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February, 2017, Part 1, Political Class Insanity: FBI Loses a Submachine Gun, California Fiscally Imploding,and More

It has been several weeks since Donald Trump has been sworn in which means at some point in the future we may run out of material to talk about. With the demise of the Obama administration, eight years worth of wasteful and excessive spending for nothing in return, foreign affairs blunders, Obama Care disasters, and assorted other administration and government blunders and screwups might end with the onset of a new administration. Trump may usher in a new paradigm of government actions that are limited, effective, cost efficient, and protective of the Constitution. If so, then this blog would run out of material to discuss and would have to be shut down.

But I doubt it. Even if Trump is truly a different type of President, he is still fighting over 500 embedded and entrenched politicians in Congress and thousands and thousands of government bureaucrats who will not go peacefully into the night for the good of the country. I wish him well and hopefully he can fix at least some of the myriad of problems the American political class creates everyday but until then, enjoy the latest political class insanity from Washington and beyond:

1) Americans are not allowed to own automatic guns like, say, submachine guns. But one American now owns a new submachine, thanks to the FBI. According to recent news reports, an agent left his submachine care in his car and promptly had it stolen. In addition to the gun, the thief stole the agent’s ammunition magazines and bulletproof best in the California Bay area.

Even more embarrassing to the FBI, they do not know what city the gun was stolen from, narrowing it down to Concord, Orinda, and Lafayette, California. And the agency appears lost since they have asked the public for help to assist them in the case. How and why a FBI submachine gun was so easy to steal is obviously the million dollar question. Nice job, Federal employees.

2) The California state government is swimming in budget red ink. The public schools in much of California are a disgrace from an education perspective. I would also bet that the state’s public infrastructure is collapsing like the infrastructure in the rest of the country. 

So what is a California state politician busy working on? According to SFGate, “a San Francisco-area legislator is trying to codify into state law a mandate that school children be taught “about Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election” by making it a required topic in history classes.” 

Forget the reality that this is not a proven fact. Forget the reality that the American intelligence community has not proven definitively that the Russians played any role in the election. Forget the reality that even if they did “interfere,” no one knows if they had any impact at all on American voters. And forget the reality that California politicians prove again that, like most American politicians, they have no sense of proper priorities on what is important to Americans.

3) This next insanity falls under the old saying, “karma is a bitch.” One of Trump’s big selling points in the election was his determination to build a wall along the Mexican border to reduce illegal immigration along with the illegal trafficking of drugs, criminals, and people coming over the porous border. Of course, Democrats are totally against the concept of a preventive barrier/wall and are making their feelings known in no uncertain terms.

But according to reporting by Rachel Stoltzfoos, writing for the Daily Caller website, past actions of Democrats in Congress are actually making it quite easy for Trump to actually build this wall:
  • Way back in 2006, Washington passed a law that ordered the construction of a 700 mile wall on the Mexican border.
  • That law was supported by positive votes by many Democrats (many of whom are still sitting in Congress) including Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer, Barbara Boxer, Sherrod Brown, Tom Carper, Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Mikulski, Bill Nelson, Debbie Stabenow, and Ron Wyden and signed into law by George Bush. 
  • In total, 64 House Democrats and 23 Senate Democrats voted to erect the wall and many of these same wall supporters are still around today.
  • The law called for the construction of 700 miles of fencing along the Mexican border complete with additional lights, cameras, and sensors.
  • Bush signed the legislation but the subsequent Democratic controlled Congress later ensured it would never be completed by means of an amendment to a 2008 spending bill.
  • This way the Democrats could look tough on illegal immigration but gut the funding later to kowtow to their illegal immigration supporters, very sneaky on their part. 
  • But the law itself is still on the books, it just needs to be funded, which makes life much easier for Trump and Republicans.
Karma is still a bitch. The Democrats sneakily tried to play both sides of the issue and left the door wide open for the Trump administration to easily do what it promised to do and there is very little the Democrats can do to stop him.

4) The most socialistic state in the union is most likely California. Gaudy state employee salaries, benefits and retirement plans, favorable union treatment, highly intrusion government regulations into every facet of state residents' lives, expensive welfare systems for citizens and illegal immigrants alike, etc. Something free for everyone in California.

So how is that socialism and the associated large government bureaucracy working out? Apparently not so great: 
  • Back in 2016, it was estimated that the state had $448 billion, or almost a half a TRILLION in debt from all of their socialistic programs. Their share of the national debt back then, when combined with just the state debt, was almost $850 billion.
  • This means that every citizen, man, woman, and child, would have to write a check for well over $12,500 EACH to pay off just the state debt.
  • It takes about double that, $25,000 for each person in the state to pay off both their state debt and their share of the national debt.
  • And that does not include the recent “oopsie” the state govenrment buereaucrats made when somehow they incorrectly added up their expected Medicaid costs and came up $1.9 billion short of what it actually should have been.
  • The California Department of Finance spokesman H.D. Palmer stated “There’s no other way to describe this other than a straight up error in accounting, which we deeply regret.” 
  • That is a big error to regret, $1.9 billion. Makes you wonder what other “errors” exist in the books.
  • Incompetence or simple mistake, there is still another now identified $1.9 billion of debt that Californians have to bear.
Given that almost 25% of the state residents live below the poverty line in the state (8.9 million people out of a total population of 38 million), we can surmise that:
  • At least 8.9 million are probably not capable of writing even that $12,500 check we mentioned above to get the state out of debt.
  • Despite incurring $448 billion in debt, ti does not look that money was spent well and the debt incurred paid off well as almost 25% of your residents still live in poverty.
And some state politician is working on legislation on how the Russians screwed up the recent Presidential election. Again, some really bad priorities of the entire state political class.

This is a good start to this month’s insanity: a state about to fiscally implode, Democrats trap themselves in their own wall trap, more bad priorities form the political class, and another Federal agent has his gun stolen. More insanity to follow.

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