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January, 2016, Part 5, Political Class Insanity: Dozens Of Examples Government Corruption, Lies, Wasteful Spending, and Incompetence

It is the start of another month which means it is time for our monthly review of the latest political class insanity that continually spews forth from America’s politicians. Their actions, words, quotes, incompetency, and general ineptness continue to reinforce our theory that we are currently being served by the worst set of politicians in the history of the nation.

As you read about the latest shenanigans and ineptness of the political class, keep in mind what should be their priorities in these difficult times and compare this list to what they are actually working on:

  • NBC recently reported that ISIS forces are getting larger and stronger despite the Obama administration spending billions of dollars on a failed air campaign and military strategy.
  • The stock market is cratering.
  • Job creation is barely keeping up with population growth.
  • Wage growth is anemic, growing just .2% in the second quarter, the lowest quarterly growth since 1982.
  • The labor participation rate is at the lowest level in decades because the Obama economy cannot generate enough jobs.
  • Thousands of veterans are still not getting the medical care they were promised by the Federal government.
  • 45 million Americans are still receiving monthly Federal food assistance.
  • Our borders still leak and thousands of illegal immigrant criminals continue to walk our streets.
  • Major programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security are hurtling towards insolvency and lose hundreds of billions of dollars every year to fraud and mismanagement.
  • Our kids are still getting lousy public educations at most public schools.
  • The IRS and other government functions seem to be getting their computer systems hacked on a regular basis, exposing tens of millions of Americans to identity theft potential.
  • Obama Care is a failure along so many dimensions as health care costs continue to soar despite the Obama promise that they would decrease.
  • Annual Federal deficits, while down, are still about half a TRILLION a year meaning that even though the Federal government is collecting more in taxes than ever before, it still cannot run a balanced budget.
Again, keep these real crises in mind as you read what our politicians are actually doing, saying and wasting.

We have often made the case, and supported it with real life, verifiable examples of how the entire Federal government operation is severely broken. Nothing works, problems that are supposed to be addressed are usually worse once the Feds get involved, often the Feds not only do not solve the issue at hand but create no problems and issues,and all of this incompetence is carried out at great expense to the taxpayer with no societal benefit in return.

In previous posts in this blog we have talked about how many Federal employees have been caught watching pornography on their government computers rather than doing their job but no one ever seems to get fired. We have discussed how Las Vegas parties have been held at great expense even though most of the party attendees live and work in the D.C. area. We have reviewed how the ATF had guns and explosives stolen right from their own secure facilities.

And there is not enough time in the day to discuss how broken and dysfunctional the Veterans Administration, TSA, Medicare, and the IRS are. Stick any of these organizations in the search box above and be prepared to spend hours finding out how badly and how often these entities screw up.

Which brings us to today’s political class insanity post which was basically written by the Washington Weekly News. They recently put forth an incredible piece on their website that documented and verified the massive ineptness and insanity that currently passes for government functions and workers in D.C. today. Their original article and the links to verify that they are not making this idiocy up can be accessed at:

Some of the insanity they uncovered, which sometimes verifies the same incompetence and waste we have previously discussed, include the following:

 - High level SEC employees spent up to 8 hours a day on pornography websites instead of cracking down on financial crimes

- Nuclear Regulatory Commission workers watched pornography on the job instead of cracking down on unsafe conditions at nuclear plants

- An EPA employee who downloaded 7,000 porn files then spent 2-6 hours each workday watching them. He’s been doing it for years but the EPA never fired him.

- Another EPA employee harassed 16 women co-workers but was promoted to a higher-paying job with more responsibility, where he harassed more women

- NSA spies pass around homemade sex videos and pictures they’ve collected from spying on the American people

- NSA employees have also been caught using their mass surveillance powers to spy on love interests, such as girl friends and former wives.

- NSA employees also eavesdropped on American soldiers’ intimate conversations with their wives back home. 

- An employee of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) admitted that TSA agents share and laugh at nude scans of passengers. 

- Another TSA employee claimed that screeners make excuses so they can grope and fondle travelers that they’re attracted to.

