Monday, September 26, 2016

No Mr.President, It Is Actualy Quite Easy To Find Areas Where We are Not Better Off,Thanks To You

We often have asked the question whether politicians are intentionally always lying to us because they think we are too stupid to figure out that they are lying or they really do believe some of the fantasies and lies that constantly come out of their mouths. It is probably a question that will never be answered since I doubt these same politicians will ever admit to lying or being deep in a fantasy world where their sense of reality does not match up with the realities of most Americans.

This question raised itself again when Obama recently made this statement to light of his administration finally coming to an end: “It’s very hard to find an area where we’re not better off than we were before.” Really, does he really believe this or does he think we are too stupid to see the difference in this country across many perspectives between when he took office in early 2009 and today?

Let’s see if we can find a just a few areas where the country and its citizens might not be better off:
  • Obama’s budgets and out of control spending doubled the national debt in eight short years to a whoppoing $20 TRILLION, a reality that theoretically added another $32,000 to the debt burden of every man, woman, and child living in the country today. Verdict - not better off.
  • The Obama economic recovery has failed to attain the long term historical annual economic growth average in even a single year, making his economic recovery the worst in at least the past hundred years and leaving us extremely vulnerable when the next recession hits. Verdict: not better off.
  • There are 13 million more Americans on food stamps/food assistance now than when Obama took office despite being six years removed from the recession and six years into the Obama recovery. Verdict - not better off.
  • The labor participation rate is at a four decades low despite being six years into the Obama economic recovery. Verdict - not better off.
  • For most of the Obama economic recovery, wages and household income growth have been anemic, both on a real basis and compared to previous economic recoveries. Verdict - not better off.
  • African American unemployment rates are still substantially higher than the unemployment rate of any other sector of the work force despite having the first African American President in charge for the past eight years. Verdict - not better off.
  • After a two decade downward trend in violent crime and overall crime rates, we are now seeing the trend start to reverse itself in the latter stages of the Obama Presidency. Verdict - not better off.
  • The political divisions within this country are much worse than they were just eight years ago with Obama offering no leadership to unite the country around common goals and purposes. Verdict - not better off.
  • Heroin addiction and deaths have skyrocketed in the second half of the Obama administration with no proposals or strategies proposed or in place to reverse the trend. Verdict - not better off.
  • Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are much closer to fiscal insolvency than when Obama took office since his administration has proposed no solutions for the coming financial crises of these massive government programs. Verdict - not better off.
  • Despite spending hundreds of billions of Federal tax dollars over the past eight years to educate our kids, the test performance of our kids against the test performance of kids from other countries continues to be abysmal. Verdict - not better off.
  • Despite throwing tens of billions of dollars at crony infested alternative energy companies during this Presidency, we are still looking for some type of economic and societal payback from those same companies, the vast majority of which have gone out of business, taking our tax dollars with them. Verdict - not better off.
  • Despite spending hundreds of billions of dollars trying to resolve the chaos in Afghanistan, the Taliban now control more of the country than at any time since we we went in 15 years ago. Verdict - not better off.
  • Two of our international opponents, Iran and North Korea, are eight years closer to owning nuclear weapons. Verdict - not better off.
  • While Islamic terrorist attacks within our borders have not been as devastating in this country since the 9-11 attacks, the frequency of attacks has picked up dramatically which has resulted in many American deaths and casualties from attacks such as the Fort Hood attacks, the Boston Marathon bombers, the Tennessee military recruiting center attack, the Orlando night club siege and massacre, the San Bernardino workplace attack, the recent Minnesota knife attack, the recent related bombings in Chelsea in New York City and Seaside Heights in New Jersey, and many others, both those that have been successful and those that have been thwarted. Verdict - not better off.
  • Many of our Constitutional and Bill of Rights rights have been under heavy siege by the political class and this administration in the past eight years including freedom of speech (First Amendment), freedom of religion (First Amendment), freedom of the press (First Amendment), freedom from unnecessary and illegal search (Fourth Amendment), privacy, and the right to bear arms (Second Amendment). Verdict - not better off.
  • The Federal government has taken in more taxes than any other government entity in the history of the world and yet Washington politicians still cannot operate a balanced budget. Verdict - not better off.
  • Russia and China, two global competitors both militarily and economically, have so much less respect for the will, strength, and standing of the United States since Obama took office that they are actively pursuing military advances around the world without fear of American reprisal. Verdict - not better off.
  • The Middle East is in far worse shape than eight years ago with United States’ intrusion into the Syrian civil war making conditions there far worse and Obama’s un-Constitutional declaration of war on Libya has resulted in another broken country that has become a haven for ISIS and other terrorist groups. Verdict - not better off.
  • In 2014, as he was removing all U.S., troops from Iraq, Obama claimed that we were leaving behind “an Iraq that is sovereign, stable, and self-reliant” but which today has been broken into three distinct regions, (Shiite, Sunni/ISIS, and Kurds), which is anything but stable with regular terror attacks and ISIS occupying wide swaths of land, and obviously not self reliant as we have had to send in thousands of U.S. troops to save what remained of the central government. Verdict - not better off.
  • After improving slowly but steadily over the past forty years, most Americans, when polled, feel that race relations have deteriorated under the first African American President in our history. Verdict - not better off. 
  • Over 20 million Americans now have health insurance vs. prior to the passing of the Obama Care legislation. Verdict - better off if you just measure this top line number. However, if you get underneath this number you find that Obama Care policy premium costs continually go up dramatically, Obama Care deductible costs continually go up dramatically, the vast majority of Obama Care co-ops have already failed with more likely to follow, the majority of those 20 million additionally insured fell into the Medicaid pool that provides low quality, limited access health care and which is riddled with criminal fraud and unsustainable financials, the cost of the entire Obama Care operations has more than doubled from the original estimate with its ten year expected cost is now close $2 TRILLION, health insurance companies are fleeing from the Obama Care policy market since they are losing hundreds of millions of dollars every year from those policies, and the whole Obama Care environment has stifled hiring and economic growth.
With possibly the weak exception of Obama Care, it is actually quite easy to find areas where we are not better off since Obama took office back in January, 2009, despite what ever illusions and fantasies he entertains in his own mind. Quite easy and that is why this administration, which came into being with such high approval ratings, has been such an abysmal failure along just about any dimension imaginable. The end cannot come soon enough.

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