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Part 2: Illegal Immigrants Killing American Citizens is NOT A "Little Thing"....Despite What A Congressman Thinks

A little while ago we discussed the terrible tragedy where a young American citizen, Kate Steinle, was gunned down by an illegal immigration who had seven felony convictions and who had been deported five times. If that was not enough heartache for Ms. Steinle’s family and friends, an Illinois Congressman,Luis Guterize, described her cold blooded killing as a “little thing” that got in the way of his political aims for illegal immigrants. As we observed at that time, this is just a cold hearted, despicable thing to say especially when Ms. Steinle’s parents, family members and boy friend were in mourning for this senseless death.

But this is how far the country has fallen away from respecting those with different opinions and the rule of law. The Congressman views her death as a little thing in the context of his political aims and ambitions. Cities and the politicians across the country who operate them have decided that the rights of illegal immigrants are more important than observing current Federal law and the lives of American citizens. 

Thus, I thought it worthwhile to take some discussion time to identify and honor those American citizens that have suffered and died as a result of politicians who think that the the status of illegal immigrants is more important than the lives of American citizens. I am not saying that all illegal immigrants are violent or criminals, the majority are likely not. 

But it is important to understand that because the Washington political class has not sealed the border, that Washington politicians have not enforced standing immigration law in so-called “sanctuary cities,” and that local politicians give haven and refuge to illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities, many of whom are criminal elements, Americans are dying. And the mainstream media for the most part of ignored or downplayed these deaths to facilitate the work of people like Congressman Gutierrez who thinks that a single, unnecessary American citizen death at the hands of illegal immigrant, who never should have been on an American street, is a “little thing.”

1) Michelle Moons writing for the Washington Examiner in July, 2015 discussed the story of Sabine Durden. Ms. Durden is a legal immigrant from Germany. Unfortunately, she also suffered the same fate of the Kate Steinle family since she had a son, Dominic, killed by an illegal immigrant in 2012.

When she found out that President Obama had invited an illegal immigrant to be a guest at the White House she decided to write a letter to the President in protest.

Ms. Durden told Breitbart News why she wrote the letter: “I decided to write to the President because it is highly upsetting that he continues to invite illegals to the White House, but never spoke to any of us who lost so dearly.” Some of her grief came out in the letter where she criticizes the Obama for inviting illegal aliens to his events: “WHEN do legal citizens that have been affected by this immigration issue, get a chance to share their side of the story with you?”

Details of her son’s killing include the following details:
  • Dominic was 30 years old and Ms. Durden's only child.
  • He was killed by an illegal immigrant from Guatemala who had been in the US illegally for many years.
  • He had already committed a number of crimes including a felony armed robbery and two DUIs.
  • He was finally deported a year and a half after the death of Dominic in 2014, probably due to the tireless efforts of Ms. Durden.
Ms. Durden stated to Breitbart that she is all for legal immigration. Would Congressman Gutierrez consider Dominic’s unnecessary death at the hands of an illegal immigrant a “little thing?”

2) Hans von Spakovsky and Rachel Landsman, writing for the Heritage Foundation found an interesting quote from the illegal immigrant that gunned down and murdered American citizen Kate Steinle a few months ago in San Francisco. Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, the murderer of Ms. Steinle, admitted to the murder and when asked why he was in San Francisco, he said that “he knew San Francisco was a sanctuary city where he would not be pursued by immigration officials.” 

Mr. von Spakovsky and Ms. Landsman define “sanctuary cities” as cities within the United States that refuse to comply with Federal immigration laws and authorities. Some estimates put the number of sanctuary cities at more than 150 cities where illegal immigrants, especially those that have violent and criminal records and tendencies, can live with little fear of being deported. 

But back to San Francisco. Kate Steinle was not the first innocent American citizen to be killed by an illegal immigrant in that city. In 2008, Edwin Ramos, a member of the ultra-violent MS-13 gang, cold bloodedly murdered three American citizens in San Francisco, Tony Bologna and his two teenage sons, Michael and Matthew. As with many other illegal immigrants, Ramos had previously been convicted of previous violent felonies but was still walking around the streets of a sanctuary city. One of those felonies was the attempted robbery of a pregnant woman.

According to the Heritage article, San Francisco and other sanctuary cities are behaving in direct violation of Federal law: “Under Section 642 of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 (8 U.S.C. §1373), it is a violation of federal law for any state or local government to “prohibit, or in any way restrict” law enforcement or other government officials from sending or receiving information from the federal government on the “citizenship or immigration status, lawful or unlawful, of any individual.””

However, under the Obama administration, it decided in 2010 to not bring legal action against sanctuary cities, a move that quite possibly could have saved the lives of many American citizens. The Obama administration also terminated an existing Federal program, Secure Communities, that made it easier for immigration authorities to find and deport criminal illegal immigrants. As a result, our communities are less safe.

Although the Feds had asked for the eventual murderer of Ms. Steinle to be detained and turned over to them, the city of San Francisco ignored the request, released a seven time felon and five time deportee onto the streets of San Francisco. 

I wonder if Congressman Gutierrez would consider the murders of the Bologna men a “little thing?”

3) But it is just not murders that are a plague of our busted immigration system and enforcement capabilities. Consider Congressional Record testimony from Congressman Ted Poe, as reported by the Universal Free Press website:

Ripped from the bodies of unwilling women, undergarments cling to branches of a tree just a few feet from the lawless U.S.-Mexico border, dozens of pairs of underwear thrown there by rapists.These are called rape trees.

Each pair is a trophy from a woman that was smuggled into the United States, victims that are heard screaming in the desert. They are raped, even gang raped by illegal human smugglers, then forced into silence.

These trees are a warning. Illegal immigrants evade our borders but crime doesn't evade them. Some become criminals. Some become victims. They are raped, robbed and murdered by other illegals, human smugglers and brutal criminals who then claim other victims.

Their report goes onto to cite the NCFIRE immigration advocacy group Facebook page as claiming that since November, 2013, the state of North Carolina has seen over 3,300 sex crime criminal charges filed against illegal immigrants just within the North Carolina border. Given how far away North Carolina is from the Mexican border, can you imagine how many sex crimes are being committed by illegal immigrants in states that are physcially much closer to the Mexican border?

Does Congressman Guyiterrez think that an unnecessary rape of any woman by an illegal immigrant is a "little thing?"

The full article can be accessed at: 


Americans who want a secure border and rational and sane immigration rules and laws are not racists. We think that all unnecessary deaths and rapes, in this discussion unnecessary citizen deaths and rapes by criminal and violent illegal immigrants, are horrible and not a "little thing." We think these unnecessary murders and violence are an absolute disgrace relative to Federal government incompetence and local government’s sanctuary cities and tolerance of criminal illegal immigrants.

To attack and slander Americans who blame the current system for letting multiple felon illegal immigrants to walk our streets is the height of absurdity. Just another example of where logic and adult conversations are choked off by politicians that have their own agendas and personal careers placed ahead of what is right for the welfare and safety of the rest of us.
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