Friday, September 30, 2016

The Latest Perversion and Ineptness From The Poltiical Class

We have often discussed the stupid things that politicians all too often say and do. Who can forget some of the classics we have previously brought to your attention:
  • Remember when the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, said that Congress had to pass the Obama Care legislation in order to see what was in it, never mind actually reading the proposed legislation BEFORE passing it.
  • Remember when Congressman Hank Johnson publicly thought that it was actually possible for the Pacific island of Guam to physically tip over?
  • Remember when Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee wanted to know if the Mars Rover vehicle would be driving anywhere close to where Neil Armstrong landed on the moon?
If these and other actions of the political class were not so pathetic they would be funny. But today, let’s look at the latest inane actions from the political class that are not funny by any stretch of imagination. They are just disgusting and pathetic:

1) Anthony Weiner is a former member of Congress. He resigned after he was caught sending pornographic like photos of himself to a series of women. He indulged in this perversion even though he was married and his wife was pregnant. He lied and initially tried to say that his Twitter account was hacked. That lie did not work and he was eventually forced out of Congress.

Now, according to the Huffington Post, he is back in the news for doing the same type of perverted stuff he did before but now he allegedly did it with an underage girl. An article by Mollie Reilly on September 22, 2016 provided the following details:
  • Weiner exchanged sexual text messages with a 15 year old girl.
  • The alleged exchange was confirmed to being investigated by law enforcement and that Weiner’s phone records have been subpoenaed.
  • According to the article, Weiner confirmed the exchange but claimed he was “the subject of a hoax.
  • To add a little more perversion to this story, in August, the New York Post reported that Weiner had sent sexual messages to a woman including one where he posed next to his four year old son. 
Alleged liar, confirmed liar, alleged perversion, proven perversion, yes, a member of the American political class.

2) Let’s take the political class perversion up a notch, and that is not easy considering the latest from Weiner. Kristine Guerra, writing for the Washington Post on September 14, 2016, reported that the former mayor of Hubbard, Ohio has been charged with the repeated raping of a 4 year old girl. Richard Keenan was indicted last month on eight counts of gross sexual imposition, eight counts of rape and four counts of attempted rape. The rapes took place over a two year period, beginning when the girl was 4 years old.

In a really perverted sense of decency, Hubbard claimed that the 4 year old was a willing participant. Disgusting. Hubbard had previously served as mayor and a council member in Hubbard. Another outstanding member, in a very bad way, of the American political class.

3) Liam Deacon, writing for the Breitbart website on September 19, 2016, reported on how the Muslim mayor of London recently told Americans that we should get used to terrorism in our big cities, that this is just a way of live today. Speaking during his recent trip to the United States, mayor Sadiq Khan said: “It is a reality I’m afraid that London, New York, other major cities around the world have got to be prepared for these sorts of things [terrorist attacks].”

So rather than do something about the root causes of terrorism to minimize or eliminate the resulting attacks and murders of innocent civilians in our cities, this politician basically says get over it and face the reality that politicians and diplomats cannot save your life. In his view, terrorism is just “part and parcel” of urban life so get used to it.

In a great piece of irony, hours after stating this view of impotence of our so-called leaders, terrorist bombs exploded across the metro New York area. Given that no American politician spoke up to rebut Khan’s assertion that terrorism is now just a simple fact of life, one must assume that they agree with him that they are also incapable of protecting us from terror. Since protecting citizens should be a prime responsibility and duty of those elected to office, one must assume that our current crop of politicians are also inept when it comes to this part of their job.

So there you have it. Idiotic statements, perverted sexual actions, and declarations of incompetence from those that are responsible for our safety, our lives, and those of our children. Sad, oh so sad.

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