Sunday, May 31, 2015

Washington D.C.: The Land Of Do As I Say, Not As I Do

It has always been a nagging question for me that why do the politicians that make laws and the associated penalties in this country often never have to abide by the very laws they make:
  • For example, annual Federal budgets are supposed to be turned in on time but under the Obama administration that deadline has been missed all but one year but no one ever paid the criminal price for missing that deadline. 
  • The President is not supposed to be able to start wars without Congressional approval but our military intervention into the Libyan civil war went unpenalized by anyone in the administration. 
  • Washington politicians made a grand showing when they passed a law to ban insider trading on stock picks by Washington types and then snuck in a counter law to make it almost impossible to be caught doing insider trading by Washington types. Overall, though, they still made it illegal for you and I do do insider trading.
  • The Washington politicians passed OBamaCare legislation that required them and their staffs to be bound by the law and then successfully appealed to Obama to get them illegally exempted by the law they passed.
Other examples abound of “do as I say but not as I do” but you get the idea. This theme popped up after reading a recent article in Reason magazine. In light of the scandal of Hillary Clinton illegally and unethically using a private email process while Secretary Of State, so far without criminal penalties, the article pointed out that she was not the only member of the farcical “most transparent administration ever” to have broken the law...without paying the criminal price:
  • On March 17, 2015, the administration quietly deleted the part of the Federal register requiring the White House Office of Administration to be subjected to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.
  • This past March 18, 2015, the Associated Press reported that the Obama administration had established a new record for having the most FOIA requests denied, with one third of those denials being overturned when appealed.
  • Prior to the Obama administration, over half of all speedy processing requests for FOIA claims were granted but by last year only one in eight speedy claims were granted.
  • Back in early 2013 EPA head Lisa Jackson resigned after it was discovered she was using a secret, illegal webmail address named “Richard Windsor.”
  • Afterwards it was discovered that Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Attorney General Eric Holder also used illegal email addresses to hide their actions and communications.
  • Adding insult to injury, the Justice Department, the organization led by Holder, had the audacity to claim that these secret hidden email accounts did not “in any way impact compliance with FOIA requests.” Yeah, right, then why did Holder and others think it was a good idea to have those hidden accounts? I hate it when Washington types think we are that stupid.
  • Given that Holder fought hard to keep his official communications secret in the botched and deadly Fast and Furious program, one can only imagine the scandals lurking in the emails he tried to keep hidden and secret.
  • After five years of trying, The Associated Press finally got FOIA access after it filed a lawsuit against Hillary Clinton’s State Department for Clinton’s emails.
  • Let’s not forget the fact that tens of thousands of IRS email messages were “lost” after it was discovered that the IRS and possibly the Obama administration used the IRS to hassle political opponents and deny them their First Amendment rights.
  • Staying with the First Amendment abuse theme, the administration hassled and spied on journalists including, but not limited to: twenty Associated Press writers and editors, Fox News national security reporter James Rosen, and the prosecution of more whistle blowers than all previous Presidential administrations combined.
  • This First Amendment abuse led New York Times reporter James Risen to declare that the Obama Presidency is “the greatest enemy of press freedom in a generation.”
Let’s be honest. If we did not file our taxes on time like the Washington politicians failed to file a budget on time, we would be prosecuted and fined and/or in jail. 

If we lied to the IRS about personal documents or hid evidence from law enforcement like Washington types hid their emails from legal and justifiable requests, we would be in jail. 

If we abused others First Amendment rights by denying them freedom of speech or aggressively went after people that told on us like the Obama officials went after whistle blowers, we would be in jail.

We would be in jail but those in Washington that write the laws that would put us in jail somehow always avoid jail or any kind of penalty for breaking the law and violating the Constitution. Which, is often the case, we end up again confronting the need for term limits for all Washington politicians. 

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