Thursday, August 27, 2015

Part 4: Illegal Immigrants Killing American Citizens is NOT A "Little Thing"....Despite What A Congressman Thinks

A little while ago we discussed the terrible tragedy where a young American citizen, Kate Steinle, was gunned down by an illegal immigration who had seven felony convictions and who had been deported five times. If that was not enough heartache for Ms. Steinle’s family and friends, an Illinois Congressman,Luis Gutierrez, described her cold blooded killing as a “little thing” that got in the way of his political aims for illegal immigrants. As we observed at that time, this is just a cold hearted, despicable thing to say especially when Ms. Steinle’s parents. family members, and boy friend were in mourning for this senseless death.

But this is how far the country has fallen away from respecting those with different opinions and the rule of law. The Congressman views her death as a little thing in the context of his political aims and ambitions. Cities and the politicians across the country who operate them have decided that the rights of illegal immigrants are more important than observing current Federal law and the lives of American citizens. 

Thus, I thought it worthwhile to take some discussion time to identify and honor those American citizens that have suffered and died as a result of politicians who think that the the status of illegal immigrants is more important than the lives of American citizens. I am not saying that all illegal immigrants are violent or criminals, the majority are likely not. 

But it is important to understand that because the Washington political class has not sealed the border, that Washington politicians have not enforced standing immigration law in so-called “sanctuary cities,” and that local politicians give haven and refuge to illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities, many of whom are criminal elements, Americans are dying. And the mainstream media for the most part have ignored or downplayed these deaths to facilitate the work of people like Congressman Gutierrez who thinks that a single, unnecessary American citizen death at the hands of illegal immigrant who never should have been on an American street is a “little thing.”

Note: this is the last of four article relative to violence and crimes committed against American citizens by illegal immigrant criminals. We thought it would only take two posts but apparently the problem is twice as bad as we forecasted since this is our fourth and final far.

1) According to local Alabama police reports, Ramiro Ajualip is a 27 year old illegal Mexican immigrant. He allegedly has confessed to the rape of a ten year old Alabama girl earlier this year in March. The likely reasons why no one was aware of this heinous crime until recently is that the mainstream media did not cover it and Congressman Gutierrez probably considered it also a “little thing.” 

But with people like Donald Trump bringing immigration to the forefront of the political dialog these days, we now know the following details of the rape incident:
  • According to the police, Ajualip raped and sodomized the ten year old. 
  • He then threatened to kill her if she did not keep quiet about the assault.
  • The girl eventually had enough courage to tell her parents which led to the arrest of this illegal Mexican immigrant. 
  • Local Russellville Police Chief Chris Hargett summed up this tragedy as follows: “You know, (it was) a 10-year-old child that probably has no idea what’s really going on. It`s sad because now that child is going to be scarred for the rest of her life.”
I wonder if Congressman Gutierrez considers the rape of a ten year old American girl a “little thing?”

2)A June 15, 2015 article in the Washington Times by Stephen Dinan discussed the reality that over 100 illegal immigrants released by the Obama administration went on to be charged with alleged killings. His reporting is based on official government reports.

One documented case the Federal immigration officials did not know about an illegal immigrant’s death threats and court injunctions until AFTER he was accused of murder. That was just one of 121 immigrants who at one time were being detained but were eventually accused of committing “homicide-related offenses.” The majority of these released illegal immigrants were released at the discretion of the Feds and were not released as a result of a court order.

The order went on to identify Don Rosenberg whose son was killed in a traffic accident by an illegal immigrant who was driving without a driver’s license who was quoted: “These people can and should be deported. We have that option, and we don’t want to take it, and this is what happens. I guess until somebody who has the responsibility to make these decisions has one of their loved ones killed, it’s going to continue to happen.”

And finally, the article reported that Federal immigration personnel releases hundreds of illegal Cuban immigrants every month because Cuba refuses to take these Cuban citizens back. Instead, the Obama administration releases them onto the streets of America, increasing the risk of criminal behavior perpetrated against American citizens. 

How does that make sense? And why was this not a requirement of America ending the Cuban embargo? Take back your own citizens and then we reopen relations. Could it be because the Obama administration has absolutely no foreign relations negotiating skills, as witnessed by the giveaways to both Cuba and Iran? 

Does Congressman Gutierrez consider releasing hundreds of illegal immigrants from Cuba every month a “little thing?”

Americans who want a secure border and rational and sane immigration rules and laws are not racists. We think that any unnecessary deaths, in this discussion unnecessary citizen deaths by criminal and violent illegal immigrants, are horrible and not a little thing. We think these unnecessary murders and violence are an absolute disgrace relative to Federal government incompetence and local government’s sanctuary cities and tolerance of criminal illegal immigrants.

To attack and slander Americans who blame the current system for letting multiple felon illegal immigrants to walk our streets is the height of absurdity. Just another example of where logic an adult conversations is choked off by politicians that have their own agendas and personal careers placed ahead of what is right for the welfare and safety of the rest of us.

Although this ends our four part series on Americans who have been attacked, killed and raped as a result of the Washington political class and the Federal government not doing their job to enforce immigration laws and not sealing the southern border, I would bet that this is not the last time we discuss this very serious subject. Despite what Congressman Gutierrez says, this is not a “little thing.”

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