Monday, April 27, 2015

"Meet the New Boss, Same As The Old Boss"... or The Failed Foreign Affairs and MIlitary Strategy Of The Obama Adminstration

Back in 2013, President Obama made the following quote and claim: “A decade of war is now over.” Which is good since given the following warlike actions the U.S. is involved in, I would hate to see what it would be like if the “decade of war” was NOT over:
  • The Obama administration recently sent 300 troops into the Ukraine to train Ukrainian troops.
  • The Obama administration is debating whether to give the Ukrainians actual weapons as opposed to only the non-lethal aid it has been providing.
  • The Obama administration recently sent 3,000 troops back into Iraq to support the fight against the ISIS forces.
  • The Obama administration is flying air attacks against ISIS forces throughout the Middle East.
  • The Obama administration sent many, many tanks and jet planes to Egypt when the Muslim Brotherhood was in charge.
  • The Obama administration spent well over a billion dollars in inserting U.S.military resources into the Libyan civil war.
  • The Obama administration is still launching drone attacks into Pakistan to combat the Taliban with a recent attack killing two civilian hostages including an American.
  • The Obama administration is still launching drone attacks into Yemen to fight any number of different enemies after having abandoned the country and leaving about half a billion dollars worth of military equipment behind for those enemies to put to their own use.
  • The Obama administration has a fleet of warships assembled in the Middle East to prevent Iran from shipping weapons to its allies in Yemen with a potential armed and physical confrontation narrowly avoided in the past week when an Iranian convoy of ships headed for Yemen turned back.
  • The Obama administration has doubled the number of U.S. troops it is keeping in Afghanistan this year, to 10,000 troops, and is now allowing the Pentagon to directly support Afghanistan forces in battles against the Taliban, a significant change in strategy from previously saying that U.S. military forces would only conduct counter terrorism operations, whatever that is. 
  • The Obama administration still has tens of thousands of troops stationed in Japan.
  • The Obama administration still has tens of thousands of troops stationed in South Korea.
  • The Obama administration tens still has tens of thousands of troops stationed around the world in dozens of countries.
Obviously, we were being sarcastic. Like most of Obama’s other campaign and Presidential promises (e.g. most transparent administration ever, will reduce the annual Federal spending deficit in half, if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor under Obama Care, etc.), the “decade of war is over” is either an outright lie or incompetence on the administration. You cannot claim the decade of war is over when you are involved in at least a dozen different war situations around the world.

The Obama administration thus has degenerated into nothing more than an old Who song, “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” Despite his promises, we are still sticking our noses, and our military, into other countries’ affairs at great expense to the American taxpayer, just like just about every other President has done. Step 30 and its military strategy from “Love My Country, Loathe My Government” would have prevented us from getting involved in these dozen war zones and others: "Bring back all nonessential deployed military personnel to the United States.This will save money and help our reputation as a freedom loving, non-imperialistic nation.”

But now we have no strategy, no exit plan, this administration has got us so entangled into so many war situations that it is difficult now to tell who our allies are and who are friends are. We are heading off Iranian arms shipments to Yemen with our Navy but allowing Iran to help in the fight against ISIS. We are working with the Saudis in the Yemen mess but the Saudis do have sympathies and relationships with ISIS since both are Sunni based religious entities. We said we were limiting our military exposure in Afghanistan but then turned right around and expanded it. The list of conflicts and confusion goes on and on which is not unexpected when you do not have a strategy and seem incapable of formulating a coherent one.

But it should come as no surprise. This administration, and those that came before it, are generally operated by people that have no strategic planning ability or smarts:

  • Obama Care is an ill conceived and expensive insurance plan failure when it should have been a strategic, well coordinated public health campaign.
  • Giving tens of billions of dollars to failing and bankrupt alternative energy companies is not an energy strategy, it is crony capitalism. 
  • Trying to have single, centrally controlled education curriculum that serves millions of kids like Common Core is not a strategic answer to our failing public schools it but rather just another bloated Washington bureaucracy.

That is why term limits is so important. The current set of Washington politicians have failed miserably at everything they try to do, with the dozen failures of Obama’s foreign policy listed above just the latest example. That is why we urge all of our readers to go to our term limit website to learn why term limits are so very important and critical to our future:

We leave today with two depressing quotes that naturally arise as the failures of this administration mount:

- In May, 2013, President Obama stated these words at the National Defense University: “America is at a crossroads. We must define the nature and scope of this struggle, or else it will define us.” Given the foreign affairs and military mess and conflicts stated above, it is obvious that his administration has not defined the nature and scope of the problem since there is no apparent and effective strategy in place to define our place in the world. 

- Which leads us to the recent insights from historian Robert Kagan: “We’re sort of seeing the world order cracking around the edges. The only thing Obama can hope is that it doesn’t completely collapse while he’s still President.”

My, the “hope and change” theme has fallen far from its lofty perch in 2008. The only thing left for this hope and change President now is to hope current foreign affair and military crisis situation does not change for the worst until he gets out from under the mess he has created after his second term ends.

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