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June, 2017, Part 1, Political Class Insanity: Bernie Sanders Abuses The First Amendment, Massive Nancy Pelosi Confusion and More

As we do every month, we review the latest idiocy, lunacy, ineptness, and general insanity from the American political class. We are getting started as little late this month since we needed to review the latest global warming.climate change insanity from the likes of Al Gore, culminating in our review of the 26 reasons why it was appropriate and necessary for Trump to pull us out of the Paris Climate Agreement:

But let’s quickly get into this month;s political class insanity because over the past month or so there has been a lot of it was Washington implodes into a useless pile of incompetence:

1) Nancy Pelosi is a very influential member of Congress, having served for a long time, far too long in my opinion, and who was once Speaker of The House. As such, you would expect her to be sharp as a tack and current with the latest goings on in Washington.

But lately that does not seem to be the case. Her public speaking and interviews have seemed to be nonsensical rantings and ravings with very little coherence. A real example of her distressing behavior is illustrated by the following instances of her misspeaking:
  • In a recent interview on an MSNBC news program, she referred to the current President as President Bush: "First, he [Trump] tries to charm you. President Bush tries to charm you. If that doesn't work, he tries to bully you. If that doesn't work, he walks away."
  • When someone tried to correct her, she ignored him.
  • On February 6, shortly after Trump became President, Pelosi said she saw no way that she could work with “President Bush.”
  • On the ABC news show “This Week," on April 30, 2017, she again referred to Trump as President Bush and then had to apologize to Bush for her mistake.
One time is a slip of the tongue, three times is a sign that she is losing it and maybe should consider bringing her career to an end. She has presided over and been a major part of Washington’s failure to resolve any major issue of the past twenty years and if she is so out of it that she cannot even remember who is currently President, even though it is a man she thoroughly despises, the time is near to step away. 

If she cannot remember who is President, what chance is there she will be coherent enough to attack the problems of the country in a logical and sane manner? To see her struggles to remember who is President, go to the following link:

2) We have often stated that no American, rich or poor, should pay another penny in taxes until Washington and the Federal government get their act together. A recent government audit found that just a handful of government agencies, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and a handful of others, waste about $144 billion a YEAR in criminal fraud, incompetence, and inefficiencies. If government was functioning efficiently, this $144 billion would translate into a $1,000 tax refund every year for every American taxpayer.

But even when the government actually catches someone ripping off the American taxpayer, they still manage to screw it up, as witnessed by a recent Daily Caller report:
  • Attorney Eric Conn recently pleaded guilty to stealing more than half a billion dollars from the Social Security program.
  • Which should be good news except for the fact that after pleading guilty, Connn hit the road and cannot be found.
  • It is believed that he may be hiding out in Cuba.
  • He somehow got out of his ankle monitoring bracelet two months after pleading guilty to the fraud, awaiting his July sentencing day in court, which raises the interesting and distressing question: why was he not immediately jailed after pleading guilty?
  • The FBI is clueless as far as his whereabouts: “Conn’s whereabouts are currently unknown,” according to David Habich, the general counsel in the FBI’s Louisville office.
  • Ned Pillersdorf, an attorney for one of Conn’s former clients, summed up this insanity best: ‘It was totally predictable that he would flee. I was always shocked that, when he was arrested, he was actually allowed out on bond. And there has been a betting pool going on in Prestonsburg [Kentucky] on not if he would flee, but when.”
Great, everyone knew Conn was a flight risk except those in government who were responsible for making sure he was not a flight risk. There are no reports on how much of the $550 million that Conn robbed has been found but if he got to Cuba, he obviously still had some money stashed away in order to make that trip. 

Insane, no wonder Social Security is hurtling towards fiscal insolvency, even when the government captures someone ripping off the program, even when the government gets him to plead guilty to the crime, they still cannot put him away.

3) One of the supposed great tenets of this country is that justice is blind, that all are treated the same regardless of race, sex, wealth, etc. While that is not always the case, it is a worthy goal and objective to always try to attain.

But it is possibly a goal that the rich and famous again recently short circuited for their own good, according to reporting by the New York Post:
  • Caroline Biden, the niece of former Vice President Joe Biden recently pleaded guilty to a $100,000 credit card scam.
  • And this was not a one time, accidental or incidental scam, according to the Post she worked the scam for over a year: “Using a borrowed credit card, the blonde Caroline Biden set up an unauthorized customer account at Bigelow Pharmacy on Sixth Avenue in Greenwich Village, and racked up the six-figure bill over the course of a year, according to a criminal complaint that does not name the victim card owner.”
  • But despite the magnitude of her crime and the large amount of money she stole, as the niece of a powerful Federal politician she will receive no jail time, not one week, not one day, not one hour.
  • She will receive no jail time despite pleading guilty to grand larceny and petit larceny.
  • And even those charges will be reduced if and when she pays back the $100,000.
Now ask yourself, if you stole over $100,000, if you got caught and arrested, and if you pleaded guilty to grand larceny, would you still be walking around as a free person? Or would you be in jail AND still be required to pay back the money you stole? Such is the life in America when an elitist political class gets away with stuff that would get the rest of us outside of that political class thrown in jail for.

4) Let’s finish up today’s insanity with some idiocy and prejudice from a sitting member of the Senate. The First Amendment guarantees freedom of religion in this country. Nowhere in the Constitution of Bill Of Rights does it say that someone’s religion should be questioned or the basis for whether or not they get a Federal job. But apparently that very important right does not exist in Senator Bernie Sanders’ world.

At a recent Senate confirmation hearing, Russell Vought was being submitted to be the Deputy Director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, certainly a position that has nothing to do with religion. But Sanders made the hearing a religious issue by getting angry when Vought answered a question that it was his personal belief that salvation was found alone through Jesus Christ.

Why a question like this should even be asked about a government budget job is beyond belief, exceeded only by Sanders bigoted response and outburst when Sanders insulted and attacked Vought by saying that Vought is "really not someone who this country is supposed to be about."

Say what? A citizen has opinion on religion, an opinion that should be protected by the First Amendment, and Sanders insults him and all Christians with his arrogance and idiocy? Mr.Vought has a right to his opinion, a right that should not have been questioned in a budget position hearing. As long as Mr. Vought has not and does not force his religious beliefs on others, something that apparently was not happening, his religious views should never be a factor in whether or not he can serve the public in a government budget job.

If you are outraged that a person’s religion was held against him despite the First Amendment, go to the following link to demand that Sanders apologize for his religious bigotry:

That is a good start for this month’s political class insanity: a Senator that does not understand or respect the First Amendment, a niece of a politician who skates by on grand larceny, ripoffs of Social Security still abound, and Nancy Pelosi losing her grip of reality. More insanity to follow.

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