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December, 2016, Bonus Post, By The Numbers: The Wreckage That Obama Has Caused The Democratic Party

Note: For the past four posts we have been doing a series that we occasionally focus on called “by the numbers.” I thought we were done with the latest numbers yesterday but a another set of numbers popped up that I thought we should review now rather than wait another month or two since it is related to the November Presidential election. So, let’s consider this a bonus post for this month’s "by the numbers" update.

On a periodic basis we do some posts that fall under the theme of “by the numbers.” Rather than trust what the American political tells us about reality, we like to examine the real numbers and the real reality in the world to understand what is actually going on. Relying on politicians, and their cohorts in the media, to tell us what is reality is always a sucker bet. They have their own agendas and goals, usually centering around their needs and self-enrichment. So we need to look at the reality of the numbers to determine what is really going on.

Previous analyses of “by the numbers” can be accessed by entering the phrase in the search box above. This is the third and final post this month where we look at the numbers to truly find out how good, not likely, or bad, most likely, the American political class is doing in managing our tax dollars, protecting our freedoms, and resolving major issues that affect all of us. 

1) Before we do this post, let me clarify my political voting behavior over the past four decades:
  • I have never voted for a Republican for President in my life.
  • Thus, I did not vote for Donald Trump in November.
  • Up until 2010, I had never voted for a Republican for national office in my life.
Thus, I am not a Republican headhunter taking great pride in the disaster that the Obama Presidency has brought down on his own, Democratic, party, I only care about the numbers.

This set of numbers is particularly ironic since in the lead up to the November election, many liberals and Democrats were bragging how their party was the party of the future, how Democrats would rule supreme going forward. These folks pointed to any number of demographic trends to prove to at least themselves that their party was fated to dominate America going forward. 

Based on what the following numbers and realities show, they were certainly premature in their supremacy celebration and either looked at the wrong numbers but misinterpreted what numbers they were looking at.

So let’s look at a set of numbers that were recently reported on the Washington Free Beacon website and the destruction that Obama has rained down on his own party. From the time that Obama won the Presidency in 2008 until the 2016 national elections: 
  1. Democrats have 63 fewer seats in the House of Representatives.
  2. Democrats have 11 fewer seats in the Senate.
  3. Democrats went from having a majority in the House and a filibuster proof majority in the Senate to being the minority party in both parts of Congress.
  4. Democrats have 11 fewer governorships.
  5. Democrats have almost 1,000 seats in state government legislatures.
  6. And now, Democrats have one fewer President in the White House.
Certainly a pathetic set of numbers for Democrats to contemplate, especially in light of how optimistic they were leading up to the November elections. How pathetic? According to the article, one Democratic politician observed that the Democratic Party “was no longer a national party, noting it has its fewest members in Congress since the 1920s.” Another Democratic Congressman stated that “the party has no strategy and no plan.” 

So much for Obama’s initial campaign theme and slogan of “hope and change.” Who knew at the time that he was giving hope and positive change to Republicans and not Democrats, how ironic. The numbers are pretty clear.

2) We have previously reported on how although Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, she was soundly trounced when you look at every other measure of the election. Trump won more counties, more states, more Electoral College votes, etc. 

Her votes basically came from a few concentrated population centers across the country, most of which were focused in the state of California. Which led to an interesting map put together by the Investors Business Daily website. If you map out the counties that Clinton won, keeping them as land masses, and change the counties that Trump won and turn them into water, you end up with the following map of the United States of Hillary:


Basically, you end up with a scattered bunch of disconnected islands with vast areas of ocean (Trump voters) in between them, proving two points that the numbers have already shown:
  • The Congressman who observed that Democrats were no longer a national political party was correct, it only controls some long strips of geography on both coasts and an occasional island in between.
  • The country has never been more divided, the Democrat skinny coastal strips vs. the rest of the country.
Sad numbers certainly for the Democrats but also for the country as we remain as divided as ever politically. All thanks to the Obama Presidency, the worst Presidency, diplomatically, militarily, economically, racially, lawfully, Constitutionally, and numerically in my lifetime. The numbers do not lie.

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