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February, 2017, Part 2, By The Numbers: Politicians So Out Of Touch Regarding Illegal Immigration and Americans Want and More

On a periodic basis we do some posts that fall under the theme of “by the numbers.” Rather than trust what the American political tells us about reality, we like to examine the real numbers and the real reality in the world to understand what is actually going on. Relying on politicians, and their cohorts in the media, to tell us what is reality is always a sucker bet. They have their own agendas and goals, usually centering around their needs and self-enrichment. So we need to look at the reality of the numbers to determine what is really going on.

Previous analyses of “by the numbers” can be accessed by entering the phrase in the search box above. This is the third and final post this month where we look at the numbers to truly find out how good, not likely, or bad, most likely, the American political class is doing in managing our tax dollars, protecting our freedoms, and resolving major issues that affect all of us. 

1) Let’s start today with a look at an opinion poll that kind of puts liberals’ and Democrats’ positions on issues in conflict with what the majority of Americans support, as the following numbers show. This was reported by Onan Coca on February 8, 2017 on the website:
  • A poll from the University Of California Berkeley, certainly not a bastion of conservative thinking and views, found that a whopping 74% of Californians want the state to end the so-called “sanctuary cities” practice, the practice where cities disobey Federal law and refuse to take illegal immigrants into custody, protecting them from existing laws and immigration practices.
  • 82% of Republicans surveyed want to see an end to California sanctuary cities, 70% of Independents want to see an end to sanctuary cities, and amazingly, 74% of Democrats and 65% of Hispanics also want to see an end.
So if about three out of every four Californians want to see current laws enforced and the practice of sanctuary cities ended, why do Democrats throughout the country, from Washington to local townhalls insist on bucking the wishes of Americans? Given these numbers, Democrats are likely to continue to get whacked at the polls going forward if they continue to ignore these numbers.

2) The Democrats in this country also seem to be out of touch with reality on another issue, according to numbers from a recent CBS poll. In that poll, 15% of Democrats polled said that Christianity is more violent than Islam. How anyone one think this is really beyond me. We have previously reported on an in-depth analysis that counted up all of the terrorist attacks in 2015, worldwide. Of the 452 documented attacks, 450 of them were definitely linked to Islamic terrorists. 

One of the others was linked to a Kurdish terror attack and the other one was not able to be identified. 450 out 452 terror attacks attributed to Islamic terrorist attacks, none attributed to Christianity terrorist attacks and yet 15% of Democrats in this country think that Christianity is more violent? Insane.

3) Getting back to sanctuary cities, from above we know that about three quarters of those surveyed would like to see an end to sanctuary cities. And maybe a recent article from the San Diego Union Tribune newspaper sheds some light on why those feel that way:
  • An October, 2014 Federal immigration report found that 276 California sanctuary cities had released 8,145 illegal immigrants back into society in the previous year.
  • Of those released, 1,867 (over 20%) were later re-arrested a whopping 4,298 times accounting for 7,491 criminal charges.
  • Illegal immigrants are 3.5% of the U.S. but account for 37.6% of Federal criminal sentences and are 13.6% of all crimes committed nationwide.
  • They also account for 12% of all murder sentences, 20% of kidnapping sentences, and 16% of all drug trafficking sentences in addition to accounting for 7% of the California population but over 12% of the state prison population.
And yet politicians like Nancy Pelosi insist that sanctuary cities are good things, with Pelosi even proclaiming that sanctuary cities make us all safer, another indication she is so out of touch with reality and the numbers that support this reality.

4) The country came out of the recession in 2009, almost eight years ago. One would have thought that given eight consecutive years of year over year economic growth, anemic growth but still growth, that state governments would have been able to get their spending and costs under control. 

But anytime you assume that politicians can get spending under control, you are sure to be disappointed. Consider the latest disappointment and fiscal crises that state politicians have created, according to a January 30, 2017 Wall Street Journal article:
  • According to Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe: “Many cities and states are in a fragile [fiscal] condition. We have to be very very concerned about what is next going to happen with our economy.”
  • According to the article, 25 states are expecting fewer revenues in 2017 than they forecasted and expected in their 2017 state government budgets.
  • This is the most states in this condition since the end of the recession eight years ago.
  • Only four states expect their 2017 revenues stream to exceed expectations.
So despite eight years of non-recession economic conditions, state level politicians could still not get spending under control vs. their revenue streams. Imagine what happens when the next recession hits, a recession that is several years overdue.

This will do it for this month’s “by the numbers” review. Again, we prove that politicians continue to be out of touch with the wishes and welfare of Americans and that these same politicians have no idea how to control spending. The numbers, unlike politicians, do not lie.

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