- Investigators from the Treasury's Office of the Inspector General found that some of the regulator’s employees surfed erotic websites, hired prostitutes and accepted gifts from bank executives,people that they were supposed to be overseeing and regulating.

- The Mineral Management Service was riddled with “a culture of substance abuse and promiscuity”, which included “sex with industry contacts,” all of which may explain why this Service did not see the BP oil spill coming before it happened. 

- Agents for the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) had dozens of sex parties with prostitutes hired by the drug cartels they were supposed to stop.

- DEA agents also received money, gifts and weapons from drug cartel members.

- Pentagon employees used government credit cards to pay for adult "escorts" (i.e. prostitutes) and to gamble.

- North Carolina passed a law legalizing prostitutes for state lawmakers. 

- Federal agents with the DEA and Secret Service investigating Bitcoin money laundering extorted and stole over $1 million in Bitcoin

- The IRS gave promotions to employees who were themselves tax cheats. 

- Regulators knew of and allowed the use of debt-hiding accounting tricks by the big banks

- The SEC has been shredding Wall Street documents for decades to help the big banks cover up their fraud.

- The Secretary of Treasury (Tim Geithner) was complicit in Lehman's accounting fraud.

- The former chief accountant for the SEC  says that Bernanke and Paulson broke the law and should be prosecuted.

- The government knew about mortgage fraud a long time ago. For example, the FBI warned of an “epidemic” of mortgage fraud in 2004. However, the FBI, DOJ and other government agencies then stood down and did nothing. 

- Paulson and Bernanke falsely stated that the big banks receiving Tarp money were healthy when they were not. The Treasury Secretary also falsely told Congress that the bailouts would be used to dispose of toxic assets … but then used the money for something else entirely.

- Every year D.C. the politicians have bailed out large banks to the tune of many tens of billions of dollars and created a system where all of the profits were privatized and all of the risks were socialized. 

- Obama and Congress promised help for struggling homeowners, and passed numerous bills that they claimed would rescue the little guy. But every single one of these bills actually bails out the banks and do not really help the homeowner

- A high-level Federal Reserve official says quantitative easing is "the greatest backdoor Wall Street of all time."

- The American government’s top official in charge of the bank bailouts wrote, “Americans should lose faith in their government. They should deplore the captured politicians and regulators who distributed tax dollars to the banks without insisting that they be accountable. The American people should be revolted by a financial system that rewards failure and protects those who drove it to the point of collapse and will undoubtedly do so again.”

- The non-partisan Government Accountability Office (GAO) calls the Fed corrupt and riddled with conflicts of interest

- Both the Bush and Obama administrations broke the law by refusing to close insolvent banks.

- Congress may have covered up illegal tax breaks for the big banks

- Congress recently told the courts that Congress can’t be investigated for insider trading

- Congress has exempted itself from the health care rules it insists everyone else follow.

- The government has gone to great lengths to cover up nuclear accidents, radiation dangers, and unsafe conditions at nuclear plants

- The government made sure that false claims were made about the amount of oil spilled by BP in the Gulf.
  - The government covered up the health risks to New Orleans residents associated with polluted water from hurricane Katrina, and FEMA covered up the cancer risk from the toxic trailers which it provided to refugees of the hurricane. 

- The Centers for Disease Control, the lead agency tasked with addressing disease in America, covered up lead poisoning in children in the Washington, D.C. area (the Centers for Disease Control has also been outed as receiving industry funding.

- Government scientists originally pushed fluoridation of water as “safe and effective” because fluoride is a major byproduct of making nuclear weapons… and the government ordered them to downplay the risks of fluoride exposure in order to prevent massive lawsuits by those suffering injury from poisoning

- When one of the most respected radiologists in America – the former head of the radiology department at Yale University – attempted to blow the whistle on the fact that the FDA had approved a medical device manufactured by General Electric because it put out massive amounts of radiation, the FDA installed spyware to record his private emails and surfing activities (including installing cameras to snap pictures of his screen), and then used the information to smear him and other whistle blowers

- The EPA colluded with Dow Chemical to toss aside Dow’s own safety studies showing that the Agent Orange ingredient 2,4-D caused kidney damage in rats, so it could approve an increase of 4100% of 2,4-D in the American diet.

