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Final Review: End Of An Error, Part 3 - The Many Failures of The Obama Administration: Tabulating the Damage

As the Obama Presidency starts to wind down we thought it would be a good idea to do a final review of the Obama era. We took an initial swing at that topic back in October, 2016 with a series of seven posts starting on October 9, 2016 with the following post:

Not unexpectedly, the review across those seven posts captured the myriad of failures of this Presidency. Diplomatically, economically, fiscally, militarily, legally, Constitutionally, integrity-wise,and in many other ways, in my opinion, this has been the worst Presidency of my lifetime. If you are a liberal, please read the posts, all of which are extensively sourced, before going off the deep end without thinking. This Presidency has stunk.

We started out this week by using some fine reporting and research by Reason magazine to point out how hypocritical Obama has been relative to abusing military power and how his actions have helped create a so-called “Imperial Presidency” which 1) abuses the rule of law and Constitution and 2) is now being run for better or worse by Donald Trump.

Over the next few days we will looking at other folks opinion on how well Obama did as President It will not likely to be pretty, as the previous seven posts referenced above have already proven.

1) Kyle Smith, writing for the New York Post on January 14, 2017, identified plenty of major failures of the Obama Presidency in his article, “It’s Time To Face Facts: Obama’s Presidency Was A Failure,” based on the following realities:

  • Only the rich enjoyed any kinds of substantial wage growth during the Obama economic “recovery.”
  • The Libyan military incursion failed, turning that country into a terrorist haven and destroying an entire society.
  • Obama’s Syrian actions, at least so far, have been disastrous.
  • Most of Obama's climate change actions were done by executive order that can easily be overturned by incoming President Trump.
  • Obama has has racked up more national debt than all previous Presidents combined.
  • His signature piece of legislation is suffering the loss of many major and minor insurers who cannot make money under the legislation and those insurers that are remaining are raising their insurance rates substantially.
  • Race relations have gotten worse under his administration as measured by reputable polling and opinion companies like Rasmussen and Gallup.
  • His economic stimulus plan and overall economic strategies and plans failed as he became the first President since Herbert Hoover to no preside over at least one year where the national economy grew at least 3%.
  • Five years after the Obama recovery began, 72% of Americans when polled said they still felt like they were in a recession.
Mr. Kyle sums up the work of the Chicago community organizer as follows: 

“Sealing himself off certainly didn’t work for the Bubble President, though. President Obama entered office thinking: “They love me! So they’ll love everything I do!” No. He had no backup plan for what to do if Congress became less than generous with the rubber stamp. Virtually every president has to negotiate with Capitol Hill — Ronald Reagan faced hostile Democrats in the House for his entire presidency — but Obama thought horse-trading was beneath him.

So he contented himself giving speeches and signing executive orders that Donald Trump is about to feed into the shredder. It looks like Obama’s chapter in the history books is going to be much like his résumé when he was elected president: thin.”

2) Virginia Kruta, writing for the Independent Journal Review website in early January, 2017, went through a list of some of the President’s biggest lies and deceptions, which I consider part of his failed legacy, over promising and then way under producing:

- On July 5, 2016, Obama said that: “The steel industry is producing as much steel in the United States as it ever was. It’s just (that) it needs one-tenth of the workers that it used to.”

Politifact, a left leaning political fact checking organization said Obama was wrong on both counts.

- On September 17, 2014, Obama said his comment about extremists being a JV team ‘wasn’t specifically referring to’ ISIS. Politifact concluded that this was also a lie or incorrect statement.

- Politifact also awarded President Obama with the dubious “Lie of the Year” award for this oft-repeated Obama Care promise: “If you like your doctor, if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it.” In reality, millions of Americans lost access to their preferred doctors, and their preferred insurance plans and hospitals.

But Obama also had some delusions and lies to share in his recent farewell speech in Chicago:

1. “Healthcare costs are rising at the lowest rate in 50 years.” Not likely since we have reported dozens of times on the out of control Obama Care health insurance premium and deductible rate increases, higher and higher co-pays, etc. In 2017, the average Obama Care insurance policy premium will likely go up over 20% with some areas of the country seeing their Obama Care premiums go up over 50%. And these increases are in the face of Obama promising that a family could see up to a $2,500 SAVINGS in their annual insurance premiums. national 

2. “I’ve lived long enough to know that race relations are better than they were 10, or 20, or 30 years ago." Until Obama came into office, race relations via different measures had been steadily improving over recent decades. However, latest public opinion polls show that Americans feel that race relations have deteriorated during the Obama years, not a good statement on his contribution to improving, or lack of improving, race relations.

3. “We opened a new chapter with Cuba.” Maybe one of the few bright spots of his administration but the Cuban people might not agree since they are still living under a brutal dictatorship which apparently Obama did not negotiate any relief from.

4. “We shut down Iran’s nuclear weapons program without firing a shot.” Then why did Obama recently allow the Iranians to receive 116 metric tons of uranium, enough to built multiple nuclear bombs?

5. “We have reversed a great recession, rebooted our auto industry, and unleashed the longest stretch of job creation in our history.” Yes, it has been a long stretch of job creation but those jobs have mostly been lower paying, part time or contract focused, and in service fields that do not hold long term career opportunities for a lot of people. In addition, those jobs exist in an economy that has grown historically anemic rate during the Obama recovery despite the unprecedented tailwinds of an $800 billion stimulus package, surprisingly low energy costs, and trillions of Fed printed money pumped into the economy.

6. “No foreign terrorist organization has planned and executed a terror attack.” We have already pointed out in a previous post how cold hearted and abusive of reality this statement of self glorification is. I doubt very much that those injured by domestic terror attacks or the families who lost loved ones in domestic terror attacks are going, “Whew, thank God none of these attacks were executed by a foreign organization. The President’s words make my loss so much easier to take.”

No, I bet they would look at this partial list of terror attacks within this country and go, “who gives a damn where these attacks originated from, they were terrorist attacks that killed and maimed a lot of Americans:

  • Little Rock, Arkansas - June 1, 2009
  • Fort Hood, Texas - November 5, 2009
  • Boston, Massachusetts - April 15, 2013
  • Moore, Oklahoma - October 23, 2014
  • Brooklyn, New York - December 20, 2014
  • Garland, Texas - May 3, 2015
  • Chattanooga, Tennessee - July 16, 2015
  • San Bernardino, California - December 14, 2015
  • Orlando, Florida - June 12, 2016
  • Ohio State University - November 28, 2016
Two sources of lies and failures from this administration that I hope start to convince some of the doubters that this has been the worst Presidency in a very long time from an economic, military, and integrity perspective, filled with lies and/or self delusions. More of the same over the next few days.

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