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Only In America: Updating The Insanity Of Today's Poltiicians

Back in May, 2012 we did a post entitled, "Only In America." It used an old rock and roll song byJay and The Americans as its basis. But rathewr than xcelebrating the tradionalgood things about America, e.g., "go to sleep a pauper and wake up a millionaire," we changed the essence of the song to reflect the crazy things that American politicians do that are so inane, wasteful, and stupid that only in America could that type of behavior happen. 

We repeated that post yesterday for two reasons:
  • Over three years later, the antics, idiocy, and ineptness we doucmented back in 2012 is still relevant today.
  • Yesterday's retro post got us in the spirit for today's post where we will update the list with all of the antics, idiocy, and ineptness the poltiical class has displayed since 2012.

FRIDAY, MAY 18, 2012

Only In America

In the early 1960s, a musical group called Jay and the Americans had a big hit song called "Only In America." It was an upbeat song that extolled the virtues of our country where only in America could a poor person grow up to be President, a pauper could become a millionaire, and everyone could attain their dreams, including their dream girl:

Only in America
Can a guy from anywhere
Go to sleep a pauper and wake up a millionaire

Only in America
Can a kid without a cent
Get a break and maybe grow up to be President

Only in America
Land of opportunity, yeah
Would a classy girl like you fall for a poor boy like me

Only in America
Can a kid who's washin' cars
Take a giant step and reach right up and touch the stars
Only in America
Could a dream like this come true
Could a guy like me start with nothing and end up with you

Only in America
Land of opportunity, yeah
Would a classy girl like you fall for a poor boy like me

It was simpler time and probably a more hopeful time. Since then, the country has become nastily divided against itself as a result of self serving politicians and our freedoms and opportunities available back then seem to have become scarcer over time. More obvious, our political class has led the country down some pretty ludicrous, bewildering, wasteful, and noneffective ways:

1) Only in American can a massive piece of legislation that is meant to reduce healthcare insurance costs result in ever rising healthcare costs because the legislation created insurance markets with higher deductibles and co-pays than before the legislation was passed, never attaining the stated promise of reducing healthcare insurance costs by up to $2,500 a year.

2) Only in America can a Secretary of State get away with having a minimally secured, secret email server installed in her house to conduct government business, leaving her communications and the security of the nation so easily available to hackers from foreign governments.

3) Only in America can Marines be killed in Tennessee while doing their job in a terrorist attack and be ignored by the current Presidential administration while the funeral of a petty criminal killed while attacking a police officer be attended by mutiple representatives of that same administration.

4) Only in America can you illegally destroy emails, hard drives, and government documents and not end up in jail for covering up IRS misbehavior.

5) Only in America can you have leaders believe that the leading terrorist nation in the world, Iran, will abide by a paper document and immediately and forever stop its terrorist ways.

6) Only in American can you have a President who claims he ended two wars while he simultaneously pours U.S. troops back into Iraq and continues military airstrikes and other military operations in Afghanistan.

7) Only in America can you have politicans that are so economically ignorant that raising the minimum wage actually makes life worse for the very people it was supposed to help.

8) Only in American can a President claim he reduced the annual Federal deficit by over 50% even though it was his administration who initially more than doubled the previous highest Federal deficit.

9) Only in America can a hidden camera sting show that Planned Parenthood was approaching the atrocities of Mengele during the heyday of the Nazis but abortion supporting government officals are more worried about the legality of the hidden camera sting.

10) Only in America can six unelected Supreme Court judges unilaterally decide that citizens of states without their own Obama Care exchanges ARE entitled to Federal subsidies even though the legislation clearly states that citizens of states without their own Obama Care exchanges ARE NOT entitled to Federal subsidies.

11) Only in America can a Presidential candidate declare she is in touch with everyday Americans while she flies around in a fancy private jet, shops at only the highest end department stores, attends private campaign fund raising dinners where the cost of attendance is tens of thousands of dollars, treats herself to $600 haircuts, and who measures her worth in the tens of millions of dollars.

12) Only in American can a Federal govenrment entity (TSA) receive tens of billions of budget dollars every year but still fail at their job about 95% of the time.

13) Only in American can local cities and towns decide if and when they will obey Federal immigratin laws even if it means placing their own American citizens in danger from illegal immigrant criminal elements. 

The past two posts kind of sum up where we are as a country, especially from a political class perspective. Our current politicians are out of touch with the harsh realities of Americans' lives today, they are economically ignorant that results in an anemic economy and declining quality of life of many Ameircans, and worse of all, our current poltiicians have destoryed the rule of law in this ocuntry, abiding by laws if and only when it is advantageous to themselves or their careers. 

Yes, only in America can a set of politicians take what was the greatest democracy and economy in the history fo the world and in just a few decades, destory its underlying foundations and principles that took centuries to build and protect. Sad.

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