Friday, November 20, 2015

An Open Letter To President Obama: Why Syrian Refugees Over Struggling Americans?

Dear Mr President:

Obviously, the topic of Syria is on everyone’s mind these days including yours. This conflict has caused an unprecedented refugee problem and crisis as untold thousands of people flee the civil war and fighting in Syria.

You have made a commitment of bringing at least 10,000 of these refugees into the United States for settlement. Your passion for doing this deed has led you to insult millions of Americans who are insisting, through their elected officials, that this resettlement be delayed only until America can be convinced that no ISIS terrorists will be embedded in the refugee stream. 

Estimates have been published that the American taxpayer will have to put forth billions of dollars to accomplish this resettlement because of the associated housing, feeding, transportation and other costs of the refugees. You are obviously passionate about this issue. But do you mind if I ask you why you are not as passionate about Americans that are in need and why you are willing to spend billions of dollars for 10,000 foreign strangers while:

  • More than 3.5 million Americans experience homelessness each year.
  • On a typical night in 2014, more than 578,000 Americans were homeless.
  • Nearly 2.3 million American children experienced homelessness in 2013.
  • One out of every 30 American children experienced homelessness in 2013.

  • Between 130,000 and 200,000 armed forces American veterans are homeless at any time.

  • The Department of Veterans Affair’s inspector general found that out of about 800,000 records backlogged in the agency's system for managing veterans’ health care needs, there were more than 307,000 records that belonged to American veterans who had died months or years in the past before their health care needs were addressed.

  • 397,122 orphaned American children are living without permanent families in the U.S. foster care system. 
  • 101,666 of these American children are eligible for adoption.
  • Nearly 32% of these American children will wait over three years in foster care before being adopted.

  • According National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System data, 50 States reported a total of 1,484 American children abuse fatalities in 2013.
  • This translates to a rate of 2.04 American children per 100,000 children in the general population and an average of four children dying every day from abuse or neglect.

  • About 45 million Americans are receiving Federal food assistance every month.

  • 2 million injuries and 1,300 American deaths are caused each year as a result of domestic violence.

  • Over 40,000 Americans die from a drug overdose every year

  • Almost 14 million Americans are currently unemployed because they cannot find a job or are forced to work part time because they cannot find a full time job.

Where was your passion when these millions of Americans were suffering from homelessness, food shortage, domestic violence, and other dangers? How are you able to find money in the Federal budget for 10,000 foreigners and not for these Americans?

And for once, please do not blame someone else for this suffering within our borders. During your administration, easily hundreds of billions of dollars were wasted every year due to government redundancies, wasteful government spending and inefficiencies, and outright criminal fraud of government programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

Maybe if you had spent less time on over 200 golf outings, over 700 political fund raisers and many, many vacations, you could have found the time to tighten up government functions, spending, and operations, and had enough money not only for these refugees but for the rest of those in America that need a helping hand.

Senator Ted Cruz has dared you to return to this country and debate him face-to-face on the issue of increasing security scrutiny and screening. I dare you to look a hungry American child in the face, the widow of a veteran who died waiting for healthcare in the face, a homeless American family in the face and tell them why 10,000 foreigners get more attention, compassion, and monetary support  from you than these struggling Americans do. I dare you.

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