costs in the country:
  • Americans eat too much of the wrong kind of food, resulting in obscenely high obesity rates for the country.
  • Our food chain is infested with overdoses of high fructose corn syrup, salt, and other unhealthy additives.
  • Americans smoke too much.
  • Americans do not exercise enough.
  • The country is in serious need of health care tort reform.
  • Barriers to insurance company competition across state lines need to come down.
  • Obama Care never “followed the money” to find out who is actually profiting from the ever escalating healthcare costs in this country and how to get those factors under control.
  • Obama Care never got the immense amount of fraud and abuse in current government healthcare programs, Medicare and Medicaid, under control in order to save money to efficiently fund other government health care initiatives.
  • Obama Care never put serious research money towards curing the major diseases that drive high healthcare costs such as high frequency cancers and dementia type diseases.
You cannot resolve any problem unless you understand and address the underlying root causes. No difference here: Obama Care legislation never addressed these listed root causes and thus, has no chance of ever being successful.

But it is not just missing the root causes of our healthcare costs that makes Obama Care so horrible. It resulted in millions of Americans losing access to their favored doctors, hospitals, and insurance policies. It has caused insurance premiums, deductibles and co-pays to escalate substantially. It will likely add trillions of dollars to the national debt. It has exposed millions of Americans to higher than necessary identity theft chances. It has created government bureaucracies that are wastefully spending taxpayer wealth and being exploited by criminal elements. It has stifled economic growth and job creation.

These are just a sample of the types of idiocy that we have been reviewing for the past several years in this blog relative to Obama Care., To read those past posts, just enter the phrase, “the unfolding disaster,” in the search box above.

We have just spent more than a week of discussing and analyzing the failures of Obama Care at the global level of details. Today, we will focus only on the real life, personal hardships that Obama Care caused Americans. The source of these heartbreaking stories comes from the website:

So, if you ever come across someone who thinks that Obama Care is great and effective, ask them if these people would agree with that assessment:

CHIP - OREGON: My family and I have had great health insurance for years. We got a 3 month extension this year of our old policy. In February I have to have emergency open heart surgery. In the middle of this process we had to get new coverage since our policy was being canceled due to Obamacare. I will need other procedures and medication and more unexpected costs. Our new policy is $306 a month more and our deductible went from $5,000 to $12,500, because of Obamacare after March 31 I will have a new deductible to make of 12,500.00. I have already met the deductible on the old policy but since it was canceled I will have the new deductible to meet. We are looking at over a $20,000 to $26,000 cost in 2014 due to Obamacare! Where are all the politicians out there helping me and my family? Why do they not care the cost I have to pay? This has got to end!

DEB: NEW YORK - We were happy with our insurance company. Obama care mandatory coverage raised the premium beyond what we or our employer could afford, so we went to check out the NYS insurance exchange, Healthy New York. There were an overwhelming number of plans to choose from and not much ability to easily compare plans. Plans from insurance companies whose names we recognized were too expensive. All had high deductibles - - we had no deductible on our old plan. We finally signed up for a start up company that was recommended to us.

Aside from the high deductible, the plan seemed to be good. We were paying $400 less per month and they paid some claims promptly. But finding providers has been a real problem. The website has numerous errors in contact information. And then we needed to find a pediatric orthopedist for our son when he broke his ankle. We quickly discovered how limited their coverage was where we live on Long Island. Then I got curious and checked for hospitals and doctors out of the NYC area and I discovered something that concerns me very much. Our insurance pays NO out of network benefits and it only offers coverage in a few counties in NY state, nowhere else! So if we travel more than 80 miles from home we have no insurance!

Now, wouldn't you expect that a national health insurance would cover you anywhere in the country? Now we are stuck with a plan that holds us prisoners in the NYC area. We can't afford to leave and possibly need health care.

CYNTHIA: VERMONT - I not only have to pay a higher premium, but I can not afford the deductible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LINDA: FLORIDA - We have a group Blue Cross Blue Shield HMO plan. When I broke my ankle I found out that all the good orthopedic groups had dropped my plan, not an Obama plan! My x-ray was $50 with my insurance or $35 cash. I paid cash. The orthopedic I ended up going to only cost me $99 cash, since they did not take my insurance. My insurance costs me over $500/month and this was the first I had used it in years, but I didn't even use it! Since I work out and am not overweight I only used preventive health care I seldom access healthcare at 60. The only medication I take, hormone replacement, is $300 with insurance. What I really need is just a catastrophic plan for cancer or accidents with these costs. I am sure this plan will change and/or increase when we renew this year. We are a small company with 4 employees and we pay for everyone's healthcare even though we aren't required by law. I anticipate we may have to discontinue that policy this year or make our employees pay for their coverage.

SUSAN: WASHINGTON - I was happily going along with my jcpenney insurance when I retired from jcpenney, which was only $40 a month. I got a letter from my insurance stating it didn't follow the Obamacare guidelines (Health Care Authority) and they cancelled my policy. Now, I have to pay 4x that amount to get the catastrophic insurance (deductible of $5,000) before anything is covered, through the Health Care Authority.

JOHN: NEW HAMPSHIRE - I was probably one of the very first victims of the Affordable Care Act. I was a self employed entrepreneur who was purchasing in the state of New Hampshire a major medical insurance policy, "that I liked". And that worked for me in my budget, I paid for my own medical, eye and dental exams. Because I believe that regular doctor visits precluded serious medical injuries and am insuring myself only in the event of something serious happening with the major medical policy.

I was notified in the early stages of the ACA when all the states were being told what the insurance regulations required had to be at a specific level. Mine was not an acceptable level and was not being offered again by my insurance carrier. The new regulations required a plan that was not cost effective, though I'm sure it would have covered many things, prenatal exams, pregnancy tests, Viagra, birth control pills and even the doctor visits that I was already paying for out of my pocket because it's cheaper. Yes! Thanks to the wonders of Obamacare.

I have been without any catastrophic medical coverage for the past few years, in which I have had to pay out an $8,000.00 medical expense because of an emergency room visit while on vacation for kidney stones, which would have been covered under my original major medical coverage. Yes I'm in favor of repealing the ACA! I want to be in charge of my body, not be forced to do things that will encumber my life. "It's my body, I want the government out of it!"

SCOTT: CALIFORNIA - I'm a small business owner that covers myself and another employee. My Blue Cross Blue Shield plan went up $400 to $850 a month for 2 people. Its outrageous. I looked for a cheaper plan but the cheapest plan was only $100 cheaper and I would lose my doctor. My female employee had to pay for children’s dental insurance. She doesn't have children and she medically cannot have children.

Higher costs to customers, lost access to favorite doctors, narrow doctor networks, loss of personal freedom, the disasters continue. More disasters next month as the Obama Care death spiral  accelerates.

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