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March, 2016, Part 1, I Am A Global Warming Doubter and A Believer In Science: 300 Scientists Question Global Warming Data and More

Every month we have enough material to return to a continuing theme in this blog, namely that “I am a global warming doubter AND a believer in science.” This became of interest because of people like Al Gore who fanatically and verbosely claimed that you had to be an idiot to not believe in manmade global warming. It has been my life belief that anyone that is that loud and that obnoxious is hiding something, that rather than argue facts and reality it is better to beat down and insult anyone who disagrees.

As we have dove into the whole issue of manmade global warming, or its new rebranded title of climate change, we found that Al Gore and people like him were guilty of a number of things:

  • Ignoring science and realities that did not support their opinions and positions.
  • Rather than have an adult conversation about climate, these types of advocates like Gore sank to the level of insulting those who dared look at ALL science by calling them a variety of names including racists, homophobes, terrorists, flat earth believers, and other slanderous names.
  • Continuing to insist that politicians step up their intrusions into our lives with higher taxes, more regulations, and more control of our freedoms and standards of living based on a shaky theory at best.
To see the past posts and the multitude of evidence that we have compiled that showed it is perfectly okay to be a global warming doubter and a believer in science, enter the phrase "global warming doubter” in the search box above or go through the monthly historical posts listed on the right side of this page.

Thus, let’s see the latest facts and science that prove you can be a global warming doubter and a believer in science, regardless of what Al Gore proclaims:

1) Let’s start with a little meme that illustrates the reality of global warming and climate change that we have been harping on over the past several years. While President Obama talks about the dangers of global warming, his administration and the Federal government continue to contradict his quotes and position as illustrated in the following meme:

So who is right? The President who never presents data when he condemns global warming doubters? Or his own administration who present data and facts that prove him wrong?

2) People like Obama and Al Gore like to insult global warming doubters by calling them ignorant of science, that how stupid you must be to even question the theory of global warming. They seem to forget that they are the ones that are ignorant of science as we have shown in this blog many times that these types of global warming advocates only use and believe science that reinforces their own preconceived and selfish motives.

The American Thinker website on January 29, 2016, in an article by Rick Moran, documented the reality that 300 real scientists, not politicians like Obama and Gore who parade as scientists, sent a joint letter to Congress accusing the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) of “cooking the books on climate change.” A real scientist would not change the raw data of a scientific inquiry, they would interpret that raw data to prove or disprove a theory. Changing the raw data is as unscientific as you can get.

The scientists want Congress to investigate whether the NOAA violated the Data Quality Act, a law which attempts to ensure the accurate dissemination of scientific information to the public. According to reporting from the Daily Caller: “We, the undersigned, scientists, engineers, economists and others, who have looked carefully into the effects of carbon dioxide released by human activities, wish to record our support for the efforts of the Committee on Science, Space and Technology to ensure that federal agencies complied with federal guidelines that implemented the Data Quality Act,” some 300 scientists, engineers and other experts wrote to Chairman of the House Science Committee, Texas Republican Rep. Lamar Smith.

“In our opinion… NOAA has failed to observe the OMB [Office of Management and Budget] (and its own) guidelines, established in relation to the Data Quality Act.”

The Data Quality Act requires Federal agencies like NOAA to “ensure and maximize the quality, objectivity, utility, and integrity of information, including statistical information.”

Smith launched an investigation into NOAA’s study last summer over concerns it was pushed out to bolster President Barack Obama’s political agenda. Democrats and the media have largely opposed the probe into NOAA scientists and political appointees, but Smith is determined to continue investigating. NOAA officials surrendered emails to Congressional investigators in December.

“It is this Committee’s oversight role to ensure that federal science agencies are transparent and accountable to the taxpayers who fund their research,” Smith told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “Americans are tired of research conducted behind closed doors where they only see cherry-picked conclusions, not the facts. This letter shows that hundreds of respected scientists and experts agree that NOAA’s efforts to alter historical temperature data deserve serious scrutiny.”

Of the 300 letter signers, 150 had doctorates in a related field. Signers also included: 25 climate or atmospheric scientists, 23 geologists, 18 meteorologists, 51 engineers, 74 physicists, 20 chemists and 12 economists. Additionally, one signer was a Nobel Prize winning physicist and two were astronauts.

NOAA scientists upwardly adjusted temperature readings taken from the engine intakes of ships to eliminate the “hiatus” in global warming from the temperature record.

Unlike the Federal bureaucrats and politicians that are trying to manipulate data to prove their faltering theory, the letter from these scientists are only looking to ensure data integrity, not drawing any conclusions in their letter. They are the real scientists, pursuing the truth, unlike Obama and Gore who are interested in only advancing their political agendas, data integrity be damned.

3) Obama is trying to implement a so-called Clean Energy Plan via the EPA. This is another Obama project that he thinks is a good idea and will combat man made global warming and climate change despite the reality that even the EPA admits it will have a minimal effect, if any, on the environment. If implemented, electricity costs will go up, coal country will be devastated from an economic perspective, the country will be placed at an economic disadvantage relative to other countries, economic growth will be stunted, all to avert a potentially measly .02 Celsius degrees in warming by 2100 according to the EPA’s own analysis.

Why such a lousy plan for such lousy results? Because as we have documented many times before in this blog, the rest of the world intends to build over 2,400 coal burning power plants in the next few years, wiping out any climate change gains that might occur if the U.S., via Obama’s EPA, implements the Clean Energy Plan. 

Fortunately, the Supreme Court recently put at least a temporary stop to the plan, insisting that it not be implemented until the legal challenges from states and industry groups fully play out. These entities include twenty-five states, four state agencies, and dozens of energy industry groups. This Supreme Court decision hopefully creates a period of time when common sense can prevail and a plan that has so much pain for so little, if any gain, can be put out of everyone’s misery.

That will do it for today, more tomorrow where we continue to show that it is perfectly sane and rational to be a global warming doubter and a believer in science.

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