Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Obama Era, Part 6 - Memories From The Worst Presidency Ever?

Late last year I thought it might be a good time to review everything that I remember about the Obama administration. He has been in office for seven years, seven long years that in my opinion have been horrific in so many ways. This was someone who entered office with approval ratings that were above 70% and who represented the so-called“hope and change” that many Americans were seeking.

This theme unexpectedly took four days to cover, that is how many failures, lies, threats, and narcissism of this President. The first post can be accessed at:

Seven years later hope has become very scarce and change has almost always been for the worst. Now, before someone says that I am just a sour grapes Republican, conservative, or neo-con, understand that I have never voted for a Republican for President in my life (I started voting in the 1970s). Up until 2010, I had never voted for Republican for national office in my life. I fully support gay rights and respect a woman’s legal right to an abortion. Thus, none of what you are about to read over the next few days comes from a Republican sour grapes perspective.

But unless you have had completely had your head in the sand or elsewhere, this has been the worst Presidency that I have experienced in my lifetime. From horrid legislation (e.g. Obama Care) to a failed foreign policy (e.g. Syria) to daily lawlessness on the part of this administration (e.g. use of unsecured email accounts by high ranking administration members), the ineptness and ineffectiveness of this administration is mind boggling.

So what else will I remember from this Presidency in addition to the horror stories and disasters we already talked about, starting with the link listed above:

- I will remember this President continually telling me that Islam is totally good even though 450 out of 452 suicide bomber incidents worldwide last year were executed by Muslim suicide bombers.

- I will remember this President continually telling me that Islam is totally good even though Islamic radicals were responsible for the USS Cole bombing, the U.S. embassy bombings in Africa, the first World Trade Center attack, the second World Trade Center attack, the nightclub attacks in Bali, the recent attack in Paris, the mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, the armed services recruitment center attacks in Tennessee, the Fort Hood terror attack, the enslavement of women and children across the Middle East, the kidnapping and enslavement of children in Nigeria, the killing of homosexuals across the Middle East for simply being gay, etc.

- I will remember this President attending an Islamic mosque in Baltimore but attending any Christian churches or Jewish synagogues.

- I will remember how this President continues to insist that Muslims have been woven into the fabric of this country from the beginning but never provides any examples of great/epic Muslim Americans, probably because there are not any.

- I will remember this President issuing a Tweet on the White House Twitter account that had a picture of him throwing a football on Super Bowl Sunday as if he has any football ability.

- I will remember an Israeli public opinion poll that showed how very little respect the Israeli citizens have for this Presidency vs. previous Presidencies.

- I will remember how this Presidency illegally and secretly purged DHS ISIS files to hide the truth of how dangerous the ISIS movement is to Americans’ safety.

- I will remember how despite the reality that this Presidency will double the national debt in just eight years, by incurring a whopping $10 TRILLION in debt, and how the Federal government under this President continues to lose at least $600 billion a year from fraud and incompetence, this President still wants to raise taxes in 2017 and NOT cut spending.

- I will remember how this President became the first President ever to be sued in order to find out how much the American taxpayer actually has paid for his lavish and frequent vacations.

- I will remember how this Presidency was so lame in managing and enforcing our immigration laws that 500,000 foreign visitors overstayed their visa requirements in 2015.

- I will remember how this President illegally and unilaterally exempted the White House Office of Administration from Freedom Of Information Act requests.

I will remember a lot about this Presidency, almost all of it very forgettable, regrettable and often disgusting. And unfortunately, I will still have more bad memories to review tomorrow.

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