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Part 5, Bonus Post: Illegal Immigrants Killing American Citizens is NOT A "Little Thing"....Despite What A Congressman Thinks

A little while ago we discussed the terrible tragedy where a young American citizen, Kate Steinle, was gunned down by an illegal immigration who had seven felony convictions and who had been deported five times. If that was not enough heartache for Ms. Steinle’s family and friends, an Illinois Congressman, Luis Gutierrez, described her cold blooded killing as a “little thing” that got in the way of his political aims for illegal immigrants. As we observed at that time, this is just a cold hearted, despicable thing to say especially when Ms. Steinle’s parents. family members, and boy friend were in mourning for this senseless death.

But this is how far the country has fallen away from respecting those with different opinions and the rule of law. The Congressman views her death as a little thing in the context of his political aims and ambitions. Cities and the politicians across the country who operate them have decided that the rights of illegal immigrants are more important than observing current Federal law and the lives of American citizens. 

Thus, I thought it worthwhile to take some discussion time to identify and honor those American citizens that have suffered and died as a result of politicians who think that the the status of illegal immigrants is more important than the lives of American citizens. I am not saying that all illegal immigrants are violent or criminals, the majority are likely not. 

But it is important to understand that because the Washington political class has not sealed the border, that Washington politicians have not enforced standing immigration law in so-called “sanctuary cities,” and that local politicians give haven and refuge to illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities, many of whom are criminal elements, Americans are dying. And the mainstream media for the most part of ignored or downplayed these deaths to facilitate the work of people like Congressman Gutierez who thinks that a single, unnecessary American citizen death at the hands of illegal immigrant who never should have been on an American street is a “little thing.”

Note: we thought we would finish this theme a few days ago after four posts but we have come across another set of murders, rapes and other violence as a result of illegal immigrants today or two to complete the discussion.

1) Last week we discussed the Congressional hearings that were recently held and the stories of three American families who had lost loved ones to acts of violence committed by illegal immigrants. As if losing a loved one was not enough agony for these families, the reality is that most of the crimes that we have discussed over the past week were perpetrated by illegal immigrants who had extensive criminal records, had been arrested and convicted of past crimes, and still were allowed to illegally walk the streets of this country, eventually resulting in the unnecessary deaths of American citizens.

Luis Gutierrez is a Congressman from Illinois who is a big advocate for illegal immigrants. He had the nerve and coldheartedness to publicly state that the death of a young American citizen, Kate Steinle, by an illegal immigrant who was a seven time felon and five time deportee was a “little thing.” Despicable that he would put his political agenda ahead of the loss of life of a young American woman. 

During the Congressional hearing referenced above, he spoke in very antagonistic terms against those that dared to disagree with his coldness and lack of sympathy for Ms. Steinle’s unnecessary death. The reaction of one of the mothers at that hearing, who had lost a son to an act by an illegal immigrant, Brandon Mendoza, is repeated below:

“As I sat in the hearing room and heard testimony by Jim Steinle and listened to testimony from Jessica Vaughn, it not only broke my heart but also brought back some very familiar, gut-wrenching reactions to additional preventable deaths in America at the hands of criminal illegals allowed to stay in this country as my son’s killer was.

As each of the panel's members began speaking, they vocalized their sincere condolences to Jim Steinle and proceeded to go over their thoughts and their support of stopping the federal funding to Sanctuary Cities as one way to prevent some of the tragic deaths that happen as illegal criminals are released back onto our streets with the high percentage of committing another crime.

When Luis Gutierrez was given the floor to speak, it was apparent by his demeanor that he was not happy. Just the tone of his voice made my skin crawl. As he started ranting and raving about previous statements he had made and then took great effort to spit Jessica Vaughn’s name out of his mouth, all the while raising his voice to a hate-filled scream, I, along with Sabine Darden, Laura Wilkerson and Maria Espinoza, left the hearing room. Not only was I disgusted with his behavior and lack of empathy for the real reason this hearing was taking place, but I was shocked at his demeanor and screaming voice. Sabine, Laura and myself have all lost a child at the hands of an illegal criminal and to see this so called Representative of the people of Illinois speak with such hate and disregard for the victims families in the room was unacceptable. I can’t imagine what Jim Steinle was thinking. Video doesn’t lie Mr. Gutierrez. If he was embarrassed for being quoted while dismissing Kate Steinle’s death as a ‘little thing,’ then shame on him. This hearing was not the time or place to dig himself out of the hole his mouth put him in.

