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October, 2015, Part 2, Political Class Insanity: Corrupt Secret Service Employees, Corrupt Census Employees, and More

It is the beginning of another month which means it is time again to review the latest political class insanity from the American political class. Each month it takes us multiple posts to cover the wasteful spending, incompetent government organizations and employees, government programs that usually make a problem worse than resolving it, inane and idiotic politician comments, etc.

To review past posts on this insanity and idiocy, just click on the first few posts in each month listed to the right of this page. After reviewing just a handful of these insanity post we think you will agree that we are currently being served by the worst set of American politicians ever to hold office in our entire history.

So let’s get started with the latest insanity:

1) Carol Leonning and Jerry Markon, recently writing for the Washington Post, reported that an assistant director of the Secret Service strongly urged that embarrassing information on a Congressman, who had criticized the Secret Service organization, be made public: “Some information that he might find embarrassing needs to get out,” Assistant Director Edward Lowery wrote in an email to a fellow Secret Service executive. 

Two days after that email a website reported that Congressman Jason Chaffetz, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, had applied to be a Secret Service agent in 2003 and been rejected. This rejection information was stored in a restricted Secret Service data system database and by law is required to be private.

Ironically, Lowery had been recently promoted to a position that includes the responsibility of cleaning up deficiencies in high profile Secret Service security lapses. Instead, he ended up violating Fourth Amendment and privacy rights of a Congressman. If the Federal government and its employees are ready, able, and willing to do this to a Congressman, the same people would have no hesitancy to do the same to common citizens. Kind of takes the beauty out of the Secret Service motto, “Worthy of Trust and Confidence.” 

Can you say George Orwell and his best known novel, “1984?” This is a symptom of a totalitarian state where the government controls information, using it not to enhance the personal security of Americans but to abuse it to nefarious ends. 

2) Let’s move from Secret Service abuse, corruption and insanity to the same despicable behavior over at the U.S. Census Bureau. Sarah Westwood, writing for the Washington Examiner, reported that:
  • Dozens of Census Bureau government employees were found to be billing taxpayers for work time that they never worked.
  • The abuse uncovered so far is over $1 million.
  • The 40 government employees involved in the scam were supposed to be doing background checks on door-to-door Census canvassers but were really involved in “pervasive misconduct.”
  • One employee, for example, “used his position as a personal hiring vehicle for friends and their families.”
  • That same employee was involved in a sexual relationship with a contractor he personally interviewed, hired, and supervised.
  • The inspector general identified 19,162 hours that were billed but no actually worked between 2010 and 2014, at a taxpayer cost of $1.1 million.
  • When the corrupt employees found out that a whistleblower had uncovered their scam, Census officials tried to intimate anyone else who cooperated in the investigation and an unnamed Census employee repeatedly called the whistleblower a "coward" and a "chickens---," among other names.
  • The inspector general report found that "At an office social event held for a [census employment office] employee, this employee held a knife in his hand to cut the cake and, while making a stabbing motion with his arm, said something to the effect of, 'This is for who went to the OIG!'" the inspector general said.
  • Even worse, other Census employees violated Federal law when the lied to the inspector general. 
  • The inspector general discovered the offending employees had shared their boss' password, allowing them to sign off on their own work rather than have it verified by management.
More abuse of the American taxpayer, an abuse that cost at least a million dollars and which went on for years until it was exposed.

3) We have previously discussed the disgrace called “sanctuary cities,” local towns and cities across the country, who ignore and violate Federal immigration laws by protecting illegal immigrants from being prosecuted and deported. These cities have been in the news recently as a result of illegal immigrant criminals killing innocent American citizens. These murders occurred because the local politicians ignoring of Federal immigration laws have allowed these criminals to be on our streets rather than being in jail or back in their home country.

How bad is the situation? According to recent analyses by Judicial Watch:
  • Arrests for murder in San Francisco, one of the biggest and most offending sanctuary cities in the country, have jumped up 55% between 2011 and 2015, the time frame when the city expanded its sanctuary city policies.
  • Arrest for rapes during that time frame also increased, by a whopping 370% in four short years.
  • One of those murders was the killing of Kate Steinle on San Francisco’s Pier 14 by Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez even though he had been deported five times and was a convicted seven time felon but who was illegally allowed to be in San Francisco.
  • Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton stated: “Citizens understand that when San Francisco and other sanctuary cities release illegal alien criminals onto the streets, crime is going to increase. These new crime statistics suggest that there are more murders and an epidemic of rape linked to San Francisco’s releasing illegal alien criminals in violation of law.”
So, is anyone surprised that when you leave any kind of criminals on the street that crime goes up? It is pretty simple. Unfortunately, when politicians decide that they can choose to ignore rational laws designed to protect the lives of Americans it is also pretty simple: more Americans die and more are raped. Does anyone still think we are not being served by the worst set of politicians ever, given that they are too thick to understand this basic, simple premise?

So what insanity did we learn of today? 
  1. Government employees have no problem using private information to embarrass a Congressman and probably anyone else they decide to.
  2. Many Census employees have no problem embezzling from the American taxpayer.
  3. When politicians ignore existing law and allow criminals to walk the streets of America, more Americans die.
The insanity never stops or the creative ways that the politicians screw up our lives. More insanity tomorrow.

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