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June, 2017, Part 3, Political Class Insanity: Fraud And Taxpayer Waste In The Education Department, Nancy Pelosi Hypocrisy, and Millions Flee From California

As we do every month, we review the latest idiocy, lunacy, ineptness, and general insanity from the American political class. We are getting started as little late this month since we needed to review the latest global warming.climate change insanity from the likes of Al Gore, culminating in our review of the 26 reasons why it was appropriate and necessary for Trump to pull us out of the Paris Climate Agreement:


But let’s quickly get into this month’s political class insanity because over the past month or so there has been a lot of it was Washington implodes into a useless pile of incompetence:

1) It is not only Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid that waste and lose hundreds of billions of dollars over the years to criminals. According to Nick Bolger, writing for the Washington Free Beacon on June 2, 2017:

  • An executive in the Federal Education Department allegedly received secret bonuses worth $432,000 over the past seven years.
  • James Runcie was the chief operating office of the Student Aid office during the Obama administration and he apparently received secret five figure bonuses each year while his department erroneously was giving out billions of dollars in improper payments, according to an Education Department report.
  • His department ran the Pell Grant program whose payments went from $562 million in 2015 to $2.21 billion in 2016 and the Federal Direct Loan Program which saw its expenses go from $1.28 billion in 2015 to $3.86 billion in 2016, certainly suspicious and likely bogus increases in just a single year.
  • According to Judicial Watch, which uncovered the corruption and incompetence: "These are disbursements that either shouldn't have been made, went to the wrong recipient, were for an incorrect amount, or were not properly documented," and that "under Runcie's leadership there was pervasive fraud and corruption at the FSA."
  • While Runcie received $432,885 dollars in bonuses in seven years, none of those payments appear on his official government salary records.
  • Runcie suddenly resigned when the Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, told him to testify in front of Congress about the rising rate of improper payments, certainly a suspicious move on his part.

Hopefully Mr. Runcie gets what he deserves if criminal actions happen and someone, somehow plugs the dramatic wasting of taxpayer money in the student loan programs. But again, as we always say, while Runcie may have been caught for criminal and incompetence actions, how many other dozens, hundreds or thousands of Federal government employees are getting away with the same disgraceful performance? Insanity.

2) This blog would not be nearly as much fun to write if it was not for Nancy Pelosi. This is the Congressional leader who once said that we needed to pass the Obama Care bill in order to see what was in it. Yes, let’s blindly vote on legislation and then be surprised when we see what happens after it is enacted. She also ranted that 500 million Americans were applying for unemployment benefits every week, which is a pretty good trick since at the time there were only about 300 million people in the country.

Lately, she has seemed disjointed and confused when speaking publicly. Any number of times, as we recently pointed out, she seems to be in a time warp, continually referring to Donald Trump as George W. Bush, as if Bush was still President. Crazy times.

She recently hit a new low as far as ranting, according to an article by V. Saxena, writing for the Conservative Tribune website on June 10, 2017:

  • Apparently, Pelosi is calling for taxpayer funds to be used to launch another investigation into the Trump Presidency.
  • The reason: apparently the fact that Trump recently began his recent world trip in Saudi Arabia is enough to justify an investigation.
  • Her words: “I just think it was a very strange choice to go there,” the California Democrat said when interviewed on MSNBC, according to The Washington Times. “Especially in light of having served on the committee that investigated 9/11, and knowing the suspicions that exist in our country, and among his people.”
  • Her warped reasoning continued:“I thought it was unusual for the president of the United States to go to Saudi Arabia first. Saudi Arabia? It wasn’t even alphabetical. I mean, what, Saudi Arabia?” Yes, every Presidential trip out of the country should be planned alphabetically, is she crazy?
What Ms. Pelosi seems to forget that back in early June, 2009, about the same time of year that Trump visited Saudi Arabia, Barack Obama visited…..yes, Saudi Arabia. She did not seem to have any trouble with that visit so early in Obama’s reign, she did not question why Obama’s trip was not arranged alphabetically. The hypocrisy and insanity of this woman are amazing.

3) An old rock and roll song contains the lyrics, “shout it from the mountain tops, shout it from the trees, people just want to be free.” Free from being forced to do things they do not want to do, free from government overreaching into their lives and their businesses, free from onerous taxes and government regulations, etc. Freedom takes many forms and people want to be free.

Which might explain the trend going on in California recently. Keep in mind that California was very often where many, many Americans aspired to live in and move to. Great weather, great variety of geography, mountains to beaches, etc. But apparently not many people are California Dreaming as much as they used to:

  • According to Michael Snyder, writing for the Infowars website on June 12, 2017, over five million California residents have migrated OUT of the state over the past few years.
  • The top out of state destination for these Californians is Texas, a state famous for lower taxes and business regulations, much more permissive gun laws that allow citizens to more easily defend themselves and their freedoms, i.e. more freedom.
  • Over 25% of new Idaho residents are from California.
  • Adrien Koch, a retired Californian, moved to Idaho with her husband because it reminded them of “the California she knew in the 1970s.”
Why the mass migration? Well the article reminds us that:

  • California has some of the the highest state income tax rates in the country.
  • California has been ranked the worst state for business for 12 straight years.
  • Many California cities have the worst traffic in the country.
  • California sanctuary cities and that kind of attitude is sucking up taxpayer resources to provide all types of welfare support to illegal immigrants and to fight the gangs and crime that come with illegal immigration.
  • Insane and stupid government regulations (e.g. the recent state law that requires farmers to force their cows to fart less methane by 80%) stifle economic growth and new business formations.
  • Now some California politicians want to pass through a so called single payer health care system in the state that will cost state taxpayers an estimated $400 billion a year.
  • This previous piece of insanity is especially laughable since if the true number is $400 billion a year (and we all know that every government cost estimate has always been way under estimated), than every man, woman, and child in the state would be paying, on average, $10,000 a year in healthcare costs...every year.
As we have always claimed, there cannot be personal freedom if there is not economic freedom. High income taxes, costly business regulations, insane healthcare program actions, etc. all rob state residents of their economic freedom and thus, their personal freedom. And thus, millions of them are leaving, looking for that essential thing called freedom elsewhere since they cannot find it form the political class and the burdensome government in California.

That will do it for today’s insanity: people freedom political oppression in one state to find freedom in other states, Nancy Pelosi’s blatant hypocrisy, and fraud and corruption in yet another Federal government operation. More insanity sure to follow.

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