I am asking, as an American citizen who has lost my son Sgt. Brandon Mendoza at the hands of an illegal criminal, that Luis Gutierrez be stopped from being allowed to use precious hearing time as a way to air his displeasure and obvious hate for a witness at hearings he is unfortunately a part of. Especially when that witness is merely repeating words that have come out of his mouth.

This was my first trip to Washington, D.C. and the time spent in the hearing listening to Mr. Gutierrez has left me with a very bad taste in my mouth. I wonder if the people of Illinois who elected him to represent them really know what a rude, uncaring, egotistical jerk they have erroneously elected to be in Washington, D.C.”

Could not have said it better myself. In the area of illegal immigration, as in other areas affecting Americans' lives and families, the Washington political class could not care less about the country or those that live there and support the Federal government. They are mostly concerned only about their own enrichment and perpetual stay in elected office, constituents and their families be damned. To them, we are all just a “little thing” in their ego trip.

More details on the Congressional hearings can be found at:

2) Let’s look at some official government reports on illegal immigration to see how bad the numbers and reality really are:
  • Government Accountability Office report, GAO-050646R, was released on May 9, 2015.
  • That report analyzed crimes committed by 55,322 illegal immigrants who entered the country illegally and were in some type of jail or prison at all levels of government during fiscal year 2003.
  • These illegal immigrants were arrested a total of 459,614 times, averaging about eight arrests per illegal immigrant.
  • 97% of them had more than one arrest, while 26% had over 11 arrests.
  • These 55,000 or so criminals had perpetrated almost 700,000 crimes, an average of 13 crimes per illegal immigrant.
  • 10% of these criminals were arrested for committing 26 or more crimes.
  • 12% of their crimes were for violent crimes such as murder, robbery, assault and sex-related crimes, 15% were for burglary, larceny, theft and property damage, 24% were for drug offenses, and the rest were for DUI, fraud, forgery, counterfeiting, weapons, immigration and obstruction of justice.
  • A whopping 80% of the arrests occurred in just three states: California, Texas, and Arizona.
  • Keep in mind that these staggering crime totals were just for the illegal immigrants that were in jail or prison at the time of the study, it does NOT include illegal immigrant criminals that were still walking the streets.
These crimes were totalled up over twelve years ago. I would bet money that twelve years later, there are more illegal immigrant criminals in the country and that these 2003 numbers, staggering as they are, are probably less than the number of crimes being committed today by illegal immigrant criminals. 

I make that claim since according to House Judiciary Committee reports, in 2013 the Obama administration released over 36,000 convicted illegal immigrants criminals onto the streets of America and in 2014 released another 30,558. The Committee also made these observations and conclusions:
  • The crimes that these 66,000 plus people were involved in included “dangerous drugs, assault and domestic violence, stolen vehicles, robbery, sex offenses, sexual assault, kidnaping, voluntary manslaughter, and even homicide.” 
  • More than 25% of these released illegal immigrants criminals were classified as “level 1s” which is the worst of the worst of criminal elements, according to the administration. And in 2013 alone, the Obama administration didn’t even bring removal proceedings against an additional 68,000 criminal illegal immigrants who had been convicted of everything from homicide to sexual assault.
  • Thus, in just two years, the Obama administration allowed more than 130,000 violent criminals to continue to be here on our streets illegally, more than double what the GAO quantified back in 2005. 
Does Congressman Gutierrez think that these heinous and violent crimes committed by these illegal immigrant criminals are “little things?” 

Americans who want a secure border and rational and sane immigration rules and laws are not racists. We think that any unnecessary deaths, in this discussion unnecessary citizen deaths by criminal and violent illegal immigrants, are horrible and not a little thing. We think these unnecessary murders and violence are an absolute disgrace relative to Federal government incompetence and local government’s sanctuary cities and tolerance of criminal illegal immigrants.

To attack and slander Americans who blame the current system for letting multiple felon illegal immigrants to walk our streets is the height of absurdity. Just another example of where logic an adult conversations is choked off by politicians that have their own agendas and personal careers placed ahead of what is right for the welfare and safety of the rest of us.

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