- The Bush White House worked hard to smear CIA officers, bloggers and anyone else who criticized the Iraq war

- The FBI smeared top scientists who pointed out the numerous holes in its anthrax case. Indeed, the head of the FBI’s investigation agrees that corruption was rampant.

- After a top USDA scientist disclosed that commonly-used pesticides kill monarch butterflies and beneficial insects, the government punished him and tried to make his life miserable.

- The government has intentionally whipped up hysteria about terrorism for cynical political purposes. For example, former Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge admitted that he was pressured to raise terror alerts to help the president win reelection. 

- Warmongers in the U.S. government knowingly and intentionally lied us intol a war of aggression in Iraq. The former head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff – the highest ranking military officer in the United States – said that the Iraq war was "based on a series of lies" The same is true in Libya, Syria, and other wars. Indeed, the U.S. has often launched or proposed launching wars based on false premises.

- The U.S. has supported main backers of Islamic terrorism because they have a lot of oil and do our government’s dirty work. In the name of fighting terrorism, the U.S. has been directly supporting Al Qaeda  and other terrorists and providing them arms, money and logistical support in Syria, Libya, Mali, Bosnia, Chechnya,Iran, and many other countries before and after 9-11. 

- Conservatives like the director of the National Security Agency under Ronald Reagan (Lt. General William Odom) and liberals like Noam Chomsky all say that the American government is the world's largest purveyor of terrorism. 

- When the American government got caught assassinating innocent civilians, it changed its definition of “enemy combatants” to include all young men between the ages of say 15 and 35 who happen to be in battle zones. When it got busted killing kids with drones, it changed the definition again to include kids as “enemy combatants”

- U.S. government officials say that the government has long PROTECTED drug cartels.

- $8.5 trillion dollars in taxpayer money doled out by Congress to the Pentagon since 1996 ha never been accounted for. 

- Congress pushes expensive boondoggles that our generals say are unnecessary and unhelpful because it’s pork for their district

- The government lied when it said it doesn;t conduct mass surveillance on Americans and then lied again when it said that spying was aimed at protecting America against terrorists. 

- The same Congress members who backed mass surveillance against the American people have only become indignant only when they were spied on by the government

- The government also lied when it said America doesn't torture and then lied once again when it said torture was aimed at protecting America against terrorists

- The government protects criminal wrongdoing by prosecuting whistle blowers. The Obama administration has sentenced whistle blowers to dozens of times the jail time of all other Presidents COMBINED. And the government has framed whistle blowers with false evidence.

- The government treats journalists who report on government corruption as CRIMINALS OR TERRORISTS. And it goes to great lengths to smear them. For example, when USA Today reporters busted the Pentagon for illegally targeting Americans with propaganda, the Pentagon launched a smear campaign against the reporters. 

- The intelligence services blackmail people in both government and the private sector with evidence of homosexuality ,nude pictures and other information that people want to stop from going public

- Terror attacks such as 9/11, the Boston Marathon bombing and the Texas shooting all happened because of PERVASIVE CORRUPTION in our intelligence agencies.

The sad thing is that I did not include all of the corruption and ineptness that the Washington Weekly News article put forth, again, all of which can be verified by the links they embedded in the original article’s web address listed above. 

Additionally, the article did not get to all of the corruption, wasteful spending, spying, and ineptness of the political class and the government it oversees that we have previously reviewed. To review even more government incompetence, just browse through the first few posts at the beginning of each month listed above through the years. It is at the beginning of each month where we put the latest insanity from the political class.

After reviewing all of the insanity we just discussed, you will certainly reach the same conclusion that we reached and that Mark Twain reached years ago:

  • Our view: We are currently served by the worst set of American politicians to ever hold office.
  • Mark Twain’s view: Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress; but I repeat myself.

Incompetent idiots, a deadly combination in Washington and around the country. More political class insanity tomorrow.

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