Friday, August 26, 2016

To Build A Wall Or Not To Build A Wall? Part 2

One of the big issues of this Presidential campaign is whether or not to tighten up security on the Mexican border with Trump wanting to build a wall to prevent illegal immigration and other nefarious activities on the border. Somehow, someway, some people, mostly liberals and Democrats, think that having security on the border is a bad, racist thing to have.

Let’s take a look at what is going on down on the border and then we can decide who is right relative to the need for a secure border, Trump or the Democrats. Today will be Part Two of our discussion on the wall, a discussion that started with the following post from yesterday:


1) Back in May, the Boston Herald reported on a violent crime from March 13, 2016 when four illegal immigrants assaulted an American man and his girlfriend. Three men grabbed the woman and dragged her away where they repeatedly raped her. One of the illegal immigrants stayed behind to beat up the woman’s boyfriend.

The boyfriend eventually got free of the one beating him and attacked the group raping his girlfriend, eventually having to defend himself from a knife attack: “I thought we were going to die. I really did,” the boyfriend stated. “And I didn’t care if I died as long as I could save her and get her out of there, that’s all I cared about.

The sad part of this whole violent crime was that the four attackers had already been deported for previously having committed crimes in this country. But they managed to illegally re-enter the country to commit these heinous deeds in Framingham, Massachusetts. 

And as a result, at least two Americans are likely traumatized for a long time into their future: “I’ve lived (in Framingham, Massachusetts) my whole life and I never imagined anything like this could happen just walking down the street,” stated the boyfriend. “The worst part was I felt like I couldn’t do anything.”

2) But it is not just American citizens walking down their city’s streets that are being attacked. According to a report by Brittany Hughes of the MRCTV website, 140 cases of assault against U.S. custom agents have occurred in just a recent three month period. This data was published by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency of the Federal government. 

There have been 421 attacks so far in fiscal year 2016 which still has a couple of months left to go. This is a 17% increase over the same time frame in fiscal year 2015. The vast majority of these attacks have been directed at U.S.Border agents, the ones trying to make our borders less porous and more secure.

3) This past Fathers’ Day, Breitbart carried a very sad story on its website that chronicled the deaths of some Americans at the hands of illegal immigrants. The focus of the article was the families of those killed by illegal immigrants and their ire directed at House Speaker Paul Ryan, calling for his resignation for his stance and policies on illegal immigration.

Dan Golvach, whose 25 year old son, Spencer, was murdered by an illegal immigrant by a gunshot to the head while stopped at a red light: “I would invite Speaker Ryan to forsake spending Father’s Day with his kids to come down here to Houston and visit the place I will spend every Father’s Day for the rest of my life— my American son’s grave. This way Speaker Ryan can see first hand what pandering to the cheap illegal labor lobby means to Americans who can’t afford to put a security fence up around their house. The best thing Ryan could do to protect his family from what my family is experiencing is resign today. His policies are not only treasonous to us, they are also treasonous to any American that ever happens to be sitting at a red light like Spencer was. This wasn’t Syria or Iraq. It was the neighborhood I grew up in. Do your kids ever sit at red lights, Mr. Speaker?”

Billy Inman’s, whose 16 year old son was murdered by another illegal immigrant, stated in the article that it was a disgrace for Congressman Ryan to suggest he might sue Donald Trump if Trump was President relative to the suggestion that Trump might use executive authority to pause Muslim immigration: “He’s [Ryan] more upset with Trump than he is about what happened to our families. If Ryan sues Trump on the Muslim ban, we could sue him and most of our elected officials for not stopping illegal aliens from crossing the southern border.”

Inman’s son was killed when the car he was driving in was rear ended by an illegal immigrant driving over 60 miles per hour. This happened as the family was on their way to celebrate Fathers’ Day with a fishing trip. Inman and his wife were both knocked as a result of the accident, were put into intentional comas for several weeks for their own good and were unable to even attend their son’s funeral. 

Obviously, if the Federal government was doing their job that illegal immigrant would not have been in the country and would have not caused the death and trauma to this innocent American family: “I’d like for Ryan to try wearing my shoes for a week. I don’t think he’d make it a day,” Inman said in the article relative to the pain and sorrow he and his wife go through daily.

George Wilkerson’s 18 year old son, Joshua, was tied up, beaten, set on fire, and tortured to death by an illegal immigrant while he was on his way home from school: “Ryan is just one of Obama’s puppets. I don’t consider him a Republican. His tone is totally against Americans as far as I’m concerned. He’s been paid by the taxpayers, but he hasn’t done anything for them. He’s been there for two decades. He’s not doing his job. He’s not looking out for Americans. He’s doing more for foreign citizens than he is for his own American citizens."

Rapes of Americans, assaults on Americans, attacks on Border agents, and the unnecessary loss of life of American citizens because of the Federal government’s inability to protect us and enforce common sense and the current immigration laws. As we concluded yesterday, we also conclude today that maybe that wall might not be a bad idea after all, if one cares about the safety and lives of Americans.

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