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Politicians Say The Darndest Things...Unfortunately - Inane Quotes and Thoughts From Today's Political Class, Democratic National Convention Special Edition

On a semi-regular basis we run a post or two under the theme, “Politicians Say The Darndest Things.” It is a theme stolen from an old television show, House Party, that was hosted by Art Linkletter and which contained a segment called “Kids Say The Darndest Things.” That show was cute and funny, our version of politicians saying the stupidest and most inane things would also be funny if they were not in charge of the government in this country. Instead, we should be very scared that these are the people in charge.

Previous memorable quotes from politicians we have covered include the following topics:
  • A Georgia Congressman wondered out loud in the middle of a Congressional committee hearing if the island of Guam might actually tip over.
  • A Texas Congresswoman wanted to know if a MARS Rover mission would be driving by the place where Neil Armstrong landed on the MOON.
  • The Speaker of the House Of Representatives said that we had to pass the Obama Care legislation in order to see what is in it. Yes, why bother reading a proposed law BEFORE you vote on it.
  • A state politician in North Carolina wanted to know how many women die every year from prostate cancer during a state government hearing on Obama Care. 
Scary stuff, yes these people are in charge. 

Please note: two days ago we did a post on what we thought were all of the latest inane quotes from politicians. But then the Democratic National Convention got underway and the idiocy, stupidity, and general meanness of politicians started popping up requiring us to do this additional post. That post from two days ago can be accessed at:

Let’s take a look at what the latest blather from the American political class has been recently spoken:

1) Back in the late 1960s, George Wallace, a one time Alabama governor, ran for President as a third party candidate. Wallace was an old time Southerner governor famous for his segregationist stances. Today, most Democrats would call him a racist. In fact, a current Congressman, Keith Ellison, actually did so recently on the TV show, ABC Sunday. He was trying to make the point that the Republican nominee for President Donald Trump, was much like Wallace in that in Ellison’s mind he was racist and intolerant.

Ellison, though, apparently does not know his history: “At the same time, we do have the worst Republican nominee since George Wallace.” However, if you are going to invoke George Wallace’s name, you may want to do some basic history homework. Because Wallace was never a Republican, he was always a Democrat, as a fellow Congressman on the show, a Republican, correctly pointed out. In fact, Wallace actually ran for the national Democratic Party Presidential nomination that year before dropping out to run as a third party candidate. 

Lesson learned: if you are going to call someone a racist, make sure you have your facts straight so that your own mudslinging does not end up bouncing back all over you.

2) Long ago, I was actually a fan of Elizabeth Warren. She had a lot of oversight responsibility for the bank bailout efforts during the past recession and she seemed to be fair, thoughtful, smart, and ruggedly honest in assessing what was going on and whether or not taxpayer bailout money was being spent wisely. But then she became a politician, got elected, and just went off the deep end from a sanity and integrity perspective. So shame on me. 

Evidence that I was so wrong popped up in the past few days with two quotes from her from the Democrat’s convention. The first quote goes as follows, in referring to Donald Trump's speech at the Repubican national convention: "Other than talking about building a stupid wall...did you hear any actual ideas?" Two problems with this quote:

- First, three days into the Democrats’ convention and I have not heard any ideas from ANYONE the Democrats put up to speak including Ms. Warren.

- Second, she failed to mention that the Democrats have walled themselves in with a four mile long, eight foot high fence/wall around their own convention in Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo building. What are they afraid of? If their view of reality is that no walls are needed to protect us from drug cartels, human traffickers, rapists, and criminals coming over the southern border, why do they need an eight foot, non-scalable wall around themselves deep in the heart of America? Severe hypocrites.

3) The mainstream media and most liberals in this country are very politically correct, claiming they are the most compassionate, tolerant, and caring people in the world. How dare anyone say something negative about another human being’s race, religion, and background, we should all be super nice to each other. 

The problem is that these people want to be the arbiters of what is nice language and what is not and are quick to jump on anyone who deviates from their sense of what is tolerant and what is not. This attitude of condescension comes not only from liberal politicians but also from the liberal press. 

