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May, 2016, Part 11, Political Class Insanity: More Obama Narcissism, More Failures In Syria and Iraq, FBI Playing Big Brother, and More

It is the beginning of another month which means it is time again to review the latest political class insanity from the American political class. Each month it takes us multiple posts to cover the wasteful spending, incompetent government organizations and employees, government programs that usually make a problem worse than resolving it, inane and idiotic politician comments, etc. In fact, last month we set a record, needing ten full posts to cover it all.

To review past posts on this insanity and idiocy, just click on the first few posts in each month listed to the right of this page. After reviewing just a handful of these insanity posts we think you will agree that we are currently being served by the worst set of American politicians ever to hold office in our entire history.

This is our 11th post this month on America’s political class insanity. It sets a record for this blog on covering such disgusting behavior from our nation’s politicians. It is a sad commentary on the state of the country and those that are supposed to be leaders. Let’s get started with our final look at this month’s insanity:

1) One of our favorite sites for gathering political class insanity is the Against Crony Capitalism website. On April 21, 2016, they discussed a very depressing topic and fact, namely that the United States now ranks 41st in the world when it comes to freedom of the press. Yes, one of the strongest tenets for freedom as enshrined in our Declaration of Independence, freedom of the press, has now sunk so low that 40 other countries represent that freedom better than we do, namely: “Congress shall make no law...freedom of the press.”

Thus, despite Obama promising to operate the most transparent Presidency ever, his spying on journalists, his hacking of their computers, his blocking Freedom Of Information Act requests from the press and others, and his use of executive orders to withhold information has pushed our freedom of press rights down so far that we now trail countries such as Burkina Faso, whatever and wherever that place is.

According to NPR:

  • The U.S. is ranked 41 out of 180 countries in Reporters Without Borders’ World Press Freedom Index, which measures the “level of freedom of information in 180 countries.”
  • According to the organization, the U.S. moved from 49 in 2015 to 41 this year, though it warned that the “relative improvement by comparison hides overall negative trends.”
  • Citing the U.S. government’s “war on whistleblowers who leak information about its surveillance activities, spying and foreign operations, especially those linked to counter-terrorism,” and the country’s lack of a “shield law” that would allow journalists to protect confidential sources, the report takes a decidedly negative view of U.S. press freedom.

So much for that Obama promise. His administration has failed to lift us back to the high ideal of freedom of the press and that improving from a dismal 49th to an almost as dismal 41st “hides overall negative trends.” 

2) So if the Obama administration is viewed as destroying part of the First Amendment as it refers to freedom of the press, it looks like the FBI out in California might be destroying the Fourth Amendment. According to the CBS affiliate in California, the FBI, without warrants, put hidden microphones in public areas and listened in on and recorded conversations that may have gone on in such public areas as bus stops. Let me say it again: without warrants, a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment.

Jeff Harp, a CBS KPIX 5 security analyst and former FBI special agent said, “They put microphones under rocks, they put microphones in trees, they plant microphones in equipment. I mean, there’s microphones that are planted in places that people don’t think about, because that’s the intent!”

Additionally, according to the CBS reporting, agents hid microphones inside light fixtures and at a bus stop outside the Oakland Courthouse without a warrant to record conversations, between March 2010 and January 2011. The FBI says they are looking for evidence that real estate investors in some California counties are carrying out fraudulent real estate activities. Again, all of this without warrants.

Not unexpectedly, the lawyer of one of the investors is trying to get the recordings thrown out of any court proceedings on a Fourth Amendment basis: “Speaking in a public place does not mean that the individual has no reasonable expectation of privacy…private communication in a public place qualifies as a protected ‘oral communication’… and therefore may not be intercepted without judicial authorization.”

So we already knew that Obama hates the Second Amendment, Reporters Without Borders showed above he is not fond of the First Amendment and his FBI agents are abusing the Fourth Amendment in California. Insanity.

3) David Rutz, writing for the Washington Free Beacon on May 15t, 2016, reviewed the thoughts and words of former Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, on how he does not feel there is anyone left in the Obama administration that has the guts to question anything the President says. In other words, Obama has surrounded himself with "yes” men that dare not question their boss's thoughts and actions, a very dangerous situation to have when you are President of the United States.

