Wednesday, April 29, 2015

You Cannot Spell Abandonment Without O-B-A-M-A

I came across the word “abandonment” recently it struck me that you cannot spell abandonment with O-B-A-M-A. Which got me to thinking: I have always felt that this President was purely a political animal, bending and reacting only to the political winds, opportunities, and priorities that best serve his personal and political needs, abandoning any American or American institution that would interfere with those needs and desires. 

So today’s post examines the concept of abandonment as it applies to this Presidential administration. And unfortunately, the examples are plentiful. Which is distressing to me. I had always felt that the President, regardless of what party he came from, should represent all Americans. He does not represent a particular state or Congressional district, he should be the overarching leader of every state, every district, every race, every religion, etc. 

He should be where America comes together. He should be where concern for the general welfare or the welfare of an individual is color blind, religion blind, and income blind. It is a big, difficult job. But no one who became President was ever forced to be in that position. They chose that career track so they are responsible when they fail to be that beacon of fairness, compassion, and integrity.

And this administration has certainly failed many times to be that integrating beacon. Public opinion polls show that Americans are generally not happy about the direction of the country or the politicians that are responsible for that direction. There are not only specific examples of abandonment, that we will discuss below, but also a general feeling that people are being left behind and on their own.

Probably the most visible example of abandonment is the terrorist attack at Benghazi. About two dozen Americans were left to fend for themselves halfway around the world in the midst of a terror attack on the U.S. consulate at Benghazi and the follow up attack and violence at a nearby CIA annex. It is an attack that resulted in the death of four brave Americans including a U.S. ambassador. 

If some news reports are correct, the President left the ready room and those responding to the attack and turned in for the night. It is not disputed that the following morning, when the lives of those two dozen Americans were still hanging in the balance, the President left Washington and the abandoned the crisis to attend a fundraiser in Las Vegas.

When American civilian James Foley was violently beheaded by ISIS terrorists, the President held a perfunctory and short press conference and then abandoned the country and the Foley family in order to not miss a golf tee time that was previously scheduled.

When an Army deserter was returned to the U.S., Bowe Bergdahl, the President invited the deserter’s parents to the White House for a press photo op, again to serve his personal and political needs. However, he has continued to abandon the needs of those brave soldiers, and their families, who were killed, maimed, and wounded looking for the deserter in Afghanistan. 

While the President went to great extremes to recover deserter Bergdahl from terrorists, releasing five high level and dangerous terrorists being at at Guantanamo, his administration abandoned thousands of Americans behind in Yemen, telling those Americans to fend for themselves and allowing other countries, specifically India and Russia, to rescue those stranded and abandoned Americans.

The President sent three White House representatives to attend the funeral of Michael Brown, halfway across the country, who was killed while fighting and wrestling with a police officer in Missouri but abandoned the funeral of Major General Harold J. Greene, who was killed in action while serving his country in Afghanistan, by sending no representatives to his funeral in Washington.

The President made personal comments about the whole Trayvon Martin incident but has abandoned the sorrow and needs of the victims of thousands of other black on black crimes, black on white crimes, and white on white crime.

While the President appropriately attended the funeral of Nelson Mandela in South Africa, he abandoned the concept of sending anyone of importance to the funerals of Margaret Thatcher in Britain and Lech Kaczynski in Poland, long standing allies of the U.S.

While the President has been a big advocate of Islam and Muslims in this country and around the world, he has often abandoned and ignored the plight of Christians who are being violently hunted down and killed around the world, often denying the reality that they were killed for simply not bending to Islamic terrorists.

The President has been busy trying to become allies with Iran, despite that country’s imprisonment of three American civilians, the spreading of Iranian terrorism around the world, the Iranian desire to destroy Israel, and their intent to get their hands on nuclear weaponry while abandoning our long term ally in the region and the only true democracy in the region, Israel.

While the President continues to plan on giving welfare benefits and tax breaks to illegal aliens, he has continued to abandon the unmet medical needs of our veterans despite his frequent claims that he supports them.

While the President continues to party, fund raise, and play golf with the wealthiest in the country at the wealthiest of country clubs, his policies continue to abandon the middle class whose household incomes have fallen and stagnated since the end of the recession.

And perhaps worst of all, his executive orders and illegal unilateral executive action have abandoned all adherence to the Constitution and rule of law when it suits his political needs.

Yes, you cannot spell abandonment without O-B-A-M-A and that is what is legacy is shaping up to be: the abandonment of Americans, American principles, and integrity to suit his short term political needs and his long term ego.

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