But they all come off as hypocrites since it is apparently okay for them to be intolerant of others when it suits them. John King, an important and highly visible CNN commentator, was recenlty caught saying on a hot microphone that “It’s the Irish Lives Matter movement” while watching the Irish mayor of Philadelphia speaking at the Democratic national convention. 

This is obviously a play off of the Black Lives Matter movement. The mayor was speaking about a story of discrimination against Irish Catholics. News reports say that King's tone was “mocking” and laughing.

Imagine what the uproar would have been if someone on Fox News had mocked the mayor or other nationality? The liberals would have been besides themselves if the Fox person had said “It’s the Italian Lives Matter movement” of “It’s the Muslim Lives Matter movement.” But as good hypocrites, they allow those of their own kind to get away with what they consider non-political correctness but not their political enemies.

4) Maybe the quote containing the biggest lie for the past week goes to Senator Elizabeth Warren when she made this most insane comment, with a straight face: “America isn’t going broke.”

Some comments from politicians are so stupid it is tough to even respond but let’s try:
  • America isn’t going broke but its Federal government is now carrying a $20 TRILLION debt load, twice what it was at the beginning of the Obama administration.
  • American isn’t going broke but at $20 TRILLION, every man, woman and child in the country would have to fork over about $63,000 to pay off this enormous debt.
  • America isn't going broke but a premier credit ratings agency downgraded our country’s credit worthiness a few years ago, the first time that has happened in the entire history of the country.
  • American isn't going broke but Social Security is now in a forever negative cash flow situation with its so-called trust fund nothing but an empty accounting trick since those real funds were spent and squandered long ago by the American political class.
  • American isn't going broke but Medicare and Medicaid are hurtling towards fiscal insolvency also.
  • America isn't going broke but the debt to GDP ratio is now well over 100%, putting us on a par with the financial basket cases of Greece and other faltering European countries.
  • America isn't going broke but if interest rates were at their historical average, the country might have gone broke already, only historically low interest rates have saved us so far.
  • America isn't going broke but most Americans have to obscenely work until late March or into April to reach their Tax Freedom Day, the day they stop working for government and start working for their families.
  • America isn't going broke but demand for Federal bonds this week hit the lowest point since 2009.

Worst of all, the $10 TRILLION in debt that the Obama administration has incurred has left us with no benefit in return: our infrastructure is still crumbling, our schools still do not educate, our military is a shell of its former self, all we got was a lot more debt that our kids and grandkids will either pay off or will suffer through horrible economic consequences.

Yep, the biggest lie and the most stupid quote from the entire political class this past week and beyond. courtesy of Ms. Warren.

5) If Warren had the most stupid political quote of recent note, Congressman Hank Johnson had the most vile and despicable quote. He spoke his quote in the context that Israeli Jews steal the homes of Palestinians. Speaking at a Democratic National Convention event sponsored by the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, an organization that promotes Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against the Jewish state, Johnson stated: “There has been a steady [stream], almost like termites [i.e. Jews] can get into a residence and eat before you know that you’ve been eaten up and you fall in on yourself, there has been settlement activity that has marched forward with impunity and at an ever-increasing rate to the point where it has become alarming.”

Talk about a vile thing to say about any human being, never mind a group of human beings. And even if he thinks this, how stupid is it to speak it out loud? How willing is anyone going to be to negotiate with a person like this after he called them termites? Talk about sabotaging your chances of getting an adult conversation and meaningful change, all you did was tick off those that you oppose.

Getting back to hypocrisy, what if Donald Trump or another non-liberal had said that Middle East immigrants flooding into Europe were “like termites, and were marching forward with impunity and at an ever-increasing rate to the point where it has become alarming.” My gosh, liberals and Democrats would have been besides themselves with rage and anger and indignation. But that is what hypocrites do.

Oh, by the way, Congressman Johnson was the same Congressman who spoke up in a Congressional hearing that he was worried that the island of Guam was going to tip over in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Thus, take anything he says with a pound of salt. Anyone who thinks a physical island can tip over should not be given an opportunity to publicly speak anywhere, which is proven again by his vicious and uncalled for “termite” analogy.

That will do it for the latest quotes from the American political class. Stupid, inane, vile, wrong, and hypocritical. Yep, sounds about right for this group of American politicians, the worst set of politicians this country has ever had to endure.

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