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November, 2017, Part 7, Political Class INsanity: California Imploding, Murder on the EPA Express, and More Obama Chicago Political Tactics.

It is the beginning of another month which means it is again time to review the latest political class insanity from Washington and around the world. Political class insanity takes many forms including the wasting of taxpayer wealth, criminal fraud within government programs, inane and stupid political quotes and actions, the inability to create and implement effective and efficient government programs, stupid and ill performing economic policies and strategies, and other forms of insanity that continue to evolve and surprise and shock us.

1) Regardless of whether or not your preferred candidates won an election, the truth is that elections determine who gets to run the country. It has been like that since the beginning. If your candidate lost, well, too bad. Maybe for the next election you should take a more active role in helping the candidate you support get elected to further the positions you hold.

But apparently that is not the case in today’s society where losing an election prompts people to threaten murder to stop the people who elected their candidates from exercising their rights and positions via the ballot box. According to a recent Washington Free Beacon report, EPA head Scott Pruitt is receiving an unheard amount of death threats since taking over his current position within the Trump administration. 

These threats, from Americans who are obviously unhappy about the 2016 Presidential election, have resulted in the Pruitt having to have a 24 hour security detail assigned to protect him. The Wall Street Journal has reported that there have been more than “70 credible threats against EPA staffers, with a disproportionate number menacing Administrator Scott Pruitt and his family,” since Trump took office. Reform in Washington is always difficult, but at the Environmental Protection Agency it’s also dangerous. The EPA responded by beefing up his security detail, but Mr. Pruitt’s political opponents are now trying to hold these warranted precautions against him.” These threats have been verified by the EPA inspector general and has resulted in the American taxpayer forking over $2 million a year for the security protection Pruitt needs. 

Great, childish people are disappointed by the election results and it results in the American taxpayer being hit with a multi million bill. Credible threats from liberal opponents have resulted in the EPA’s inspector general’s office recommending 24/7 security detail for Pruitt, which is costing taxpayers $2 million per year.

A seriously insane and sad commentary on the manners, maturity, and thought processes in this country today. Do not get what you want, threaten murder. Crazy.

2) We have often talked about how lowly voters and citizens rank the favorability of our current set of politicians. We generally view them as inept, out of touch, greedy, and intrusive into our lives and our freedoms. Unfortunately, they have generally rigged the election processes and manage to usually keep themselves in office despite the fact that we despise their performances while in office.

Some people in California having gotten so fed up with the current set of politicians running the state government in California, a position that we have proven to be very valid over the years based on the out of touch incompetence of those same politicians, that a group of citizens is working on freeing themselves from those politicians:
  • An effort is underway to break California up into three different states.
  • One of the new states woulds comprise most of northern California including Sacramento and San Francisco, a second state would be along the central coast and include Los Angeles, and a third state would have the southern coast along with San Diego and the eastern part of the state.
  • This effort recently passed a court test that resulted in a ruling that would allow them to begin gathering signatures that they hope will get the proposed three state plan on the ballot in the state.
  • The plan organizers need to get over 300,000 valid signatures by April 23, 2018 in order to get the proposal on the ballot in the fall of 2018.
  • If that ballot measure passes, the proposal would be brought before Congress.
  • The reason given is that the state has become so large and so diverse that it is currently unmanageable and that going to a three state solution would provide more local say and control to for citizens.
  • Not surprising, some oppose such a division, including political analyst Steven Maviglio: “Creating three new governments, three new legislatures, three new governors and then having to disrupt what we have as a state all our prison systems, our higher education systems, I think diversity is what makes California great and this would actually ruin it.” 
What Mr. Maviglio does not realize is that many people might actually be willing to go through the trouble that he lays out, that life under a faraway state government is not working for them. The high state tax burden has not enabled the central state government to provide good schools, safe infrastructure, etc. and that maybe there is a better way to gain control of their lives, their fates and their freedom. Time will tell but given the state of the country and our disdain for incumbent political class, I would not bet against the three state solution being proposed. Take a look at Spain and the Catalonia situation, people just want to be free, be it a small California town or Barcelona.

3) It has always been our opinion that the Obama administration was one of the most inept, corrupt, and lawless administration of all time. Obama took the traditional low life, dirty set of Chicago political game plans and brought it to Washington. We have already documented the many instances of unlawful and unConstitutional actions that were taken while he was President:

And recently, Bryan Saavedra, writing for the Daily Wire website, documented another low life Chicago-type political action that his administration undertook:
  • An FBI confidential informant’s lawyer claims her client had information on how “Russian nuclear officials engaged in bribery, kickbacks, money laundering, and extortion in their attempts to corner the U.S. uranium market” and how “under the Obama administration revealed the threats her client received from the Obama administration if he didn’t keep quiet during the 2016 presidential election."
  • The client had started a lawsuit to get the information on Russia activities made public but was forced to drop the suit when lawyers form Loretta Lynch’s Justice Department pressured him.
  • Specifically, the client was told “that if he didn’t dismiss the case his reputation and liberty were in jeopardy.”
  • The HIll has reported that the lawyer for the whistleblower has documentation which prove that the Obama administration desperately wanted to shut up her client since the civil suit would have likely taken place during the 2016 election cycle and would likely have a large impact on the election: “Toensing [their lawyer] said she also possesses memos that recount how the Justice Department last year threatened her client when he attempted to file a lawsuit that could have drawn attention to the Russian corruption during the 2016 presidential race as well as helped him recover some of the money Russians stole from him through kickbacks during the FBI probe.”
  • The pressure from the Obama camp forced her client to eventually sign a nondisclosure document to shut him up, a document that has snow been voided by the Trump Department of Justice to enable the informant to testify before Congress.
  • He had to remain silent since the Obama people threatened his freedom and the threat of bringing a criminal lawsuit against him.
So sad when the government threatens citizens with jail and safety for trying to tell the truth and expose corruption at the highest levels of government.But in Obama’s case, it is the Chicago way, integrity and the Constitution be damned.
That will do it for today’s insanity: murder threats now okay if your candidate loses an election, possible secession in California and more Obama Chicago thug politics. More insanity to follow.

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