I say dangerous because the Presidency touches and affects so many areas of life regarding just about every human being on the planet, that it is impossible for him or her to have in-depth knowledge of just a fraction of what is going on. That is why we have an executive branch and the President has Cabinet secretaries and staffs to provide him the insights and knowledge that he cannot possibly have. To ignore that input and information that others provide, is not a sign of leadership, it is a sign of ego and narcissism and it usually leads to disaster, kind of like the situation the country finds itself in today.

According to Gates in a recent TV interview: "I’m not sure how many people there are left in the administration at this point who are willing to have direct issues with him like that. I just don’t know.”

Recall that Gates is one of four Defense Secretaries Obama has had, with each lasting less than two years in that position on average. This would be one indication that anyone who disagrees with this President does not have a long term future in this administration. When one leader, whether in government or business, thinks he is the know all and be all of anything that goes on in his organization, that organization will operate sub-optimally since no person is an expert in everything...or even a few things. That is why there are subject matter experts. 

But as we all know, this President is smarter than all of us so how could anything he do possibly end up sub-optimally?

4) Staying with this theme of military and a President that acts on his own limited knowledge and experience, consider the following video clip where Congressman Seth Moulton takes apart the President’s lack of in depth understanding of the military reality Iraq and Syria. And how this President after seven and a half years in office still has no long term strategy for fixing the mess in those two countries. 

Congressman Moulton is a former U.S. Marine veteran who served multiple tours in Iraq. He is the type of person that Obama should be listening carefully to truly understand the reality over there. Instead, as the Congressman points out, this administration and President have no in-depth knowledge or strategy to fix what has been broken on his watch. All this being a symptom that Gates alluded to above, this President is too vain and ego driven to think anyone else is smarter than him.

Oh, by the way, Congressman Moulton is a Democrat in case you were about to start the argument that he was just another petty, anti-Obama Republican politician:

5) One last piece of insanity today and it is a good piece of insanity, a former U.S. Marine really getting into it when addressing a letter to the First Lady and her husband. I will let it speak for itself:

Mrs. Obama

It sickens me that I have to take time to write you this letter. I am a Marine who doesn’t recognize color because every color has lived and died for you. You live in a free country to blame your poor pathetic life on the color of another man’s skin. All colors have given their lives for an educated woman to have the freedom to be so ignorant. I don’t blame black people for the ignorance that comes from your mouth. I love all colors because I love all that God creates. I don’t have to like you to love you and today is no different. I don’t like you or your husband because of your character hidden behind your skin. Isn’t it funny how the truth always reveals itself in time. You and your husband never showed this side of yourselves in 2008 before he was elected.

You both live better than 99% of the people in this world because of this country. You said that you are for the first time proud to be an American. Well, I will tell you that most of us are ashamed of you. You and your husband have become millionaires off the people of this country, but demonstrate very little appreciation for all that we give.White, black, brown or indifferent millions have fought and died for you to have the freedom to say the ignorant things you say. You are educated, but clearly have very little common sense. You blame past generations of Americans for the troubles of a few. Stop blaming white people for your misery and take a look at yourself in the mirror. We are all responsible for our own happiness and misery. The KKK is ignorance wrapped in a sheet while the Black panthers are raised on ignorance and hate.

No different from the cult of Islam thinking their race is better than all other men. God is love and creates every color to include our skin. To truly love God is to love all that He loves. For that I love each of you and pray that we all start taking responsibility for our own damned sins.

Martin Luther King had a dream that we would all live in the promise land. He is not remembered for being black. He is remembered for the love, and character he had within his heart. If you don’t like this country get on that plane and never come back. I will stay here and love all Americans, regardless of skin. I will love the beauty of what God created and stand tall with my American friends. Not because of their color but for the character and love they carry within. This country doesn’t owe you anymore than it owes me. So many have thanked me for my service and I will always be grateful. I pray that one day you and your husband might cause me to be grateful for yours. You will never be remembered as the First Lady of Color but soon forgotten after you leave the White House. You nor your husband shall ever divide us. I wish you no harm, but pray you will get the hell off of this American land…

If you wish to find me I am now a writer for the DC Gazette. Also on Twitter @mshep08_mike …God bless you and Semper Fi

Well said, a good way to end this month’s political class insanity, an honest and true American telling the head of the American political class to shut up and go away, something a lot of us would like to do if the opinion polls can be believed. This former Marine did it for us.

Eleven days of political class insanity, an all time record for this blog. And the sad thing about the record: we will be right back here early next month with more insanity and idiocy from the American political class.

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