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Why Today's Democratic Politicians Suck - Part 2

Before my liberal and Democratic friends and readers go crazy about the title of this post, take a breath and read the following realities:
  • I am over 60 years old and have never voted for a Republican for President in my life.
  • Up until 2010, I had never voted for a Republican for national office in my life.
  • I wrote and published my book, "Love My Country, Loathe My Government," based on my disgust and frustrations with the Bush administration.
  • Thus, I am not a diehard, or even lukewarm, Republican, conservative, or neocon.
I also have great respect for the accomplishments of previous Democratic Presidents and politicians:
  • Democrat FDR led the country through the worse economic downturn in our history in addition to leading the country through the second World War and eventual victory over the Nazis and Japanese.
  • Democrat Harry Truman finished up the work of FDR by successfully bringing the war to a close and leading the country into a prosperous post war economy.
  • Democrat John Kennedy energized the country with his youth, vision, and energy and prevented the next world war by leading the country through the Cuban missile crisis. Democrat Lyndon Baines Johnson guided the country into a new age of racial equality by leading the country with the passage of the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts.
The commonality of these Democrats is that they all had leadership skills that applied to ALL Americans and just not their voting blocs or political supporters and financiers. There are none of that leadership traits or skills with today's Democrats, a hypothesis we intend to prove over the next two days. 

Today, we will re-present the dozens of examples of Democrats dividing the country vs. leading and uniting the country that we have discussed in previous blogs. These examples are not pretty. Democratic politicians today call their political opponents or anyone who dares to disagree with their views a whole host of childish and obscene names and then wonder why those people have hard feelings against them. 

This is not leadership, this is rank immaturity on the part of the Washington political class, especially Democrats, that has never been experienced in this country before. It divides the country, decimates freedoms, and reduces the quality of life of every American.

And the most immature, leadership deficient politician today is President Obama. As we go through the obscenities and insults that people in his party and his supporters have said to slander and demean other Americans, keep in mind that at no time did this President speak up and object to the vilification of these Americans. By remaining silent, he condoned and encouraged the verbal attacks, attacks that divide the country to no one's benefit.

So decide for yourself. Do the following Democratic quotes, and the dozens of quotes we reviewed yesterday, foster understanding, joint resolution of problems, and the celebration of diversity within our society or are they blatant attempts to slander and demean political opponents in the most crass and despicable manner:

-  "We don't have time for a meeting of the flat-Earth society. Sticking your head in the sand might make you feel safer, but it's not going to protect you from the coming storm...The planet is warming. Human activity is contributing to it." Obama said. So, if you do not believe what he believes, you are a fool, much like those ignorant types long ago who thought the earth was flat. 

But the earth has not been warming, has not gotten any warmer for over 18 years. The Arctic Ice Cap is growing because of global warming, not shrinking as global warming advocate would tell you. Some of the coldest winters in the country have occurred in the past few years. The number of extreme weather events, hurricanes, and wildfires are less than average, contrary to what global alarmists might say. We have documented hundreds of examples of realities, statistics, and research that debunk man made global warming theories. To review them, just enter “global warming doubter” in the search box above.

But rather than engage for a serious discussion on ALL aspect of climate science, this Democratic President would rather demean and name call the millions of Americans who have looked at ALL of the science and have seen that there is probably more science and reality to debunk global warming theory than there is to prove it.

Calling people ignorant is no way to bring them around to your way of thinking.

- Republican Candidate for President, Scott Walker, is “tightening the noose, literally, around African Americans” necks, according to Congresswoman Gwen Moore, invoking the image of lynching. 

Why does she have this opinion? Apparently, Walker is opposed to raising the minimum wage, an action that would suppress job creation for the very constituents that Ms. Noore represents, he thinks that voters should actually be required to present an id to vote, and that welfare recipients should be drug tested, much like most taxpayers who pay for the welfare checks of welfare recipients. And for these common sense positions, this Democratic Congresswoman likens him to the Klan lynchings of long ago. Yes, this will certainly foster understanding, calling someone a lynch mob leader.

- Those that oppose Obama;s nuclear deal with Iran are, in his words, “the crazies.” This is how he described the opponents to his negotiated treaty with Iran in a Democratic fund raising event in Nevada recently. As always, even if you have a cogent argument against his position on an issue, you must be a “crazy.” 

