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June, 2015, Bonus Post,Political Class Insanity: TSA Screws Up Again, Harry Reid's Memoery Problems, Obama Lack Of Planning Problems and More

Okay, I know I promised you that yesterday would be the last post in this month’s series on political class insanity but in just the past 24 hours, a whole new crop of insanity has popped up that cannot wait until next month. This will be the ninth, and final, post this month. But the nine posts in one month strictly on political class insanity does establish a new record for most insanity from our politicians in one month. Which obviously means are politicians and their inane actions are getting worse, not better, over time, a detriment to all Americans.

1) This month’s insanity has really come down hard on the TSA and their failure to protect the traveling public in so many ways. But it is well deserved scorn since the TSA is now looking like the most dysfunctional, useless Federal government in operation today.

The most damning insanity is that the TSA employees failed to identify 67 out of 70 fake weapons and bombs that were snuck through TSA security checkpoints as a test of their effectiveness. That is right, they only caught 3 out of 70, just over as 4% success rate. Additionally, other reports show that hundreds, if not thousands, of TSA security badges and uniforms have gone missing, badges and uniforms that could give terrorists access to private and secure areas in airports. 

But for the TSA, it just keeps better and better in a bad way. According to a recent inspector general report:
  • At least 73 people who are linked to terrorism-related activity codes that are employed by the Federal government, somehow made it past the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screening processes without being flagged and were at sometime employed throughout the U.S airline industry.
  • These terrorist-identified people worked for airlines, airport vendors and other airport-related employers, and they all made it through TSA's security clearance even though they were on terror watch lists, according to the inspector general report: "TSA did not identify these individuals through its vetting operations because it is not authorized to receive all terrorism-related categories under current interagency watchlisting policy." 
  • In addition, TSA let the airlines and airports where these people were employed do their own background checks. 
  • According to the report’s findings, TSA "risks credentialing and providing unescorted access to secure airport areas for workers with potential to harm the nation’s air transportation system." 
The inability to identify bombs and weapons. The inability to keep track of security badges and uniforms. And now the inability to prevent six dozen people currently on terror watch lists from getting jobs at airports. As always, you cannot make this stuff up when it comes to government incompetence.

2) For six years, Democrat Harry Reid was the Senate Majority Leader. He was supposed to “lead” the Senate it is legislating and budgeting activities. In the first two years of that six year term, his job was made a lot easier because the Democrats also controlled the House. In all six years his job was made easier because there was a Democrat in the White House.

Despite having political allies in important positions throughout the Federal government, in six years Harry Reid and the Senate he led failed to produce a single budget that had any thought behind it. He and his other Congressional friends simply continued to pass continuing spending resolution matters, never once sitting down and doing a real budget job. That failure probably has a lot do to with out of control government spending and an $18 TRILLION national debt, which almost half of which accrued during Reid’s time as the Senate Majority Leader.

Reid is no longer Senate Majority Leader, losing that post when the Republicans took control of the Senate in 2014. But that did not stop Harry from issuing the inane and stupid tweet relative to Senate budget work:

Senator Harry ReidVerified account‏@SenatorReid

Like ostriches with their heads buried deep in the sand, Senate Republicans continue to deny the need for a bipartisan budget.

In six years, Reid never produced ANY budget, never mind a bipartisan budget and now he thinks he can criticize the Republicans for doing the same? Really pathetic.

3) When ISIS, the most brutal and wealthiest terror organization of all time, started to make noise in the Middle East, President Obama called them the “JV” of terror groups. Later in 2014, when they started to gain steam and started taking control of broad swaths of land in Syria and Iraq, the President admitted that he and his security team did not have a strategy or plan to deal with the worst terror organization of all time.

And now, almost a year after admitting he had no strategy or plan for defeating ISIS, the President actually publicly admitted that he STILL had not strategy for defeating ISIS as reported by CNN: “We don’t yet have a complete strategy because it requires commitment on the part of the Iraqi’s”.

Additionally, Obama went on to say: “We want to get more Iraqi security forces trained, fresh, well equipped, and focused. We’re reviewing a range of plans for how we might do that, essentially accelerating the number of Iraqi forces that are properly trained and equipped and have a focused strategy and good leadership.”

He is “reviewing a range of plans”???? Still reviewing plans months and months after admitting he had no plans way back in last August? When will he have a plan, the day after he leaves office? One gets the feeling that he is now worried more about his legacy of withdrawing American troops from Iraq than doing the right thing to control the march of terrorism in Iraq and Syria.

The Republican National Committee issued a statement where they stated the obvious: “What has President Obama been doing for the last ten months?”

The Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman, John McCain, also had some harsh words for the inaction of this administration: “While ISIS goes from house to house in Ramadi with lists of names and they execute people and they kill 3-year-old children, and they burn their bodies in the streets and the atrocities in Syria continue as Bashar Assad barrel bombs innocent men, women and children.”

I do not know what the right course of action is. But that is not my job, it is the President and his high priced security and military advisors that are supposed to come up with the plan that protects the best interests and lives of Americans. And ten months after admitting he had not strategy, Obama continues to still... not have a strategy.

4) Ineptness and insanity of politicians and government officials is not restricted to the Federal government. Consider this little bit incompetence from the Baltimore District Attorney, Marilyn Mosby. Ms. Mosby has accused six Baltimore police officers with various felonies for allowing a young black man to die while in their custody. His death resulted in widespread looting and rioting in the city.

Thus, given the high visibility of this case, you would think that the district attorney would double check everything she does, writes, says, etc. in order to protect the viability and integrity of her prosecution of the police officers. 

Unfortunately, she apparently did not get off to a good start. She wanted to put a gag order in place so that no one on either the defense side or the prosecutor side would be allowed to discuss the impending criminal case in public. Not an unknown strategy but unfortunately, Ms.Mosby filed the brief in the wrong court, filing it in the circuit court when it should have been filed in the district court. That’s right, a major city’s district attorney somehow did not know where to file a standard legal brief in her own city. 

That will do it for this month, no more insanity until early July. We learned to today that the TSA continues to add to its legend of incompetence, Harry Reid has a very short memory, at least when it comes to his own incompetence, we have a President who somehow cannot or will not fulfill his job responsibilities as commander in chief when it comes to mapping out an anti-terrorist strategy, and a Baltimore district attorney does not know her way around her own court system. Insane and pathetic on all counts.

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