Which means that since the majority of Americans that have an opinion on the deal oppose it, the majority of Americans must be crazy. 

Which means that leading Democratic New York Senator Chuck Schumer who opposes the deal must be crazy. 

Which means that Democratic Congressman Eliot Engel, ranking Democrat on the House Foreign Relations Committee who opposes the deal must be a crazy. 

Which means that a recent letter signed by almost 200 former and current military leaders proves they are crazy.

Which means that 900 rabbis which recently announced their opposition to the deal must be crazy. 

Which means the Saudis which have threatened to go nuclear if the deal is approved must be crazy.

At some point you wonder if Obama will ever look around and notice that the majority of the Congress, the majority of the American people, the majority of world are not the crazy ones when comes to this deal, that maybe he and Kerry are the crazy ones for thinking this is actually a good deal. Probably not since it would require him to apologize for slandering those with a different opinion and admitting he is wrong.

- “2010 was just so different, with Obama just having come in and a lot of the tea party people just kind of coming out of the woodwork —coming out of the trailer parks, essentially. There was a different mix of people at the polls.” JIm Carney, Democratic party chairman for Pierce County, Wisconsin, trying to explain why his candidate for the U.S. Senate in Wisconsin, Democrat Russ Feingold, was not elected in 2010. 

That’s right, it is that white trash trailer park crowd that defeated ny candidate. Imagine how crazy Democrats would have been if a Republican county chairman had said that obama had been elected because “a lot of the black people just kind of coming out of the woodwork - coming out of the ghetto slums.” There would have been an uproar from Democrats across the country. But it is okay to associate your opponents with trailer parks and infer they are white trash if you are a Democrat. Pathetic.

- “Every time a little thing like this happens, they use the most extreme example to say it must be eliminated.” Congressman Luis Gutierrez on the mnurder of American Kate Steinle in San Francisco by an illegal immigrant who had seven felony convictions and and who had beendeported five times. 

Yes, an innocent American woman is gunned down because Democrats and others in Washington like Gutierrez do not enforce the existing immigrastion laws and it is just "a little thing" that "they" use for their own polticial agenda. I would bet that Ms. Steinle's friends and family members do not view her death and murder as a "little thing." But to Democrat Gutierrez it is just a speed bump along the road to his political ambitions. Despicable.

There you have it, the latest hateful, despicable and slanderous quotes from Democrats directed towards others in America who dare to have a different opinion. If you do not agree with this President and his Democratic party cohorts, you are ignorant, crazy, lynch mob loving, trailer park trash or just a little thing. And all along, this President has either remained silent as the name calling and mudslinging from his own party has grown unabated or he has joined into the fray.

As we stated yesterday, we are not saying that Obama should have responded to all of these degradations that we went through yesterday and today. However, it would be nice if once in a while he would publicly reprimand a liberal or fellow Democrat for calling other Americans a**h***s, Neanderthals, terrorists, racists, Nazis, etc.

Also, he certainly cannot claim he is working hard for all of the women in the country when he allows half of them, those with a differing political view, to be called sluts, whores, worthy of hate rapes, and other terms too graphic too repeat here.

And it would also be nice if he did not participate in the mudslinging and showed a little leadership. Calling American citizens and political opponents ignorant flat earth believer-types and crazy is NOT Presidential.

He should be a leader, he should be setting the tone of civil political dialog, not remaining silent. He is not a leader or a defender of women's rights when he does not represent the good name and integrity of women who are not Democrats. I cannot remember any time in my life when politicians had such a low regard for law abiding American citizens of a different political stripe, a time when citizens have been so degraded by those in government and their political supporters.

You cannot expect to have a united nation, one that attacks the current set of problems facing Americans, when one side of the political spectrum is mudslinging and cursing out the other side of the political spectrum. And when the mudslinging is led by and committed by those elected to public office, then is there any wonder why not a single major, or minor issue, has been resolved in the past decade or so? 

Democrats are no longer the leadership, trailblazing party of FDR, Truman, Kennedy, or LBJ. They are the party of haters, childish name calling and temper tantrums when they do not get their way, with their words and actions leaving the country divided and bitter.

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